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The Astrology of Purpose & Power Summit - Aug 7th - 9th

The Astrology of Purpose & Power - Virtual Summit - Aug 7th - 9th, 2020

This is an era of the Phoenix rising! We’re being called to be more creative, more inspired and more aligned with our light as a new dawn arrives. As an astrologer, I live my life by the stars and I invite you to follow your own calling with the infinite guidance of the cosmos. Join me and 17 other women astrologers as we explore what it means to raise and amplify our light during this time of awakening. The Astrology of Purpose and Power Summit will be live August 7th - 9th and brings together experienced Master astrologers and some of the brightest rising stars to generously share their insights, techniques and wisdom on how astrology can ignite our creative fire, illuminate our purpose and fuel our empowerment. I’m delighted to share my presentation "Bodies Of Light: Defining & Illuminating the Concept of Individual Purpose", where we will unpack the defining attributes of the loaded word that is "purpose" and find ways to understand this self-journey through the luminaries in the natal chart. And for those who purchase the All Access Pass, I’m also offering a Bonus Gift of "Consulting The Oracle: 5 Ways to Utilize Card For Enhanced Daily Living". A video I just know you are going to love and find useful!! This event is FREE to register and all 18 presentations will be available to view for a limited time. Be sure to sign up through my special link below to get all the details to enter our Summit community, and have access to early bird pricing until July 29th, where for only $47 you can have all the presentations and the bonuses on offer - forever!

Sign Up For The Summit Here!

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