My name is Melissa LaFara, my friends call me Mel. ❤️

Cancer Sun, Capricorn Moon, Scorpio Rising. That's me! I love to connect with others emotionally and have a professional history as a musician, composer, event planner, and vintage entrepreneur. Creativity paired with inspiration is my life's driving force and I firmly believe in the development of individuality.


In 2009, my life and its energetic direction took a 180-degree turn and since then I've been enthralled in the study of esoteric knowledge. After a fateful day at a library book sale, I fell madly in love with palmistry. I quickly moved on to astrology, tarot, numerology, dream studies, spirit animals, and human design. My life became much richer than it ever had been and through these teachings, I have gained insight into myself, and the situations of others, to help wisely navigate the turbulent waters of everyday living. 


With that being said, I am so jazzed to share this wonderful knowledge I have learned with you! My goal here is to provide the information needed to spark the initial change of energetic re-direction in one's life, and not to overwhelm with too much information or lofty perspective. Practical mysticism. I believe that through our own energy we attract what we need to us. With you being here today, I hope what you take away will be the inspiration needed to put you on the path of your dream's makings. Use your energy consciously, and it will work for you!