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Sun Square Uranus (Aug 6th): Consciously Dismantling To Rebuild With Heart ⚡️

The Saturn / Uranus square has been a defining theme of 2021. Everywhere you look, future motivated long-term planning has come up against deeply embedded real-world fixtures that need uprooting and replanting. Extreme weather patterns, coming to terms with a pandemic health crisis, increased economic instability, and an undeniable changing of the wheel have had many of us shaking up our lives to make significant moves.

With the fixed signs being activated, the first thing that comes to my mind about this year is the Wheel of Fortune. In the Rider Waite tarot, the 10th trump is encased by the fixed signs Aquarius, Scorpio, Taurus, and Leo in its design. Fixed signs are just that... they are fixed! These are the cornerstones of existence. They are constant. They are stable. They tend to be unmoving. They are highly concentrated. They're all about a sure thing, and will stick with what they've deemed that thing is. These energies are firmly embedded in our natures, our characters, our minds, our emotions, and our physical realities. So what happens when your sure thing isn't as comfortable and/or viable as it used to be? When you're faced to make hard changes in order to evolve? When that rusty wheel starts to turn and you know you have to move with it or get thrown from it entirely?

Rider Waite Tarot - Wheel of Fortune - Fixed Signs

As scary as that might sound to some, that is where the true magic of constant creation lies. With the disruptive energies of this consistent tension coming from Aquarius (fixed intellectualization of future possibilities) and Taurus (fixed material world), each planetary activation of the stable signs this year faces us with realities that need to shift in order for new and long-lasting prospects to be born. The trick is to remember that wherever life leads us, our outlook and willingness to advance are the keys to our success.

The Aquarius season back in January / February was the first turn. Taurus season back in April / May was the second. The final shift is Scorpio season in October / November - which is unarguably one of the most altering, transformative, and potentially volatile periods of 2021. Can we say grand finale, anyone?? However, we aren't there yet, so let's not get too far ahead! Right now it's all about Leo... with this season being the third turning of the wheel.

The New Moon in Leo on Sun August 8th, 2021 at 6:50am PT - on much talked about 8/8 Lion's Gate no less! - is a significant wheel turner for 2021. Two days prior, on Fri August 6th, the Sun in Leo makes an activating square to Uranus in Taurus. In the dark days of the moon's cycle, there is a very potent time for releasing and re-seeding. After the Sun & Mercury fused in opposition to Saturn in Aquarius on Sun August 1st, that wheel may have set an in-stone course laying down boundaries and sussing out blueprints. Clarity of the spirit met with sobering truth, and it set us on course to get to this Uranian moment of release and liberation - a theme that will play out for the entire lunar cycle from August 8th - September 6th. I consider it to be "consciously dismantling to rebuild with the heart" as life goes into this third turn of the wheel and sets us up for what October and November have to deliver.

Tabula Mundi Tarot by M.M. Meleen

Since this Sun / Uranus square is so immersed in the coming lunar cycle, let us take a look at it further through the eyes of the tarot. The Sun in Leo brings illumination energies to what we lust after in life. What we want to create. What we need the confidence to pursue. How we can stand tall, be seen, be heard, and make the heart known... while also having the courage and confidence in order to see these broad visions through. We need strength. This is not a place of fear... This is making decisions and holding strong in the name of victory. Victory looks different for many people, yet you'll know what that definition means to you. We all have a fire that burns at the center of our being, that keeps our spirit alive and ready to live a new day. We may be reminded of our core and consistent inspirations, and this is where the uprooting begins. This is where we are faced with the old adage, go big or go home.

The Uranus in Taurus side of things brings us to the Fool who is ready to step over the edge. Taurus and the Hierophant speak to us of convention. Where do we need to rebel against what has been tradition (personal or societal)? How do we take risks while also playing by the rules? It can seem paradoxical because... well it is. Yet we must trust these new paths opening up in the name of our worldly success. We must walk into that void to create new customs. New habits. New protocols. We must innovate what is tried and true, taking the parts that still work and adding to them a forward-seeking edge. And usually, that takes courage! That takes creativity. That takes heart.

Where is this happening for you? Read your Sun & Rising to find these energies in your chart!

We are at a time in human existence where things cannot stay the same. In our personal lives and in the collective sphere, we are fabricating a 'new normal.' Transits like these test us to step boldly into that fresh space while staying excited about where it can take us if we are diligent in its construction. The Sun is always keen on shining the light! Let it disrupt you. Let it throw you in messy disarray. Embrace the disorder with excitement about putting the pieces back together!

Which my sidetracked intuition just reminded me of this 80's minimal synth song by XEX called "Heartbeat" ... the album titled 'Change' is very appropriate! I'll leave this here for any of you that may dig it...


That's the advice here. Your heart is so wise... so knowledgable. It can lead you in life-changing ways at this time as long as you have the strength to pursue its unique beat. March to your own drummer with unwavering self-assurance. Create a space for that authentic expression to shine through in the world. Don't be afraid of what other people may think... leave their perceived judgments and your own at the door. Let your indomitable spirit lead! Be aware though, whatever your heart no longer resonates with will be hard to turn a blind eye to. Prepare for some people, places, and situations to drop off the map rather suddenly. Let them go, and relinquish them with love. The ones that are meant to stay will only strengthen and reach the next stage of development. Trust that what comes to pass is part of the beautiful unfolding of your future to be!

May we all awaken to our personal power! Let the co-creations begin! 🤩

💜 Mel


✨✨✨May the stars be with you! ✨✨✨


To hear more about Leo season, this New Moon, and the Saturn / Uranus square activations tune into this month's podcast where Aquila Moon and I break it down! Listen here...


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