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Full Moon in Taurus - Centered In Change 🐃

Full Moon in Aries 2019 - Energetic Principles

Sometimes it can be hard to find peace in an ever-changing world, particularly as change is thrust at us at a constant speed that can be hard to manage for the average human. However, nothing is meant to stay the same as we know the old adage - "The only constant is change" - and while that doesn't necessarily comfort us while we are going through the process, we can take heart in the fact that it is a natural part of life that strengthens our constitution and sets us up for a new sense of stability and success down the road.

Taurus energy holds a silent wisdom in it. Much like the sign's associated tarot trump, The Hierophant, there is a divine essence buried within internal silence that holds the keys to receive the teachings that come from the celestial heavens to be manifested here on the earthly plane. This results in the convention or stabilization of what divine truth is for each of us, and most would argue that we find our values through our own particular version of those truths. Yet Scorpio reminds us of the fluid yet persisting nature of the soul and even if we are determined to plod along out of habit towards fixed certitudes, there are always transitions that need to be made when what once held value begins to decay and is in need of reconfiguration and new form.

Exact on Tuesday, November 12th at 5:34am PDT - this lunation lights up within us how best to approach the changing conditions of our lives through a grounded stability that can only come from feeling rooted and centered in oneself... for that is true emotional success. If there are tensions that rise to the surface during this period, it is likely highlighting where we are being too stubborn or inflexible and failing to make or accept changes. Stagnation will not be dealt with lightly during this lunation, for the Divine Feminine wants us to open our arms to receive the good fortune that life has to offer, yet we first have to be willing to adapt and release what no longer holds worth so we can bring in the cornucopia that comes with turning the page of our stories.

The Aspects - A Magical Lead-Up 🧚‍♀️

Below is a chart of our Full Moon at the time of conjunction here in San Diego, CA. We see that Mercury RX and the Sun in Scorpio sit in opposition to the Full Moon in Taurus, while Mars in Libra sextiles Jupiter in Sag and moon ruler Venus in Sag approaches a square with Neptune in Pisces. So let's waste no time and dive right in...

Full Moon in Taurus 2019 - Astrology Chart - Energetic Principles

We have quite the magical lead-up to this Full Moon in Taurus as the day before the lunation perfects, Mercury will retrograde back into the Sun for an inferior conjunction in Scorpio. Now this is not just any old conjunction, this one is extra special as it is an occultation of Mercury and the Sun. Not only is Mercury at its closest to Earth, it is fusing in both latitude and longitude with the Sun, ensuring that the message that is passed through this transit will be quite potent for several years to come. In fact, the last time this happened was May 9th, 2016 when the Sun and Mercury were on the exact degree of this FM, so you may want to look back to that time to see if there is any theme that is picking back up from the opposite side of the zodiac - which can always bring in a new level of perspective, as oppositions serve nicely for a birds-eye view. Now this special event will not happen again until 2032 and none of the passes in this entire century will be as close and centered as this 2019 pass. Check out this fabulous NY Times Article to see animations of this transit! Or click here to see viewing times and advice for your area!

That being said, I feel as if this equilibrium of orbits speaks nicely for the stabilizing Full Moon that follows shortly after, for I think wherever Taurus falls in your chart, you are going to be looking for peace in that area of your life. Luckily, the awareness that comes from the polarity of the Scorpio conjunction will aid you in this process and give that much needed perspective. Ask yourself at this time: How can I internalize and ground to push through the changes happening in my life? How can I stabilize in order to evolve? You may need to retreat into yourself to find these answers, and there is no better time to do so than under this Full Moon - with the added caveat that this conversation may last through the rest of the lunar cycle and that's perfectly fine. We are under a Mercury RX after all, so biding your time and rooting down is a wise move for these next few weeks.

Now another important factor is the FM ruler Venus who is now in Sagittarius and approaching a square with Neptune in Pisces. This is a significant part of this lunation for there is a lot of idealistic energy at play which is not entirely a bad thing. I think part of the magic in this FM is that our ideals are shifting and through that old values and desires will dissolve away so that we can set-up conditions to attract in what we truly want or find pleasure in at this stage of our lives. It takes great strength to open your arms, release your grip, and let go of something you once held tightly... yet I think by doing so, you open the door to happiness and good fortune down the line... especially as Venus is set to meet Jupiter in conjunction on Nov 24th, right before we close out this lunar cycle. In fact, the Moon is in Scorpio at Oct 27th's New Moon degree at the time of the Venus / Jupiter conjunction, so there definitely seems to be a sweet wrap-up to this cycle.

To add more Jupiter to the equation, Mars in Libra is also in a sextile to Jupiter at the time of this Full Moon! This is the first Jupiter connection (other than the Moon, of course) since the Sun made its sextile back on Oct 13th's FM in Aries! After all of the tests Mars was challenged with in the last 30 days - squares to the Nodes, Saturn, Pluto, etc - there is now movement and opportunity to grab onto as the more trying situations start to fade away into the distance. We are also just coming off of the last pass of the Saturn / Neptune sextile, which was helping to simultaneously build and dissolve, so you can bet that that bigger transit was playing into the themes of this lunar cycle. Here we have learned that for true stability there does need to be an adaptable approach in the moment that serves a longer range goal, and as our dreams were invoked, we now have a new sense of what ideal success means for us. Luckily, the first aspect Luna makes as she separates from the Sun will be a trine to Pluto, grounding the message that we are more than ready to flow towards significant life changes, and that willingness always makes life easier.

The Symbol - An Exalted Experience 🙌

If you are a previous reader of my astroblog, you know I like to look at the Sabian Symbol of the lunation as it adds another bit of depth to the story that we are telling. As always, we take the degree and minutes and round up. Here we have the following:

20° Taurus - "Wind clouds and haste."

Keyword: Exaltation

Theme: Holding To Center

I can't imagine a better symbol for this Full Moon energy!!! The keyword of exaltation is quite apropos as the Moon is exalted in Taurus. I also feel like the theme of "Holding To Center" speaks volumes, for if we stay centered in our own truth - like the Hierophant I mentioned earlier - we are radiating from the soul's core and that is always the best place to manifest from into the outer world.

Holding steady during turmoil or confusion is no easy feat, and I think as we see wind and clouds and haste in the skies our challenge will lie in maintaining that steadiness. There is nothing stable about our world in this day and age, and that can throw even the best of us off kilter quite quickly unless we find that sweet spot. So find your sweet spot, and what centeredness means to you. Perhaps its a particular wellness routine, or ritual you perform for yourself... perhaps it lies in eating your favorite meal or listening to your favorite music album. We all have something that we can do that brings a sense of contentment and reorientates our compass back to North - so be sure to nurture yourself with these simple creature comforts.

Ultimately, this time is about finding a patient approach within the chaos that is seemingly everywhere at this pivotal time of history. That takes work, effort, and knowledge of oneself... for when our roots are deep, no amount of hasty wind will be able to knock us down!

Full Moon Blessings to All!! 💫

Deep down I feel as if this lunar cycle is leading us to somewhere truly magical yet we may be challenged with warming up to the life changes that are taking place as this time. The old "normal" is wrapping up and bidding us adieu so that the "new normal" can begin to sink in - which may take until our New Moon in this sign next Spring - yet once we latch on and stabilize this morphing directive, we will set ourselves up for the next set of accomplishments in the future while culminating a rewarding peace in the now.

Wishing everyone a fabulous Full Moon in Taurus!

May the stars be with you!!! ✨✨✨

💜 Mel

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