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Jupiter's Journey Webinar Is Now Available For Purchase! 🤓

We’ve had so much Jupiter action over the past few weeks, and there is more to come through much of August … including an apexing full moon in Aquarius on the 22nd that is a Jupiter highlight date! 🌝

It can be helpful to do a check-in with Jupiter’s growth timeline now that we have received a taste of the Pisces transit and are heading back into the final Aquarius chapter that plays out through the end of this year. My webinar replay from spring’s Astrology of Awakening II summit may be helpful in that process as it is now available for purchase. Ready to take a 60 min deep dive into Jupiter’s journey through the final two signs of the zodiac? 👀

In this webinar:

Learn about Jupiter’s role in hope and faith 🙏🏻

Identify Jupiter’s influence in collective signs 🌎

Investigate Jupiter’s impact in Aquarius & Pisces through tarot correspondences 🎴

Hear about 2022’s Jupiter / Neptune conjunction while dipping back into time to look at 3 historic periods where this same configuration came to pass 📚

Receive an animal ambassador to guide you through the Aquarius & Pisces transits 🐾

Encounter questions to research into your own natal chart and how Jupiter’s transit may play out for you 🤔

AND BONUS! You’ll also receive my “Turning the Wheel: A Jupiterian Tarot Journey" PDF where prompts will instruct you to pull tarot or oracle cards that help you align and better understand Jupiter in your natal chart, and how the great benefic will impact your life as it transits through Aquarius & Pisces 🔮

Sound like fun? Click here to go to my teaching portal! And in the spirit of the great benefic, I am offering $10 off through the full moon with the special code JUPITER10 - please let me know if you have any questions before or after watching!! 🤓

💜 Mel


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