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Full Moon in Scorpio - Divinely Feminine 🌹

Full Moon in Scorpio 2019 - Energetic Principles

I start this article with the caveat that I have an axe to grind, which seems all to appropriate for a Mars driven Scorpio Full Moon! The state of our planet is in desperate need of our attention and as lunations like this touch down upon us, we become keenly aware of the need for a divinely feminine touch, one that opens up to the call of nature, a sound that appears to be getting louder each and every day. As dead whales wash up on the beaches of California and countless animals become marked for extinction, there is the Scorpio scent of death in the air that is inescapable.

Wake up calls are all around us and it's our job to listen, take in, and absorb deeply - a Venusian function - so we don't get caught up in our own traps or rigid ways of being. It's time to release the bullshit. We all have it! Taurus picks up the scent and Scorpio roots through it with an uncanny ability to sniff out and bring up whatever is unsavory... because Scorpio is willing to "go there" - and at this time in history we have no choice but to! For any hopes of healing, or at the very least, cutting what has decayed so we can refocus on what is fertile and sustainable will ask that we get honest and real with ourselves and whether our roles are helping or hurting the matter.

Exact on Saturday, May 18th at 2:11pm PDT - we have an emotionally charged and passionate Full Moon in Scorpio that is highlighting what holds boundless fertility and what is in need of change in order to help protect many aspects in life that we just take for granted these days. We are asked to address the hard stuff, the taboo that gets swept under the rug, and where we are tempted to avert our gaze from what is real and important and quite possibly inconvenient... because Uranus says no more! It is time to nourish what has nourished us for so long or take the risk of losing it forever.

The Aspects - Recognizing Our Traps 🕸

Below is a chart of our Full Moon in Scorpio at the time of opposition here in San Diego, CA. As you can see from the chart, there are a pile-up of planets in Taurus that the Moon in Scorpio has contacted one by one via opposition on the way to make the FM opposition and Mars, our FM ruler, has just switched signs into the waters of Cancer, so let's not waste any time and dive right in...

Full Moon in Scorpio 2019 - Astrology Chart - Energetic Principles

Let me start by saying the first thing I noticed about this chart was aside from Jupiter in Sagittarius and Chiron in Aries, all planets, along with the nodal axis, are in feminine signs. I found this intriguing weeks ago when I first noticed this configuration, but now as the news stories roll in and I see headlines concerning Mother Earth and the inevitable extinction of countless animals paired with woman's rights and the exhaustive issue of anti-abortion back in the court dockets, I can't help but feign surprise that these issues are rising once again to the surface.

There is a receptivity that is calling us to open up at this time, and to realize the traps we set for ourselves as humans. I speak of all this on a grand scale, yet we will be feeling these energies on personal levels as well. We all have our own personal traps, where we get caught up in emotion or cyclical thinking or ways of being that perpetuate our own wounds rather than address and heal them. Sometimes it's easier to live in the dark than to step into the light, but as Venus settles into her own sign of Taurus and makes the first conjunction to the "Great Awakener" Uranus, what comes in now can't be unseen or unheard. It deserves our acknowledgment and the dedication of our emotional energy towards real change - change in how we interact with ourselves, each other, the creatures we share this planet with and Mother Earth herself.

We have to get back to the Divine Feminine, where there is openness, receptivity and an acceptance that nurtures rather than the masculine enforcement of self-driven egoic will and agenda. Luckily, we have a very strong Venus in Taurus that is getting an awakening right now, and as she is in her own sign she is speaking for the likes of the Sun, Mercury and Uranus at this time; while her male counterpart Mars, now in his "fall" of Cancer, gets inundated with the feminine lunar energy of the Moon, as the two sit in mutual reception, and why the audacity of the male agenda in regards to females - ie. the recent reproductive legislation (Scorpio rules the reproductive organs) - is highlighted for us all to see at this time! But this moment of power won't last long, and the feminine shall continue its rise in helping to heal our species as it gets further and further off course!

As this lunar opposition takes place at the end degrees of signs, this situation is certainly on the verge of change and why we are all feeling it so strongly. As Venus sits with Uranus, we are now to call in and stand strong in our ability to attract and manifest innovative solutions in all these perplexing challenges that are before us. As Mars approaches a square with Chiron in Aries, we are going to be faced with our own independent parts to play, as it takes a global village to make the truly profound shifts that nature is asking of us. It's time to protect our greatest asset, and it doesn't start with attacking what is outside of you... rather it is about looking within at our own dark and shadowy material and routine ways of being that perpetuate the problem - basically that bullshit I was speaking of earlier - because once we heal ourselves that nourishment and care will ripple throughout, for our planet is merely a reflection of the state of the collective.

The Symbol - Nature's Spirits 🧚‍♂️

If you are a previous reader of my astroblog, you know I like to look at the Sabian Symbol of the lunation as it adds another bit of depth to the story that we are telling. As always, we take the degree and minutes and round up. Here we have the following:

28° Scorpio - "The king of the fairies approaching his domain."

Keyword: Allegiance

Theme: The Kingdom Within

I must say that this symbol fits quite well into the theme I'm seeing present itself in the world and all that I just talked of above. The Nature Spirits are calling out and asking for our protection and Scorpio energy mixed with Mars in Cancer can act in ways that help to protect and conserve. With the keyword of "allegiance" we must align with the call of the fairies to examine the "kingdom within" because as I stated earlier, we must look at our own inner domains in order to see how that is reflected on the outside of us. We are all our own inner kings and queens, so how are you ruling your domain? What stories are you telling yourself? What images do you conjure up? How does this affect the view of what is outside of you?.. or even what you see on the inside?

My dear friend and fellow astrologer, Simone Butler, also pointed out that it's time to listen to nature and follow our instincts within whatever we encounter at this time - which too touches on the medicine of the nature spirits - for that is where the magic lies... and it was there that I realized within what she was saying that our instincts are in fact our own nature! Our own personal kingdom that is to be listened to and acknowledged.

So if we are looking within, we come to realize that the richness of life comes from our inner satisfaction and fulfillment rather than overly striving for material gain or worldly power (which has caused a lot of the mess we are in), bringing forth emphasis that who you are in the stillness of the inside is really what matters, and once that is gloriously in tune and creatively envisioning a better, more sustainable future, it will radiate for all to see and in turn affect the collective towards a healthier evolution.

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Full Moon Blessings to All!! 💫

So here we are at a time where we must embrace the Divine Feminine, for she is not evil or something to be feared as we have been taught for millennia - rather she has been the one nurturing us and getting the raw end of the deal for too long. These same reflections affect the populace of women in the world, and enough is enough! Take that story of Eve, the apple and the snake and shove it.... for I think we know where the real evil lies... and I call bullshit!

Wishing everyone a transformative Full Moon!

May the stars be with you!!! ✨✨✨

💜 Mel

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