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Full Moon in Gemini: Standing On The Midpoint ♊️

Full Moon in Gemini image with person jumping from Mars to the Sun

When mutable energy is present, it's never a straight path. The road before us weaves into a sidewinding labyrinth that tests our skills of attitudinal flexibility, intellectual adaptation, and the ability to be two steps ahead of every move. This is transitional energy where we are in-between worlds, having one foot in the old and another in the new.

This shifting scenario especially rings true for this Wednesday's Full Moon in Gemini. Exact on Dec 7th at 8:08pm PT, this lunation is smack dab in the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, an ongoing yearly hot spot that each of us does our best to diligently keep up with. Prepare to be on the go, to feel scattered, to juggle all the balls (and calls), and to feel exhaustingly overstimulated and weirdly energized all at the same time.

Any Mercury-ruled full moon will bring out the busy buzz of the collective hive, but this one in particular has a rare fuel at its core. This year we have the pleasure (insert mild sarcasm) of Mars retrograding in Gemini and at its midpoint marking opposition with the Sun - which in perfect celestial timing happens to coincide almost to the minute with this lunation.

A much larger storyline is coming to a head, and inquiring minds will definitely want to know... What does this all mean? Gemini is the sign of infinitely asking questions after all, and we hope to a higher power that Sagittarius will have the answers.

Astrology chart for the Full Moon in Gemini
Gemini Full Moon Chart

You can take one look at this chart and see the potent full moon partile fusing with Mars RX, a configuration that us astrologers have been looking at with our own curiosity as one of the most intriguing lunations of 2022. To really understand its potential implications, we are going to have to pull back a bit farther than now.

The synodic cycle of the Sun and Mars is a little over a 2-yr cycle that involves two of the most individualistic archetypes in the heavens. Their dance coincides with the actions we take to express our identity. The awareness of what we are doing and the purpose behind it. The steps we take to make us feel like we are vital and alive. The drive to be who we are and make moves on our personal missions. The power. The passion. The assertiveness. The self-centered motivation that is inevitably needed to healthily express one's ego in this world.

Sun / Mars synodic cycle transit listing
Transit listing of the Sun / Mars synodic cycle - 2021 thru 2023

The start of this synodic cycle began on Oct 7th, 2021 at 15° Libra. Not a sign known for the Sun or Mars' strength, there is a large focus on how our sense of self and individualized motivations affect the other people we encounter in life. As we come to this midway point, we may see themes of this playing out... especially as we are at a time of re-strategizing and re-arranging priorities. Now that we know what we know, adjustments are to be made.

Another unique thing about this lunation and the synodic cycle is that it is in a perfect trine with the original conjunction. It's in a 9th house overcoming position and if there is one thing we can ascribe to the 9th house is that there is an expanded awareness that comes with it. Look at the big picture of your life and the people in it. Take in all you've learned since Oct 2021. Assess how you've used your energy to further your sense of self and the actions you've taken. Think about how others have played a part in that journey. Examine the Libra area of your chart and the motivation aligned with that particular house. Then ask yourself...

What is the story I am writing for my future? What do I desire? Are there old narratives getting in my way? Are those tales aligned with outdated beliefs that now clash with my upgraded value system? This is your chance to evaluate how your mindset has hindered personal and relational potential.

"There are plenty of difficult obstacles in your path. Don't allow yourself to become one of them." - Ralph Marston

After all, we are just coming out of an incredibly potent eclipse season! What was once very fixed in our lives has been disrupted so that we can enter a potent cycle of change. The choices we make and the strategies we are putting into place will really start to pay off once Mars goes direct and reaches its trine with the Sun in late January.

And if you're nerdy like me and want to do some comparison on this setup of energy, you can look back to May 21st, 2016 when we had the exact opposite full moon configuration in Sagittarius that was conjunct Mars RX at the midpoint of that synodic cycle with the Sun. Of course, it will have vastly different roots, but you can get a feel for this mutable axis and its polarizing air and fire energies. I went back into my own diary (because once again, I'm nerdy like that and write everything down) and found that I was making life choices and transitioning out of a path I had walked for some time and into a new path that I currently walk today. I was in between life chapters and ready to write my new story.

The beauty of this lunation is that within the anxious, chaotic, and highly stimulating Mars RX nature of this full moon, it is backed by Mercury's recent ingress into Capricorn. Our heads are aligned with something new we are building in the tangible world. Reality is shifting in the name of designing fresh systems. Our outlooks are maturing in favor of long-term considerations. In a few weeks' time, we will have an incredibly dynamic New Moon in Capricorn that will be square Jupiter on the cardinal points. This is our opportunity to get our heads on straight and gear up for the big growth spurt of initiating energy that awaits us.

"Your mind knows only some things. Your inner voice, your instinct, knows everything. If you listen to what you know instinctively, it will always lead you down the right path." - Henry Winkler

The Fonz knows what he is talking about here. Let's take a look at the tarot correspondences that are involved in this Gemini FM. The Sun radiating its conscious light is one that shines a light on our innate instinct and vital force. We can chew over the possibilities and think of all the roads that can be taken, adding more information to a never-ending pile of options, but deep down we already know. The question is... Are you talking yourself into or out of what you know you must do? Will you listen to anxiety and negativity or choose emotional strength to see the path through?

The High Priestess is the trump card of the moon. She reminds us that the truth is within and there is a library of intuitive knowledge at our disposal if we will just listen and receive. The Tower represents Mars and the inevitably destructive force that comes in when our physical reality does not match our spiritual mission. Weak foundations must crumble. The Sun shines a bright light that can't be unseen, but is miraculously illuminating and gives direct access to purpose and vitality.

The trump of Gemini is The Lovers. The card of choice and the proverbial fork in the road where you must take one option over the other. The 9 of Swords houses our Moon / Mars RX combo and is known for its mental anguish and worst-case scenarios. The 9 of Wands houses the Sun and the reminder of how far we have come yet there is more that is needed out of us. In order for our goals to reach their ultimate level of success we are going to need to muster the inner strength to see it through despite the challenges that have worn us down. Remember you don't have to hold it all up yourself and that delegating where you can is a smart tactic.

"So the gist is = don't overthink it."

Trust where your instincts are leading you. Use your mind to strategize that knowing. Watch for mental cruelty or negative thinking that shuts down potential. Be willing to shift in mind, body, and spirit. Re-write your story. Proceed toward what inspires you by strategizing and collecting the information you need. Honest and straightforward communication can get the job done. It's time to put your head on the (future) game.

Action item: Engage with this FM by getting in touch with your "whys." If you know why you are making the choices you are making, you can better direct your life by deciding to continue or to change course. If you do or don't want to do something, ask why? If you do or don't want to be with someone, ask why? Flesh out the details of the purpose behind your motivations and you'll find the answers you seek.

Wishing you all the best during this loud and lively lunation! Sending Full Moon in Gemini blessings to all! 🌝✨

💜 Mel

Ps. Want to go deeper on how this cycle resonates in with your natal chart? Click here to book a personal consultation!


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