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Full Moon in Pisces - In Service Of Change ⏳

Full Moon in Pisces 2018 - Energetic Principles

We have officially made it through eclipse season so give yourself a big pat on the back for making it through some tense, and most likely irritating, emotional energy! Much of what we've learned and the highs and lows of the changing vibrations that have occurred over the past two months are now coming to a head as our retrograde pile-up begins to release itself - most recently with Mercury turning direct last week and Mars to follow suit the day after this upcoming full moon. Saturn will also go direct over the coming days, leaving only the transpersonal outer planets in retrograde motion. So get ready for life to finally begin to move tangibly forward again!

The Full Moon at 3°12' Pisces - exact on Sunday, August 26th 2018 at 4:56am PDT - has a much needed preparatory vibe to it, as the opposition between our solar and lunar lights are happening in the double-bodied axis of Virgo and Pisces. This mutable energetic flow is a time of transition as tides turn and churn, to set up what is to be initiated in the coming cycles. And since Mars is not quite direct yet - powerful, yet not direct - this is less likely to be a culmination of energy that happens on the outside of us... like most full moons present themselves to be. Rather there are still inner emotional processes that must apex in order to set up the faith necessary in order to feel spiritually connected to the change that is happening in our lives.

Faith is not an easy thing for a lot of people, as it requires us to believe in an outcome that has no evidence in the here and now - ie. in the "reality" driven Virgo territory. In order to embrace the feeling of faith we have to be flexible with what we see in the moment, with an openness and willingness to go with the flow of life and to collect the information necessary that will carry you into the next chapter.

So this is the time to let inspiration color your world and let creation flow through you as life as we know it begins to morph and change into a new reality before your very eyes. As this is an early Full Moon in this sign axis, we have yet to get situated into the vibration of Virgo... making us more hyperaware of reality than we may normally be. Yet within that intense focus, we can sort out what needs to be released and surrendered in order to create a day-to-day that is more aligned with our spiritual purpose and the heart's true desire. We can't get stuck in the way it is right now... rather take what we encounter at this time, and use it as a learning tool into the little aspects of our lives that have to change in order to get closer to the "real life" we are longing for; one that is greater aligned with where our intuition - and Spirit - is leading us.

The Aspects: Rulerships In(tension) 💥

Below is a chart of the moment for the Full Moon in Pisces at my location here in sunny San Diego, CA. There are some notable aspects being made between the planets shortly before, at the time of, and upon the completion of the full lunation. Venus is creating some friction with her square to Pluto, and the Full Moon rulers - Mercury & Jupiter - are also forming a tense, turning of the page type of energy. So let's dive in...

Full Moon in Pisces 2018 - Astrology Chart - Energetic Principles

We'll first talk about that friction that Venus in Libra is creating with her square to Pluto in Capricorn. Venus seems to be an unassuming character at first in this Full Moon tale, yet she is intricately woven into the storyline as she is the ruler of the bound - or the confine - in which this full moon takes place in the early degrees of Pisces. So there truly is a Venusian emphasis to this lunation, increasing the need for balance, harmony and receptivity within our social lives, personal relations, and most importantly the relationship we have to ourselves.

Venus is currently feeling quite at home in her daytime domicile of Libra, so she's got a bit of a plus on her side within the tension she is facing. There may certainly be a breakdown in the departments I listed above, inciting the need to push through into a more harmonious situation - with the reception to change being the only way to receive the result we are looking for. Pluto can bring up intense emotional material that lives on an instinctual level, asking that we bring it down to earth and get practical about how old ways of life may be crumbling before our very eyes. We can get tricked into thinking that we can control a situation if we maneuver this way or that... if we become a little sneaky with our motives... if we just shove it down and allow ourselves to stay stagnant. However, Pluto will have none of that, you see! (insert 30's Gangster voice here)

Rather Pluto wants complete honesty from you in order to transform your life into greater integrity. So ask the hard questions.... What am I trying to control and why? What would happen if I just let go and open up to the changes? What if I honor the instinctual information I am receiving and make a decision based on those deeper senses? Take responsibility for your actions and involvement when it is necessary and absolve yourself of that duty if the burden is not yours to carry. Overall, take a cue from this Pisces lunar energy and find compassion for yourself and others in the process. Once the friction passes, a better situation will arise when it is all said and done. And if you need to cry, now is the time to do so, as shedding tears can be of great value in the healing process.

Now let's take a look at the full moon's rulers - Mercury in Leo (who is representing our Sun in Virgo) and Jupiter in Scorpio (shouting out for our Moon in Pisces). These two bodies are approaching their 3rd and final square dance of the Summer, where we have been pushing forward mentally for growth and learning what is needed to expand into the next chapter. We've had to develop new boundaries within our thought processes while also communicating outside of us where the line needs to be drawn. By doing so we have been setting our mind's eye on the big picture and where our storyline is headed... weeding out what is no longer necessary while also being challenged with taking on too much. It has not been necessarily easy, as Jupiter only promotes growth - and in the emotional intensity of Scorpio, it has been much like giving birth, labor pains and all, in order to push through the destruction to get to the magic of creation.

So here we are yet again at this challenge with greater knowledge of our limits and what we would like to focus our mind's toward moving forward. We are blessed with a beautiful grand trine in earth configuration happening this week between the Sun in Virgo, Saturn RX in Capricorn, and Uranus RX in Taurus that is helping to stabilize the energy here on planet Earth so we can begin to construct our new palpable reality. This full moon lunation will chime in to form an opportunistic sextile to this grand trine, allowing the flow of practical solutions to long held problems while our conscious awareness begins to architect the longterm trajectory of our lives and what the next tangible steps will be in order to get the work done.

Right before the full moon we will have a door open to let us work with these earth energies, as long as we are able to find that faith I spoke of earlier, while also surrendering any emotional material that no longer serves the forthcoming agenda. The moon will then go on to conjunct Neptune the following day, Mars will finally go direct, and then the moon will kiss it all with a lovely trine to Jupiter - which gives the spiritual understanding to release what is necessary in order to take action on the growth that lies ahead.

The Symbol: Caught in Traffic 🚗🚕🚙

As you may know from previous lunar posts, I love to look at the Sabian Symbol for the degree of our lunation! We are going to take the degree plus the minutes and round up, for which we get the following:

4° Pisces - "Heavy traffic on a narrow isthmus."

Keyword: Convergence

Theme: Relieving Pressure

I find this symbol fascinating as it speaks to overcrowding and congestion, and when we can get frustrated if other people get in the way of our own personal agenda; which in essence is the result of everybody having their own motives and agendas! This can lead to irritation as we try to get what we need done while dealing with others in the process. To me this can really speak to that Venus / Pluto square that I spoke of earlier.

Anybody who lives in a bigger city that has freeways, especially California, knows what happens when a bottleneck forms in traffic. We have an entrance to the 163 here in San Diego that has 5 lanes of traffic merging into one... now not only does that get extremely backed up, but you have to deal with the other drivers trying to scoot ahead of their turn in line, which most of the time makes things even more chaotic with whatever apparent order that was there officially flying out the window while also sending the reminder that life isn't always fair. Yet it seems to me that there is an orderly fashion that needs to take place now, over the need to race ahead with only your own desires in mind.

It would behoove us to cooperate and discipline (once again Libra meets Capricorn) ourselves and our reactions to things while examining our personal, short term needs in relation to the whole of the community. This can be looked at through the micro and the macro of our Earth experience, whether that is in our local interaction or how our actions affect the planet as a whole. Are you cutting in line to try to get ahead? Or are you aware of the others around you?

With all this congestion, pressure and crowding that is going on in this symbol, it certainly lends to the theme of needing to get ORGANIZED! Get some order into this chaos and learn to say "no" when you need to - a very Virgoan that can be of much use. Pisces likes to say yes, and surrender their own needs for others. Virgo's favorite word can be "No." So find that balance, pay attention to the welfare of the whole yet know when it is time to discerningly decline in order to prioritize your own needs in a way that is conscious and compassionate to all parties involved.

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Wishing Full Moon Blessings To All! 💫

So the bottom line here is to be patient with the process during this full moon! Find control in the little things you can do now in your life, and by mid-September we will see some tangible results. Find solace in knowing that this is still a period of gestation and the caterpillar is about to emerge from the chrysalis in due time. So in the meanwhile, find faith within your inspirations and be willing to go with the flow of life in order to reach the destination that lies ahead!

May the stars be with you! ✨✨✨

💜 Mel

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