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My name is Melissa LaFara, my friends call me Mel. ❤️

Dear Friends, 


Has the Universe ever caught you by surprise? Dip dived you into an unexpected low? Elated you with a serendipitous high? I have ridden this divine rollercoaster, and I’m willing to bet, you have too. 


The most certain thing about life is its uncertainty… yet what if there was a way to predict these ebbs and flows? 


Enter in the ancient art of Astrology. 


Humanity has been given a gift of foresight (and hindsight) if we choose to use it. In many ways, I was “in the dark” before I began mastering this tool 15 years ago. Learning to translate the concept of “as above, so below” empowered me with a sense of cosmic order and since that day, my life has been completely transformed. 


Question: Are you looking to thrive not just survive? Through personal consultations, podcast episodes, online courses and content shares, I am here to connect you with invaluable tools to do just that. 


Life is hard enough on its own, so what’s the point in traveling blind? Skip the guessing game and avoid unnecessary pitfalls. Know when to lunge forward and when to sit back. Or at the very least, allow for celestial context to help understand the “why” of any situation. 


That being said, I’m ready when you are! I look forward to sharing this knowledge that is our birthright. 


And as always… may be the stars be with you… 



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