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New Moon in Sagittarius: Something Beyond This Point ⛅️

"Every day is a new day, and you'll never be able to find happiness if you don't move on." - Carrie Underwood

The order of zodiacal signs has a certain poetry to it. I find the Scorpio to Sagittarius transition to be one of the most potent shifts of all. One where you move from the depths of emotion, the realization of death and decay, and the navigating of the pysche's shadow into a landscape that is filled with promise, hope, and opportunity.

What's on the other side of loss? Of grief? Of non-negotiable change? Of soul-wrenching transformation?

Life. The undeniable spirit that lives to fight another day. The excitement of adventure waiting around every corner. The vital force that not so secretly knows that this world is a big place and potentials are numerous. But only if we redirect our focus toward the future instead of living in the past.

Sagittarius season is like waking up into the new dawn. The promise of a better tomorrow is what gets most of us out of bed in the morning. Or at least it's what gets this gal out of bed! This year's Sag season gifts us with an abundant dose of "ready to move on" energy. Especially after the earth-shaking back-to-back eclipses that Scorpio season brought us, we can emerge out of that heavy dose of truth serum, stop our dwelling, and set our sights on the next leg of the journey.

Not only is this year's solar ingress a potent transition, but we also get a nearly immediate new moon at the very start of the sign... Just another indicator of starts that are about as fresh as they get. Exact on Wednesday, November 23rd at 2:57 pm PT, this new moon at 1° 37' Sagittarius is an enthusiastic shove in the direction of growth. A kind of growth that is spiritually monumental. One that can kick our lives on an entirely new path.

The cosmic timing of this new moon is uncanny as this lunation is ruled by a stationing direct Jupiter in its nighttime domicile of Pisces. A planet stationing is at its strongest, and when it's going direct its influence is back on the scene with a burst of onward momentum. Jupiter's emergence from its RX cycle is a turning point where we can finally start to move on with our lives. No more internalizing, we must walk the walk, make choices from the wisdom we've gained, and set our sights on the next chapter of expansion.

Jupiter's journey this year has been one that showed us what could be but what was not fully ready for implementation. Where there were false or delayed starts or sparks of inspiration that didn't have the proper fuel to catch fire. That's because there was unfinished business. We needed to reassess a few dreams and pop some fantasy bubbles. Or perhaps there was soul-searching that had to happen. Or even more, a necessary loss to endure and the following grief to process first. Pisces to Aries is an equally fascinating transition, where we meet the end of the zodiacal road to rebirth into the fire of completely new beginnings.

So here we sit on the precipice of this Sagittarius party with the Sun, Moon, Mercury, and Venus all searching for what's next and ready to explore what this world has to offer beyond what is currently known. Mars in Gemini is slowly approaching the middle of its RX cycle, as it transfers energy from a square to Neptune in Pisces to a trine with Saturn in Aquarius. Mars is moving on from the dissolution of Neptune and is ready to strategize with realistic Saturn.

Having all this air and fire present can dry the excess water out with inspiration and potentialities. This lunation cycle is one of gathering information. Experience is one of the best ways to gather. You can read and theorize all you want, but until you get out there and give it a go, there may be missing information or anxiety driving the bus. So stretch your wings and test what's out there so you can gain the knowledge that forms the bedrock of the new beginnings that are coming in Spring.

No need to go all in though! A stationing and strong Jupiter is potentially one of excess and Sag season is known to defy the limits. I think that is the beauty of having Mars RX trine Saturn... there's still a mature voice in the room to temper the potential oversights. Sagittarius' tarot trump is Temperance after all, where we moderate and integrate the higher and lower realms... an alchemical dance that connects a reciprocal flow from the spirit to the material.

Now how this concept of "moving on" lands with you is going to be dependent on what the Saturn / Uranus square and the eclipses of 2022 delivered to your doorstep. There are varying amounts of pain, suffering, and trauma that people have gone through. Some experienced great change accompanied by joy and significant adjustment to fixed areas of life. Some were put through the emotional ringer through change that involved emotional and tangible losses. And perhaps it was both... but we can all agree, that there is a universal new door that is opening now. We can all sense that something big is on the horizon but we just aren't quite there yet. So with that, we must have hope and keep the faith.

Luckily, that is the area of Sagittarius' brilliance. 😉

Well wishes to all under this final dark sliver of eclipse season!

💜 Mel

To hear more about this New Moon in Sagittarius, and Sag season as a whole, tune into the recently released "Sagittarius Season" Energetic Principles Podcast w/ special guest Alicia Yusuf.

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