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EP Podcast - Mid-Year Recap & Venus RX In Leo w/ Gray Crawford 💞

Energetic Principles Podcast - Aquarius Season 2023 - Picture of special guest Tara Aal

Good day to all!!! 🌈 Energetic Principles Podcast - Episode 158 is live for your listening pleasure on Soundcloud & Apple Podcasts & Spotify !!!

How is it halfway through 2023 already?! The passage of time just blows my mind. I don't know if it's a byproduct of getting older or the new air age we are living in after that Jupiter / Saturn conjunction in Aquarius. Either way, it feels like it's on overdrive! We have quite the summer months ahead of us astrology-wise, so it's good to take a moment to recap where we've been and where we are headed.

Want to take a trip down memory lane and get prepared for the wild summer ahead? Tune in to the latest “Mid-Year Recap + Venus RX in Leo” episode - where Gray Crawford and I reconvene to do our middle-of-the-year check-in around our 2023 year ahead forecast predictions with the big bonus of an in-depth treatment of the coming Venus RX in Leo transit. In the first third of the program, we recollect how January - June’s astrology played out in real time and what we think are the hot spot transits to come for the remainder of the year. We then dive into Venus’ summer retrograde in Leo and the characteristics we believe it will manifest based on cycles, myth, and planetary alignments. We concluded that Venus & Mars are running the rest of the 2023 show! Ready to get personal?

To stay in touch with Gray, you can visit him at Gray Crawford Astrology on the web - and @graw_crawford_astrology on Instagram! ✨



To connect visually with the astrology as we step through the charts, you can tune into the video version of this episode on YouTube!



Your support is so appreciated! To help fund the ongoing endeavor of producing a podcast, please consider making a one-time donation here --- or booking a personal consultation to connect one-on-one and go more in-depth into your natal chart or future transits. I look forward to connecting with you! 💫

Sending Venus (almost) RX blessings! And may the stars be with you! ✨✨✨

💜 Mel


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