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🔮 Booking A Consult 🔮

Please read before booking:

Consultations are done through the Zoom meeting platform, or if you are local to San Diego we can schedule an in-person session. Each consult comes with a recording of the audio, along with a photo of your tarot cards (if you've signed up for the "TMA" session), and a copy of your birth chart (at your request). These sessions are not to be a substitute for professional medical or psychiatric advice. However, they are here to help you co-create your life through an expanded point of awareness. 

If you do not have your accurate birth time, please look into ordering a copy of your birth certificate. You can do that through your birth state's Vital Records department. If that is not possible, you can consult with relatives who were present for your birth.

Please note: Consultations can only be booked as soon as 48 hours prior (depending on availability) and up to 365 days out. Due to the amount of prep work that goes into these sessions, if you need to reschedule your appointment that will have to be done 48 hours prior or more. Cancellations less than 48 hours or session no-shows will be non-refundable.


Natal Chart Consult Pic 2.jpg

 Natal Chart Consultation - $175 

In this recommended introductory consultation, we will dive into the “natal promise” of the birth chart to take an in-depth look at the “Big 3” - your Sun, Moon, and Rising Sign - along with the other planetary signatures in the chart and how they impact and color varying realms of the native’s life. Find out what planet is your friend and what planet is your potential foe, along with the soul’s particular journey in this lifetime through the exploration of the planetary nodes. We will touch on and discuss the major areas of life such as career, partnerships, family, and finances which can aid in personal affirmation and understanding, along with greater perspective on how to work with what the Universe gave you in positive and rewarding ways! We will conclude the consultation by looking at the next 12 months to point out any major transits or progressions that may be taking place, so you may be in the know moving forward. (1 hour 30 min)

Future Vibes Consult Pic.jpg

 Future Vibes: The Year Ahead Consultation - $125 

This is the perfect consultation to partake in around your birthday or at the beginning of the year so you can prepare and be aware of the planetary influences that are in-store. We will look at the highlighted planet(s) of this period, major transits, progressions, and other important and descriptive factors at play in the months ahead. Be in the know of any underlying themes at play and find out the “hotspot” periods within this time frame that will provide movement in your personal story. Lastly, we will pull a personal Animal Ambassador to see who will be walking with you in this year’s journey. (60 min)

 Tarot Meets Astro Consultation - $100 

Have a pressing question or life situation that you’d like more clarity on? This “in the moment” consultation is designed to tackle those crossroad periods of life where it can be beneficial to check-in with the self, the stars, and the cards to help affirm and feel more comfortable and informed on your current life situation. In our session, I reference the birth chart, current planetary transits, progressions, and profections to hone in on your subject of interest. We will then close out our time with a 9-card pyramid spread that adds additional layers of understanding to the previous analysis and provides action items for moving forward. Lastly, we will pull a personal Animal Ambassador to see who is walking with you! (60 min)

Tarot Meets Astro Pic.jpg


2.5 Hours - Party / Event  - $250

Having a party or event? Need an astrologer / tarot reader who dabbles in different psychic mediums? Want a reader who is fun, makes you laugh, and makes you think? Book me for your next event! You will receive a 2 hour 30 min time slot where any of your guests can sit with me for short readings. Whether it's a birthday, a work event, or whatever shindig you come up with, I'm ready to add some mysticism to the ambiance! Contact me here to find out more info on this fabulous way to really get a party - and the conversation - started!