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New Moon in Libra - Breath Of Life 🌬

New Moon in Libra 2019 - Energetic Principles

Let's all welcome in the official change of the season that was initiated with the Libra Solar ingress on September 23rd! Here in the Northern Hemisphere we are descending into the Fall season and I can already feel the crispness in the air, as cool and moist breezes swirl in from the desk window as I type. We may be entering into the decay of Autumn (at least here in the Northern Hemisphere) yet there is much about this point in time that is a harbinger for pivot points in our course and new beginnings to be undertaken.

Libra energy, in general, is a cardinal air sign that has a primary focus on relationships and one-on-one dealings where we gain perspective by engaging with that which is outside of our self. Known as the sign of the scales, Libra is engaged with all modes of balancing; such as the intrinsic beauty that is derived from perfect symmetry and "rightness" of form, or the need to address the injustices of the world where the outcome is clearly not in harmony with the ideal concept of what is fair. Being a cardinal sign, which is an initiating energy that holds natural leadership capabilities, there is always a driving essence inherent in this energy that seeks to address whatever is off kilter in our lives and bring things back into equilibrium.

Exact on Saturday, September 28th at 11:26am PDT - this New Moon is bringing the breath of life our way as we are given the opportunity to move on at this time, yet there are significant and challenging initiatory aspects to go through before we can fully breathe in the new chapter of our ever-expanding life story. In the NM visual representation above, we see Horus the God of the Sky feeding the symbol of the ankh to Ramesses II, as it was thought to be an offering that transferred the breath of life from the Gods to the King. By holding this symbol, the King then was able to grant life to the entire nation as the divine was always at their side. The Gods are now presenting each of us our own breath of life talisman during this vital lunar season, and the question is, will you open your mouth to receive it?

The Aspects - Libra Has Its Say ⚖️

Below is a chart of our New Moon at the time of conjunction here in San Diego, CA. Venus in Libra is the star of this story with her sextile to Jupiter in Sagittarius, and the Sun / Moon conjunction looks across the way at Chiron in Aries. Many planets have just moved through significant transits prior to the NM and are now on their way to cause more friction for this lunar month. So let's not waste any time and dive right in...

New Moon in Libra 2019 - Astrology Chart - Energetic Principles

Now, let there be no doubt here... this NM is truly Venus' lunation! She is the ruler of our Sun / Moon combination and she sits in the comfort of her home sign of Libra while making a supportive sextile with Jupiter in Sagittarius. Both planets are in their own domicile, and both are considered traditionally as "benefics." The nature of beneficence can be tricky at times because, as I've discussed in previous blogs, sometimes the best things that happen to us are veiled in challenge before we can reach the reward. Spoiler alert: This reward story syncs up with the Venus/Jupiter conjunction on 11/24 at 28° Sag!

Venus in general - and particularly in Libra - wants us to open up, harmonize, and cooperate to create a beautiful, peaceful and ideal existence. Yet in the dark of the moon before this conjunction, she makes a square with the contracting and longterm commitment oriented agenda of Saturn. As Saturn sits in exact conjunction with his last pass to the South Node in Capricorn, we are still needing to make some hard decisions, put a softer edge around what we fear, and be willing to pull the plug on self-limiting habits or ways of being that are getting in the way of our true desires. She wants to grow, and she has the help of Jupiter to feed her garden, yet we have to tackle some hard realities and real-world essentials that still are in need of our attention.

Pluto is joining Saturn to have a say in this Capricorn business, as Mercury is separating from a square with the "Lord of the Underworld" and Venus is on her way to make her own. This lunar season will challenge us with opening up to profound change in our lives, as we realize how our perceptions color our reality. If we want the sweetness of Venus and Jupiter, we have to make sure that the mental faculties - this is an air sign after all - are working in tandem with what we would like to grow. It's all to easy to go to the dark side with Saturn and Pluto, in Cap none-the-less, yet the challenge of this season may lie in standing with our ideals and working through the indecision that is likely to arise as we are confronted with major life choices. Weigh all sides but don't get stuck... go with what feels certain, for if you lean in one direction enough to tip the scales, that is likely your answer. Be patient with your progress and trust that you know the "right" thing to do.

Now what of our actual Sun and Moon? Our luminaries sit in opposition to Chiron in Aries, a point where we get an introspective awareness into our biggest triggers around the self's needs vs. the other people in our lives. So if you get a bit irritated or irked, see what that fiery wisdom is trying to clue you into. Some of our biggest frustrations are actually grand insights into the core of who we are and how to nurture that awareness forward. So take note! Now lastly, I will say that they both sit in exact aversion to Uranus in Taurus, and as this lunar cycle has some Uranus lightening bolts coming our way, don't expect that all the evidence is in at this time. This story is unfolding petal by petal, and by the Full Moon you'll be working with all the pieces of the puzzle.

The Symbol - Ideal Manifestations 🐣

If you are a previous reader of my astroblog, you know I like to look at the Sabian Symbol of the lunation as it adds another bit of depth to the story that we are telling. As always, we take the degree and minutes and round up. Here we have the following:

6° Libra - "The ideals of a man abundantly crystalized."

Keyword: Personification

Theme: Manifesting the Ideal

This imagery seems more than perfect, not only for the Sun / Moon position in Libra but also the squares that are taking place this season with Capricorn energy. Ideals live in the space of the mind and our lofty visions, yet to make conceptions and speculations a reality, we have to crystalize them into being on the earthly realm. This is the gift of this lunar cycle, challenge aside, where we get to activate our thoughts in tangible ways... and where we can receive the Gods' breath of life and transfer that divine blessing into our everyday world. Once again, another reason to be conscious and aware of the inner dialogue so we can send a clear message of our true intentions.

Also, note the word "Manifest" .... I've been studying French for fun for a while now and I find it interesting that the French have a root verb manifester, which means to protest. We hear the word a lot in our culture in regards to our ability to be abundant and manifest what we want in our lives. I was taken for a moment with the fact that, although they represent two completely different connotations on the literal level, they both are essentially aimed at demonstrating a type of ideal. People protest to enforce their ideals and we also attempt to use the power of determination and focus to manifest ideals into reality. It all centers around a creative element that seeks to empower new conditions... and that's exactly where we are at this point in time.

New Moon Blessings to All!! 💫

Well my friends, we have quite the dynamic lunar month ahead of us! Breathe in that fresh breath of life and get ready to move things along... for there is no reason to stay stuck at this point. We are all the heroes or heroines of our own journey, so grab that manifestation power by the Seagoat horns and get ready to turn some corners!!

Wishing everyone an eventful yet fruitful lunar month!

May the stars be with you!!! ✨✨✨

💜 Mel

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