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New Moon in Pisces - Following The Dream 🌟

New Moon in Aquarius 2019 - Energetic Principles

Twinkle twinkle little star, how I wonder what you are" - we all know this classic children's rhyme that ignited our inner spirit to wish each night on the first star that would catch our gaze. A time when wishing and hoping for what we wanted from life was encouraged, when we were in an innocent space that gave us the freedom to dream and entertain endless possibilities. Now we stand at the edge of a lunation based on our ideals, and where inspiration can be found in a lesser known verse of the song - "As your bright and tiny spark, lights the traveler in the dark; Though I know not what you are, twinkle twinkle little star." - with these words serving as a reminder that sometimes we must follow our own guiding light, for its illumination seeks to lead us forward into spiritual evolution.

Pisces as a sign is mutable and double-bodied, where we stand between two worlds in a space of emotional transition as we come to the end of the zodiac - a place that is known at its highest as a portal to transcendence. Each year we have a seeding lunation that helps us spiritually cleanse from the zodiacal year prior, so that we may be reborn like the flowers of Spring. Yes, it's a sign known for its desire to escape from reality, yet it is also known for its connection with a higher power that can not be seen, only felt. This is where the necessity of faith comes in, and each year we are reminded at this time the importance of this cosmic trust.

Exact on Wednesday, March 6th at 8:04am PST - this New Moon is sending us to a spiritual place where all our dreams live and breathe. It is likely to be a rather quiet period for much of the week, as our receptivity is called upon and asking to be listened to. Dream life and waking life is likely to be shrouded in a mystical fog - where big picture clarity resides, yet the details remain elusive. Creativity and imagination - along with the ability to adapt and go with the flow - are the tools of this lunar cycle, and if we use them to their fullest extent we will find ourselves on the other side of a divinely inspired transition when it's all said and done.

The Aspects - Neptune's Waters 🌊

Below is a chart of our New Moon at the time of conjunction here in San Diego, CA. We have a plethora of transits making themselves known, with Neptune's conjunction to the luminaries being the star of the show! The New Moon ruler Jupiter is also in an applying square to the luminaries, and Mars and Saturn both are forming helpful aspects from earth signs. And if that were not enough, we get the bonus transits of Mercury stationing RX in Pisces and Uranus making his official ingress into the realm of Taurus. So let's not waste any time and dive right in...

New Moon in Pisces 2019 - Astrology Chart - Energetic Principles

Let's start with the most obvious planetary pile-up and that is our Sun and Moon making their monthly conjunction directly on Neptune - God of the Seas. As Neptune is mythically known to be associated with storms, earthquakes, and floods, I think it's safe to say that we are probably in for some interesting weather during this lunar cycle! Yet it's significant to note that when we have storms, for the most part we want to stay inside, cuddle under a blanket and escape into our favorite TV program or a riveting novel that has been calling to our senses. And really that is the vibe of Neptune - there is a quieting, a sensing, a need to go within and possibly have a time out.

When the luminaries - and in particular the Moon in her cycle each month - contact Neptune there is a sleepiness or a fogginess that gives way, where energy lowers in order to tell us that now is not the time to push hard, but rather open up and allow yourself to receive the spiritual directives that are trying to come in. We live in a world that wants us to go 24/7, and really that is not realistic. Which does have some irony, for Neptune can be considered unrealistic in its dreamy nature - yet if we never allow ourselves the time to dream and listen to subtle undercurrents that act as guiding stars on our journeys, then we will find ourselves in an endless loop of go, go, go, until at some point the foundation gives way and our material castles turn to sand.

Our New Moon ruler, Jupiter in Sagittarius, is also forming a square to this lunation that is activating great growth as we are pushed into a tension in regards to what is transitioning in our stories and where we are needing to expand in life. Both Pisces & Sagittarius are known for their spiritual bents and the limitless expanse that holds no boundaries - so this aspect is also reinforcing the Neptunian influence that is trying to get our attention in regards to all the possibilities life may hold if we are just willing to move on, let go, and free up the emotional energy that keeps us from living the lives of our dreams. Any New Moon in a water sign is going to trigger that feeling component, yet with this Pisces variety conjuncting Neptune, emotional release is top priority for making breakthroughs going forward. Finding forgiveness and acceptance for the past - which may be easier said than done - will help expedite the process.

As Divine timing always works so well, we also have Mercury stationing retrograde at the tail end of Pisces the day before the New Moon. Here we have another reenforcing element that it's time to go within and connect with the self in a way that examines our current quality of life and how old habit patterns may be getting in the way from following our inspirational directives. This retrograde is likely to be quieter than most, as Pisces is considered a "mute" sign and is less about the voice and more about intuitively downloading information. The amount of receptivity we give these coming weeks will be a testament to how much we can take in and integrate. For if we are not listening, we may miss the boat entirely.

Luckily we have both Mars in Taurus and Saturn in Capricorn that are sextiling in to give us the opportunity to ground our realizations in practical and productive ways. We can start to see how our actions and our commitments dictate what it is we manifest on the earthly realm, and that if we take one step at a time towards the direction of our dreams making, that our dedication and perseverance will pay off in the end. This may also take place in releasing some of the duties that are not supporting the mission - particularly as there are only so many hours in the day, which makes the use of one's personal authority critical in following Spirit's directive. And with Uranus ingressing for a 7-year stay in Taurus on the very same day as our New Moon, we are feeling yet another shift that will shake-up what we have manifested thus far - by breaking free any stuck energy that keeps us in the motions rather than living the lives our aspirations truly seek.

The Symbol - Creative Flow 🌈

If you are a previous reader of my astroblog, you know I like to look at the Sabian Symbol of the lunation as it adds another bit of depth to the story that we are telling. As always, we take the degree and minutes and round up. Here we have the following:

16° Pisces - "The flow of creative inspiration."

Keyword: Ingenuity

Theme: Creative Solutions

This seems to be a rather apropos symbol for our New Moon degree, being that there is the theme of creative, spiritual inspiration that is guiding us forward at this time. Spirit is calling and and a swirl of divine energy is encompassing this lunar month and the Mercury RX period. Intuition is speaking louder than ever, and we will do ourselves a disservice not to go with the flow of this divine will. It's time to stretch our imaginations in regards to what is possible and ride the spiritual waters that are trickling down - for the main goal is to help us apply that directive to our practical, everyday lives. A "Bringing Heaven Down To Earth" type of energy.

It's also interesting to note the theme of creative solutions, especially in regards to living our own ideals and personal dreams. More often than not, in order to "live the dream" we actually have to get quite creative in our approach. We have to open the boundaries in regards to what is possible while also freeing the mind to be able to tap into and further develop our resourcefulness in the world - which I think Uranus moving into Taurus will now help innovate. For a dream is just a dream, until we make it a reality.

It's not about taking the easy way out now - rather it's about listening to the higher self and being willing to do the work that this creative flow of inspiration is trying to lead us to, for this is the next stage in the plan of the Great Divine.

New On Patreon - Moon Animal Monthly!!! 🌚

Moon Animal Monthly - PDF Magazine - Energetic Principles

I am so pleased to be releasing the second installment of Moon Animal Monthly on my Patreon! Last New Moon, I swapped this new creation in for my previous offering of the bi-monthly Moon Horoscopes and I thought that last month's animal representatives ! What it is is a PDF Magazine that comes out once a month right before the New Moon so that you may inform yourself of the lunar cycle ahead. I still provide your personal "moon animal" for both your Sun sign and Rising, yet do so for both the New Moon and the Full Moon lunations. I also share two representatives that were born at that particular moon phase and sign to help understand this energy in human form. All the details for the quarter moon phases are shared, along with astrology charts for each quarter, and little blurbs on what the energy may look like so you can get a scope on the lunar month ahead. All in a colorful magazine format! This offering is the same rate of $3 per month, which also includes early access to my Energetic Principles Podcast and custom Patreon feed. If I can get enough people signed up, I plan on donating part of the proceeds to animal charities as the animals need all the help they can get! And for a few dollars more, I provide a weekly Tarot Subscription that includes a custom spread that is aligned with the current astrological influence, so that you may connect with the cards to see how the general energy will interact with you personally. The Tarot Subscription includes access to all things mentioned - plus my undying gratitude! Want to find out more and show appreciation for my work? Click here!

New Moon Blessings to All!! 💫

Here we are at the last New Moon of this zodiacal year, and if we are to take away anything at this time it is to pay attention to your dreams! - both waking and in sleep. Keep a dream journal at the ready and don't dismiss your topics of consistent daydreams as just wishful thinking, for these are all signs from Spirit to help lead you in a meaningful direction, towards your own twinkle twinkle little star that seeks to guide you through the darkness of night and into the bright light of illumination.

Wishing everyone a fantastic lunar month!

May the stars be with you!!! ✨✨✨

💜 Mel

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