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Full Moon in Aries - Containing Our Fire 🔥

Full Moon in Aries 2018 - Energetic Principles

Life is officially back in motion after our New Moon in Virgo set us on a practical course of earthly consideration, while many flowing aspects opened the flood gates to allow our stories to move forward with ease. Yet, we now cross the threshold of a new sort of changing landscape as a few days before we wax to our full moon position, the Sun will make the second of its bi-yearly equinoxes while ingressing into the cardinal territory of air sign Libra. The dynamic heats up with that pivotal energy, and the conditions that are in flux bring the heat and fan the flames as we are initiated into and wax forward towards an active new agenda.

The Full Moon at 1°59' Aries - exact on Monday, September 24th 2018 at 7:52pm PDT - is clearly the bringer of the heat, as Aries is known for its spark of life's fire, and as Luna waxes her way to maximum brightness she is also in her hot and dry phase, adding extra flames to this particular lunation. So with conditions such as these, if the environment is hot and dry and Aries can light the match, we are likely in for an inferno... or perhaps, a bonfire at the very least!

When we think of the Ram, some particular keywords immediately come to mind, such as: independent, courageous, bold, spontaneous, pioneering, a leader. Yet there are the more challenging attributes to this sign, such as: anger, selfishness, a strong will, recklessness, impatience, and the lack of consideration for others. We live in a world of polarities and are reminded of that each month when we experience the apex of the full moon. So as our emotional selves and the public at large wax towards some of what I listed above, the solar awareness wants to balance us out with some Libran principles in order to find equilibrium... which is exactly what the Scales specialize in in the first place.

Libra is the peacemaker, the harmonizer, the diplomat - the lover, not the fighter. Where Aries will focus on the self, at times to a fault, Libra resides in the objective air space that can see the other and take into consideration the impact that our actions hold upon those we encounter. Sure, sometimes it can be in our best interest to only focus on the self, and sometimes it behooves us to be able to relate with that outside of us. More often than not, the answer lies in the middle, where we place importance on our own agenda, yet cooperate with others to make sure that everyone is getting a fair deal. Aries is ready for crisis, and Libra is prepared for peace at all costs. Quick reactions and negotiations are likely with this Full Moon, reminding us that in order to align with the conscious awareness of Libra, we must meet in the middle for whatever it is that we are up against.

The Aspects: Saturn Squared 📦

Below is a chart of the moment for the Full Moon in Aries at my location here in sunny San Diego, CA. I mentioned "meeting in the middle" just moments ago, and this particular full moon has that middle zone occupied by the dutiful and constrictive presence of the taskmaster Saturn. This aspect will flavor this lunation considerably, along with the fact that the moon's ruler Mars is making his own flowing aspects that play into the tale we are weaving. So let's waste no time and dive right in...

Full Moon in Aries 2018 - Astrology Chart - Energetic Principles

Let's first talk about the moon's ruler, Mars, who has been in quite the condition over the last handful of months. Mars has been on one hell of a journey, ever since he made his initial square to Uranus at the very start of his retrograde shadow phase back in May of this year. Since that time, the warrior has continued his do-si-do with electric and fast paced Uranus, while also going through a painstakingly slow retrograde cycle that contributed into what was to be known as the "Retrograde Summer of 2018." Life was moving at a snails pace, and the direction our future drive was to go needed time to be mulled over and re-crafted into the energetic space that was right for us to proceed towards.

Now we have made it through all that, our patience tested and our motivations scrutinized, and the course is firmly set, as this has been the mission we've been pioneering since our New Moon in Aries back on April 15th. Now for this Full Moon, Mars is flowing with this lunation in a "no obstacles" trine to the Sun in Libra and an "opportunistic" sextile to the Moon in Aries. So nothing is holding Mars back this lunation, which is all well and good if there is a crisis we need to handle or some high-level activity calls us into action, we will be able to proceed with an innovative approach.

Yet we must also note that Mars is currently conjunct the South Node in Aquarius, a place visited prior on June 7th and July 20th. The South Node doesn't have the best of reputations, and particularly in association with Mars as both take on a malefic sort of quality. When the nodes are involved there is a fateful element that comes into play, and with the South Node in particular, it can act like a funnel that we can use constructively for release - or a destructive force that sucks us under and keeps the energy from advancing spiritually. Luckily, we've had enough contact with this point now that we've already touched the burner and know how hot it is... so I feel as if we can combine the "cutting" energy of Mars with the vacuum energy of the South Node, in order to release and snip away whatever is no longer needed in relation to the revised direction of the future self.

Now another important and possibly more determinate factor, is the tight T-square that Saturn in Capricorn is forming to the Sun and Moon opposition, illustrating a rather constrictive vibe to this lunation. Saturn operates in the boundary consciousness, implementing frameworks and architecting the structure needed in order to focus on our priorities. This energy can really support the cutbacks that Mars and the South Node can do at this time, as long as we are drawing lines that are purposeful rather than cutting out what we may actually need more patience with.

Patience is a virtue they say, and we are likely to be tested on said virtue during this Full Moon. T-squares tend to bring limitations even when Saturn is not involved, so having the planet that thrives on restriction smack dab in the middle of it all most likely pushes us into cross purposes or stalemates that we have to have the courage and the moderation to endure. This can also be a time where we are tested on our ability to restrict ourselves in a way that fosters the longterm agenda that we are seeking to initiate in our lives. Wisdom may be called upon, and the impulsiveness of the Aries Moon will hopefully be able to draw upon the detached, conceptual, forward thinking energy of Mars in Aquarius to temper itself a bit. Where we cut back today can help us to strengthen and stabilize the most important aspects of what we are building for the future.

As Aries works in the "I am" principle, being clear about who you are and who you are not any longer may be on offer this Full Moon. Declaring independence and feeling the need to make a bold move is likely to arise, yet we must temper these energies with the practical reality of Saturn and the cooperative, diplomacy of Libra. We are called to step into ourselves, yet not at the expensive of others and the framework of social (and universal) law. As I stated in EP Podcast #21 - "It's easier to act, yet we are more likely to get busted." - so at a time like this, it is best to play nice, otherwise consequence can easily catch up with us.

Chiron, the "Wounded Healer," is also making a challenging aspect to this lunation as he is conjunct the Moon in Aries shortly before the Full Moon apexes. This contact can bring up triggers around the right use of assertiveness in our lives. So do not be surprised if this lunation dredges up that old wound that calls upon you to work with. In order to empower ourselves with the purity of instinct that Aries has to offer, we may have to deal with our own personal crisis in regards to getting what it is we desire and how those goals relate to others that are outside of our agenda. If something comes up for you now, it can be very beneficial to write down what it is that opened that dormant wound, and set it ablaze in a ceremony that fosters the potential for the healthy aspect of release I spoke of earlier.

Last but not least, Mercury is just coming off of his conjunction to the Sun earlier in the week and will have already made the tense aspects to Saturn before the Sun and Moon follow suit. We are likely to have our minds made up and are already aware of what it is that tests us. Luckily the Sun is sitting parallel to Mercury and Mars is parallel to Saturn, helping to fuse all these energies so that they may work together for, what I hope is, our own benefit.

The Symbol: A Sense Of Humor 🤹🏻‍♀️

So now let us take a look at the Sabian Symbol as it always adds another dimension to our potential interpretation. We are going to take the degree plus the minutes and round up, for which we get the following:

2° Aries - "A comedian entertaining a group."

Keyword: Release

Theme: Personification

I find this a rather light symbol for a full moon that has a darker quality to it - that quality being Saturn. Comedians... entertainment... laughs... it all sounds rather fun! We also have the keyword of release which seems to be coming into the forefront of this lunation on a few occasions, and if we think about creative self-expression (such as that of our comedian) there is great release in the ability to just be one's self.

Being one's self is not an easy thing to do when we have a society that puts a lot of restrictions and expectations on us! And there is something to be said for the comedian, who usually finds the humor in life via darkness. Comedians are known to deal with some very trying circumstances prior in life, where they develop a coping mechanism that cultivates the ability to find humor in the irony of it all. Making light of our situations can be the best thing to do when we encounter the dark.

It also bears mentioning that sometimes what we consider funny or entertaining is not so much so for another person involved. What one thinks is clever or witty could easily offend another with its crudity. It reminds me of the recent Sarah Silverman "I Love America" program I saw on Hulu where she goes into the criticism and outright threats she has received by doing controversial comedy. Everyone has the right to speak their minds, yet we must remember that another's viewpoint might be quite different to the one we hold. What holds levity to one might hold gravity to another, with the issue of respect - another Saturnian principle - coming up for consideration. This full moon suggests that we "know our audience."

I personally think humor is a crucial component to a sane existence and encourage all to discover themselves through the ability to make light of your own circumstance. However, we must find that Libran balance once again in the ability to laugh at ourselves in a healthy way rather than being overly self-effacing. There lies no benefit in being exceedingly harsh on yourself, which will in turn end up shunning your own light. Let you be you, and they be them, that way we are all honored for the unique expression of the "I am" - a given right we are all entitled to.

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Wishing Full Moon Blessings To All! 💫

Once again we are presented with a lunation that leaves nothing to be desired in the action zone! The bottom line is to stay patient and aware that there are forces that are currently at cross purposes to our own. It may feel as if we are held back to some extent, yet think of it as a test of your meddle in regards to the ability to stay dedicated to the direction of the longterm. We will be all too tempted to live in the moment and to maybe even burn it all down, yet if we allow ourselves to be guided by the framework of the long range goal, our patience will be rewarded in the end.

May the stars be with you! ✨✨✨

💜 Mel

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