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Mercury RX in Capricorn: Earth Magician Pt 1 ๐Ÿช„

Mercury RX in Capricorn image with pile of dirt and magicians wand

The end of 2022 has one more trick up its sleeve. The cosmic joker Mercury is set to station retrograde on Dec 29th, the time of year when most of us have specific plans that we want to go right. The holiday season is a prime social time as we travel to and fro to gather with the ones we love. The last thing we want is Mercury throwing a stick in our spoke, but here we are. Despite the trademark hassles and switcheroos that come with this planetary station, there is a divine timing to this purposeful retrograde.

Mercury, the planet of short journeys, communication, perception, cognitive integration, and day-to-day transactions (to name a few), is starting its first full stint of purely earth retrogrades. Mercury typically goes RX 3 to 4 times a year, and as it does so, it moves backward through the elements. In 2022, we primarily had RXs that started in air and moved to earth, but this time around we are solely doing mercurial revision in the densest of elements - the physical world.

It seems fitting to start the earth triplicity retrogrades in the sign of Capricorn. Capricorn - under Saturn's domain - is the cardinal initiator of worldly form. Since Mercury moved into the seagoat's sign on Dec 6th, there have been perceptual pivots around the physical routines and structures in our lives. Where we live. What we do for work. How our money is made. The foundation we stand upon and what we have to tangibly build upon. And most importantly, how do those areas of life hold up to the future we are creating?

Another important factor in Mercury in Capricorn's RX cycle is that it has a say over the remaining weeks of the Mars RX period. Mars RX in Gemini - since Oct 30th - has had its own twists and turns in the plotline of our personal missions. We are still in an action-energy reorientation phase and as Mars prepares to turn direct on Jan 12th, Mercury's own internal process is going to throw a few more potential storylines Mars' way. It's sort of a "wait for it" moment. What we have to work with may not be shown to us yet, as there are a few surprises in store right before Mars goes direct.

Collect the data on the Capricorn house of your chart, as well as, the Gemini one. Even though these signs are in aversion to one another, there can be an adjustment factor between these two areas of life. Think back to the start of Mercury's shadow period on Dec 12th. This started the 3-part transit series of the messenger meeting Chiron, Uranus, and Neptune. For context, we must entertain this succession of aspects further.

The Station

List of Mercury Retrograde Astrology Transits for December 2022 and January 2023

Let's jump ahead to the now (or at least the time I am writing this article) as Mercury is preparing to station RX at 24ยฐ21' Capricorn. Two aspects are happening simultaneously.

First, we have Mercury slowing down in a sextile to Neptune in Pisces. This combination can have a Mercury retrograding flavor in its own right as Neptune tends to diffuse the intellect and tire the mind. There can be forgetfulness here or just a slower processing speed. Or you can be like me who accidentally deleted a whole file of astrology charts that I've been collecting for 4 years because I wasn't thinking clearly about the actual thing I was deleting. Poof! Gone into the ethers.

Another aspect of this transit is the transmission energy of Mercury. Winter is normally a time that people can succumb to colds, flu, and now Covid. Many folks, including myself, have had plans go haywire as we or others have fallen ill at a moment's notice. Adding to that has been the severe turn of events in weather patterns that have also put a damper on holiday plans. Many have had flight cancellations so the normal traveling to spend time with our nearest and dearest has been put on hold... a favorite trickster pastime of both Mercury stationing retrograde and Saturn.

There are two passages of Mercury sextile Neptune on Dec 24th and Jan 1st. It's best to go with the flow, get the rest that is needed, and use this moment to dream of possibilities to come. It is the new year after all! A time when we want to gaze into the future and align our priorities with getting closer to the dreams that live only in our heads - aka New Year's Resolutions.

Second, Mercury is stationing RX on Dec 29th with Venus conjuncting the messenger just hours after its halt. Where there's a will there's a way, and the social element will certainly kick up around this time. What was postponed may be back on or we'll just find new situations to party in. After all, we are resourceful people who want to celebrate! My only advice is not to overdo it, especially with intoxicants as our normal defenses are down. Transmission is still going around and this can be another instance of people having fun one night and waking up not feeling great the next day. So I guess we'll have to find a balance between remaining cautious and not being a total wet blanket!

The Uranian Cazimi

The next 3-part transit Mercury is making is a trine to Uranus in Taurus. If you have tuned into The Astrology of 2023 podcast I just released with Gray Crawford, you might have heard us talking about these mercurial earth retrogrades as giving us access to our inner "Earth Magician." In my mind, this trine - especially coinciding with the sun/mercury inferior cazimi - is a total earth magician moment.

How do we want to upgrade our ingrained physical realities? Let's revisit the topics I mentioned earlier - job, home, money, routine, and health. These are the areas that received some sort of awakening around Dec 17th when Mercury made the first trine with Uranus in Taurus. Now pair up the Capricorn area of your chart with the Taurus zone. The magician is ready to work a surprising bit of magic here, and if there's anything out of integrity, what's rooted can crumble to the ground. This can happen externally but most likely it's an internal process that is in a state of evolution and reevaluation.

Prepare to make magic around Jan 7th & 8th. The brilliance of Uranus will be at your fingertips! A substantial a-ha moment is entirely possible. We have a succession of a full moon in Cancer flowing with Uranus on the 6th, the sun/mercury cazimi on the 7th, and Mercury trine Uranus on the 8th. Intention is everything. The mind can move mountains and where there were obstacles there will now be solutions. An unforeseen piece of the material puzzle can start to lock what was missing into place, with the added bonus of Mars stationing direct in Gemini just a few days later.

The conclusions we come to during this period may not have their full integration until the last pass on Jan 29th, so take your time. Restless mental energy can stimulate a rushing feeling but really it's all a matter of time when you're on Saturn's watch.

The Direct Station

On Jan 18th, Mercury will station direct at 08ยฐ08' Capricorn - however, it will do so in a square to Chiron in Aries. Much like the setup with Neptune at the beginning of the RX, the messenger will square the wounded healer on Jan 11th and Jan 27th. The triggers that come up around this time can have residue from the first square that took place on Dec 14th. How we navigate our growing identity, character development, and inner passions can come up against the structures, systems, and power hierarchies of the material world.

This has a deeper layer as Mercury's dominion over Mars in Gemini is also in charge of Jupiter and Chiron in Aries. Saturn in Aquarius is the only planet in domicile at this point, so effectively all planetary orders are coming from the Taskmaster. It won't be like this forever though, for Saturn will soon be leaving its area of strength in early March so work within any limitations or restraints and don't let the current climate defeat the new beginnings that are just getting off the ground. Consider it red tape, and how you handle that red tape will determine your long-term success. Flying off the handle may be tempting but the instant gratification from acting out anger or irritation will only set things back. Think of the end game and you'll be golden.

Mercury won't officially leave its shadow period until Feb 6th when it makes its final sextile with Neptune. Despite the propensity to sickness and travel snafus, I do like this aspect for imagineering. Keep the dream alive and believe that your ideal can be a reality in some shape or form. Earth and water together create clay, which you can mold if you are purposeful with your intentions. As long as we realize that perfection in the material world will always look different from the polished visions of our minds, we'll be able to come into better spiritual alignment with the unfolding everyday reality.

So if you are tired and feeling like something is a little off right now, hang in there. If there are missing pieces to your grand plan, hang in there. If you have no plan and are like "what the f' is going on with my life," hang in there. The magician is at work and your abracadabra is on its way.

๐Ÿ’œ Mel

Ps. To connect with how this Mercury RX will activate your chart, consider booking my "Future Vibes: 3-Month Hot Spot Consultation" for personalized guidance!


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