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Trick or Treat? - Halloween Astro Climate

Awwww sweet Halloween... personally, one of my favorite holidays of the year! Time for all the gals and ghouls to rip away their normal identities for a night (or two) and hide behind the characters that live in our fantasies. The fact that this holiday resides in the season of the Scorpion is incredibly fitting as they love to wear a mask and don't mind getting a bit spooked! There is quite a bit of communication going on with the planets right now and this holiday could prove to be very intense... in traditional Scorpio fashion. Let's see what the weekend has in store for us in this year's Halloween astro climate...

On Friday, the Sun will be slowly moving away from its trine with Neptune in Pisces which can lend some serious creativity and imagination in the costume department but could also leave us a bit foggy - beware of stimulants as this could be the weekend where everything goes down so easy and then before you know it you're three sheets to the wind. Speaking of wind, the Moon will be in the late degrees of Gemini and people will be talking up a storm! You may be all over the place, running around from event to event. Venus is approaching it's conjunction with Mars in Virgo, so she is aggressively seeking a good time but may be a little picky about what she wants to commit herself to doing.

Saturday the moon moves into Cancer so there may be a leaning to stay in or entertain from your home this holiday. The Sun in Scorpio trines the Moon throughout the morning and we will be in good Halloween spirits, maybe even hanging some last minute decorations. Later in the evening, the Moon starts to inch towards its opposition with Pluto in Capricorn so there could be some emotional depths involved this Hallow's Eve. Pluto seeks to transform and breakdown whatever it touches so you may find others trying to prompt your deepest emotions to the surface. Venus is now ​directly conjunct Mars and opposing Chiron in Pisces. Chiron represents our deepest wound so interactions with others might be a little prickly this evening. Someone might hit upon a sore spot of yours that you've been avoiding and perhaps not dealing with. Try not to be aggressively critical with your loved ones and use these oppositions to gain a little clarity into the situation.

Sunday morning, the Moon saddles up to its square with Uranus in Aries and is still feeling the opposition of Pluto. Mercury hits the critical 29° of Libra, so the morning could have its fair share of emotional surprises, especially in the realm of communication within partnerships. Don't let yourself get stuck in old emotionally reactive patterns as Uranus wants to innovate our response and is challenging us to use that Plutonian energy of transformation. Neptune is still making close contact with the Sun so despite the turbulent emotional environment we might have been forced into, it shouldn't be very hard to find compassion for ourselves, our loved ones, and the world at large.

This could be quite the Halloween folks! I wish you all the best of adventures and safest of journeys! And may the stars be with you...

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