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Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius - Releasing For The Future 🌬

Total Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius - Releasing For The Future

Here we are... in the middle of eclipse season and two solar eclipses, a bunch of retrogrades, and life shifting before our very eyes. I don't know about you folks, but I have witnessed many people's lives changing dramatically since the Solar Eclipse that took place in Cancer a few weeks ago! There have been wonderful, life inducing changes, and there have also been tragic, life taking ones. I feel it within myself, as a crossroads presents itself for future consideration.

I don't intend to speak lightly of the energy that is in the air as these are significant astrological times that we live in, and even if your chart is not heavily affected, the very essence that is swirling through humanity is touching everyone - directly or indirectly.

This Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius - exact on Fri July 27th, 2018 at 1:20pm PDT - will be at 4°44' which as a number watcher, seems quite significant as if the universe is springing us into calculated consideration around our future path and the direction we are headed. Synchronicity has never seemed more apparent and the very nature of Aquarius initiates catalytic motion in our lives. It is a fixed sign and can be stubborn, but because it is also future minded, Aquarians are known for making up their minds about where they are headed next and setting the boundaries necessary to make that vision become a reality. Their headstrong nature does not stay fixated in the past, yet it is unwaveringly focused on the path that lies ahead.

The Aspects - Mars Holds No Bounds 🚫

Now let's take a look at some of the details regarding this significant lunation. In the chart below that is set for my location at the time of the eclipse, I immediately see that there is A LOT going on!!! Luna sits directly on the midpoint between Mars RX and the South Node, while Uranus in Taurus chimes into our Full Moon from a T-square position. There is potentially so much to discuss, but let's start here...

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius - Astrology Chart - Energetic Principles

Mars' action in this lunar eclipse is of utmost importance, as it seems to be setting a particular signature for the energies we are likely to encounter. Where to start with Mars though? So much going on with this fiery planet! Our warrior energy has been in retrograde motion since June 26th and has not retrograded in the sign of Aquarius since 1971. For many of you who may read this (including the author), we have yet to live through Mars RXing in this area of our charts. So this is new territory to work through as we are in full assessment of the goals and desires that are seeking to be expressed from this position of our nativity.

With Mars RX conjunct the Lunar node, I like what astrologer Adam Gainsburg has to say regarding this position:

"The Mars - Lunar Node dynamic is a catalyst for exposing how our actions and our underlying motivations, conscious and otherwise, are in or out of alignment with our purpose." - Adam Gainsburg

This speaks very strongly to me as the Sun in Leo, robust in its domicile and conjunct the North Node, challenges this Mars RX, South Node, and Full Moon Lunar Eclipse; reminding us that if our intellectual drive and motivation is too far off from our heart's purpose then it is time to reconsider what we are doing with ourselves. Aquarius energy can be rather detached, so if we our mind's have detached from the heart's compass and action energy is not supporting what lies at the very base of who we are, Mars' surgeon knife and that South Node is ready to cut it out for good. We can certainly expect situations - and people - to be coming and going during this period as what is not meant for our future purpose needs to be severed from our lives.

There is also another detail about this Mars that is of significant note, and that is that it is "out of bounds" in the sky - in other words, it has reached an extreme declination that is beyond the Tropic of Capricorn as far as latitude is concerned. So there is a pushing of the boundaries in affect, something which Mars is particularly good at doing to some extent. When this planet goes out of bounds, our action energy is pushed to go beyond that which it has experienced. We may feel as though anything could be possible now, and if we want to believe that but don't quite have the faith yet, that solar dose from the Sun and the North Node in Leo is supporting us to embrace the courage to do what must be done. As fire rises up, the heart based energy of the Sun in Leo will be lit up to help guide you deeper into your soul's purpose. We might not quite understand how that fits within the moment, yet we must remember that eclipses can take several months to manifest, with the end results fully coming into place within a few years time.

Another boundary pusher, Uranus, is very much tied up in this eclipse and chiming in to talk to the Sun, Moon and Mars RX. We are coming up on another critical point in the Mars retrograde cycle as Mars-Uranus is forming its second T square. We experienced the first pass on May 16th, the second will be exact on 8/1, with the finishing square set for 9/18 (note: I previously wrote on this more extensively here). It can be helpful to look back to the New Moon in Taurus that happened in mid-May to get some clarity into what might have been brewing for you; this past insight will help tie into the now energy that is forcing us out of our comfort zones by initiating events that are confronting us to raise to a higher vibration. The Sun, who is making his square this week, also wants to turn the page on a chapter that has run its course. Unexpected situations are likely to confront us, and out of the blue there are new considerations to navigate on the table. This can be liberating in many ways, as the relief point of the T-square points to the healing waters of Scorpio, asking that we transmute the energy to embrace the inner phoenix that lies within.

Venus is also having her say by testing us with our dreams and what needs to be surrendered in order to achieve them - while confronting us with what may have real potential and what is just a fantasy. Pluto also chimes in with some additional honest pragmatism, helping us to flow with our intense passions in a realistic way.

Lastly, we have our eclipse ruler Saturn who does not have as much going on in the aspect department, yet is still having his say. I find it interesting that the taskmaster is in aversion to the eclipse points, Mars and the nodes. Where we buckle down for the longterm may not be entirely apparent in this moment, yet we still have plenty of time to get there. So if you are in a blindspot as to where to direct your course, keep listening as the train does not stop here. With Saturn making a square to Chiron in Aries, knowing where and how to place your independent assertion for the longterm may be a bit of a sore spot at the moment. We may just have to live through it for a moment longer and follow the breadcrumbs as they arrive.

The Symbol - Value In The Past 🎁

So now let's take a look at our Sabian Symbol for this lunar degree! As always we are going to take the degree and the minutes and round up. Here we have the following:

5° Aquarius - "A council of ancestors."

Keyword: Antecedence

Theme: Standing on Principle

I love this symbol because we associate Aquarius with the future and the potential that lies there, yet it is still ruled by Saturn in traditional astrology which is more likely to focus on ritual, tradition and the past. So it has a "don't throw the baby out with the bath water" type of vibe to it. There is still a lot from our past that we can bring into the future, yet knowing what still holds the most value to pack in your suitcase for what lies down the road will be of crucial importance. It's not so much about wiping the slate clean, but dusting off that which still has potential and leaving behind that which holds us back from reaching the next stage of development. As the old adage goes, "if it ain't broke, don't fix it!"

Yet, we also have to remember that living in the past while resisting the future will only cause more hardship and heartache along the road, so keep those convictions firm but not at your own future's expense.

Of a more blaring observation, if we think of a council of ancestors, it also shows that there is inspiration and guidance that can be had in listening to your elders or your ancestry. There are patterns that live in our heritage that can give great insight into our own missions and what can be preserved that has come before. We talk a lot about breaking familial patterns, especially those of addiction and trauma, however there is something to be said for holding up what our ancestors worked so hard to create as their legacy. In fact, we are walking, breathing examples of the greatness of their work. However that may look! So this can also be a beneficial time to dive into the karma of where we originate and release what skin needs to be shed, while embracing the heritage that is rightfully yours!

Eclipse Horoscopes on Patreon 🌝

If you would like to go further with how this eclipse may affect you personally, consider signing up for my Moon Horoscopes on Patreon! Each lunation I write a detailed horoscope for how the energies will interact for each Sun sign and Rising. I also have my weekly Tarot Subscription where I create weekly custom spreads to work with the current astro energy through the cards, helping those who participate not only get better at reading the symbols of tarot, but also to find a more specific interpretation for the mundane transits and how they affect you. To participate in all of what I mentioned above can be done for as little as $6 a month! As one patron put it, "Best self-help tool in town!!" - so come on down and join our small but enthusiastic group!

Full Moon Eclipse Blessings To All! 💫

These are dynamic times we are living in folks! Life may be a-changing, however, there is still so much more to live. Connect with your heart and let it light your path, for any future not aligned with authenticity, is selling yourself short.

Until we meet at the Aug 11th's Solar Eclipse in Leo... May the stars be with you!!! ✨✨✨

💜 Mel

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