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Lunar Eclipse in Leo - Integrating Heart 🦁

Lunar Eclipse in Leo 2019 - Energetic Principles

The pressure is on this eclipse season, as most of us have been feeling the rush of energy bursting forth since 2019 was ushered in. There have been no lack of aspects over the past few weeks to prime us for the events about to be set into motion, and we may be so busy that it's hard to even catch up with how we feel about it all... as if we are going with the motions just to keep afloat. Yet, we now reach an apex of energy that is presenting us once again with our heart's desires, how they may have changed, and whether or not the everyday motions being taken are fully aligned with this central guidance system.

Leo is all about the heart's passion, for that is what warms us from within and lends way to our creative self-expression. Our inner queen or king is ablaze at this time, and keenly aware of what it is that we desire and find continued enthusiasm for. Over the past few years we've had the opportunity to get in touch with the joyful child within and the authenticity of the self that is now burgeoning forth. We've had time to separate the guard dog ego that was giving false protection in our lives, and shift its focus to fight for what is truly important and purposefully potent... no more wasting time on prideful diversions. We were challenged by our ability to be courageous within our unique and individualistic soul missions while also examining our loyalties - for if those areas were out of integrity with the heart, then we were only cheating ourselves. And now, with this closing Leo eclipse for many years to go come, we have reached our final exam on these topics.

Exact on Sunday Jan 20th, 2019 at 9:15pm - this "blood moon" total lunar eclipse at 0° Leo is finishing out an 18 month cycle of eclipses along the Leo / Aquarius axis and testing us on how well we listened to and followed our heart's intentions during that time period. Don't be fraught if you feel you haven't quite made it there, for this is the grand finale of fireworks that is likely to push you in the right direction. And with this "super moon" influence meeting within Leo, Capricorn, and Aries energy, you can bet that this eclipse will be larger than life!

The Aspects: Pushing Forward While Shaking It Off 🚀

Below is a chart of the moment for the Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse in Leo from my location in San Diego, CA. There are so many aspects taking place during this lunation, that I don't even know where to begin! I do think the central message for this eclipse lies in the Sun and Moon's square with Uranus and Mars saddling up to a square with Saturn. Yet, there are many layers of influence to unravel, so let's not waste any time and dive right in!

Full Moon in Cancer 2018 - Astrology Chart - Energetic Principles

First let's discuss our luminaries, as they are always the star players within any lunation and our first point of interest. Here we see that the Sun has just squeaked into Aquarius less than a day before the Moon comes in to meet our solar awareness at the very first degree of Leo, which makes the Sun our eclipse ruler. In the sign of his detriment - Aquarius - we can guarantee that there will be greats shifts taking place within our awareness of what the future holds. Viewpoints are changing as the calls from our hearts come in. This is our 3rd full lunation in a row where the opposition has taken place at 0° - with two more zero degree full moons yet to come. I've never seen anything like this in my time of tracking the stars, and it makes me wonder if perhaps we are not redefining the very nature of what that sign means to us as each opposition takes place?

A fellow astrologer, Christopher Witecki, likens 0° in his step system as a Scorpionic point that asks for our protection. Where we have to hold space and protect whatever feelings are rising up at this time, in particular with our hearts yearning and this transitional space of releasing old heartfelt attachments so we can protect the space for what is to fill this area next... which I personally think was much of what this Leo / Aquarius nodal axis was bringing to the table over the last 18 months. So what matters of the heart are you releasing? Celebrating? Holding space for?

It's key to note that our luminaries are caught in a (now out of sign) T-square with Uranus at the late degrees of Aries, and we experience the Sun / Uranus square a few days prior to this eclipse taking place. We can certainly see this energy playing out in the collective sphere, as extreme actions are being taken left and right in the world. Here in America, we have an ongoing state of erratic behavior happening within our political sphere, and which is affecting a lot of people - and landmarks - in very serious and life sustaining ways. Unexpected and potentially shock inducing energy is in the air, which is trying to raise the vibration of the collective through the chaotic actions that are taking place.

Yet for us not in the sphere of politics, or even affected by the extreme decisions taking place, there is still a shaking of energy that is wanting to free us from old crystalized influences that are getting in the way of raising higher in our own lives. Foundations which are shaky are likely to feel the pressure as the weight can no longer be held moving forward. We are challenged by our very individuality and whether or not we are operating the self from within the whole of sincerity. Luckily, Venus is in a trine with Mars while also making a conjunction to Jupiter, which suggests that our male and female sides are flowing together so that we can experience this sense of completeness, which then allows us to further grow in our integrity as we open up to the inspiration this energy can bring. Once things click in to place, there is likely no going back as we are ready to embrace this new cycle of growth.

Venus is also making a square to Neptune, which is exact less than an hour before the eclipse takes place. There is certainly a fantastical vibe to the energy, as we can feel the creative juices running through our veins. Artists, musicians, and poets alike will probably find this time to be quite stimulating. Regardless, we are pushed to open up to a more mystical or spiritual influence that is attempting to help this expansion take place on whatever level speaks to our soul in this current place in time.

Sometimes growth isn't always pretty, in fact in most cases it can be quite messy, and there is the possibility that something comes into view at this time that can cause disappointment, particularly if our ideals have not been met. This can prove rather challenging for some relationships, as Full Moons and especially Lunar Eclipses are known for being partnership oriented - when we must contend with an influence outside of us. So be aware that there may be tension in this area, or you there may be the need to surrender and accept what is.

Where Venus is challenging Neptune, Mars is also challenging Saturn, creating a dynamic cardinal initiation energy where we are pushing forward while also having to contend with blocks and obstacles that may be in our way - and it could be that reality may be one of those interferences. We are prepping to do the hard work, to push our agendas forward, to act on our longterm goals and ambitions - and if that agenda is not in integrity with the version 2.0 that is in the making, we are bound to run into a wall of some sort.

Yet if we have taken the time to tune into our heart's needs over the last 18 months, I think we will be in a good place to celebrate the work that has been done in regards to honoring the fire that forever burns within. That passion is crucial to living a life full with joy! Luckily we are learning at a feverish rate what integrity means for us and where there may still be resistance to follow the heart's prompts. Mercury sits at the midpoint between Pluto and the Sun, while also gearing up to cross the South Node and to release karmic thought patterns of what we deem our place in the world to look like. Letting go of the mental attachment to fears and insecurities that hold us back, will be a crucial step to letting our hearts run wild and free.

The Symbol: Bursting Open 💥

So now let us take a look at the Sabian Symbol as it adds an extra dimension to this full moon! We are going to take the degree plus the minutes and round up, for which we get the following:

1° Leo - "A case of apoplexy."

Keyword: Irresistibility

Theme: Determination

At first I had to look up what apoplexy even was! For those - like myself - who are unsure, it is defined as: a state of intense and almost uncontrollable anger - and/or - medically known as a stroke or a hemorrhage. So it's safe to say that something will be bursting open at this time and we can either feel incredibly passionate or incredibly angry at what tension is rising forth. At the very least, we can guarantee that the fires will be a'roaring!

I like the theme of "determination" because that really speaks to the Mars / Saturn square. Having this square natally, it really is about remaining determined no matter what obstacles are preventing your way forth - and trust me, there will be obstacles! There always is when this aspect takes place. Yet sometimes we need for these blocks to inject themselves as they help us understand what may need to be addressed before moving forward. Sometimes that comes in the form of burnout - where a situation or a directed motivation can no longer be sustained and is in need of release. It could also be a frustration or pressure that rises forth, and that tension will be there until it can fully rise and discharge itself. By relieving these burdens, we re-invigorate ourselves for the next push ahead.

So the word to the wise in this symbol is to let whatever needs to come forth, come forth. Don't try to hold it back for it will only increase in rage from within, and that is not a healthy way to live. If you are burned out... that's ok. If you lose your temper, that is ok too. Something was in need of release. The key here is to find a heathy way to relieve that stress and to express whatever can not be contained any longer. By doing so, you'll find a great sense of relief and will have re-purposed your energy in a more positive direction.

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Wishing Full Moon Eclipse Blessings To All! 💫

So we are most certainly in for an action packed Lunar Eclipse in Leo! Let us wrap up this heart based cycle that has put us in touch with our passions over the last 18 months - for if what lights up your heart is still burning strong, you can guarantee that the next step will be to nurture the self and its emotional foundation accordingly so you can embody that devotion within and without. And if your heart no longer a-lights to even the thought of what used to burn so steadily, it could be time to kiss that situation or commitment goodbye for good, for the heart will always know what is best... so be sure to listen.

May the stars be with you! ✨✨✨

💜 Mel

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