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New Moon Solar Eclipse in Cancer - Journey Beneath 🕯

New Moon Solar Eclipse in Cancer 2018 - Energetic Principles

Here we are, yet again, with another eclipse season upon us! Even though it was just a handful of months ago that we had our previous eclipses - Jan 31st & Feb 15th to be exact - it almost feels like a lifetime has passed in some respects. Ok, I'm probably being dramatic, like any good Mercury in Leo would be... yet in some regards it truly does seem that way. Much has shifted since that period of time, directing us to new agendas in our grand plans and how we approach being a member of society in this increasingly chaotic world sphere.

Now we are initiated into a fresh new set of lunation vortexes, with 3 eclipses (2 partial, 1 total), gracing us with their energetic presence for the months of July and August. Our first go around, and what this article will center on, is the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Cancer - exact on July 12th, 2018 at 7:48pm PDT - which is a partial eclipse that can only be seen over the Pacific and Indian oceans, with a fraction of the action viewable from parts of southern Australia and northern Antartica.

The big news, in my opinion, regarding this eclipse is that it will have a foreshadowing type of vibe to it, giving us a peek into the next few years to come. Now the reason for that lies in the fact that this will be the first eclipse to happen outside of the Leo / Aquarius polarity, where our moon's nodal points have been since May 9th, 2017. The north and the south node positions dictate what is an eclipse or not, and as they move backwards focusing on a particular sign polarity every 18 months, those areas of our charts get a little twisted and shifted for future growth. Once we have done the work in that area, the nodes move on to the next sign axis to incorporate a transference of regenerative energy within that realm. Hence why this New Moon will provide insight into what areas of life to work through next, a field we will be walking through until 2020.

The Aspects - Lighting Up The Underworld 😈

Below is a chart of the moment for the New Moon SE in Cancer, set for my location in San Diego, CA. The configuration that stands out the most to me is the Pluto opposition from Capricorn having its say in an exact aspect with the Sun and the Moon. We also have an Earth Grand Trine with Venus, Saturn, and Uranus, along with a loose Water Grand Trine with the Sun, Moon, Jupiter, and Neptune. So let's dive in...

New Moon Solar Eclipse in Cancer 2018 - Energetic Principles

It's plain to see that the most important thing here is that Pluto opposition, where the Lord of the Underworld is challenging our New Moon in Cancer from the deepest of depths. I've used the image of Bernini's sculpture of Pluto abducting Persephone into the land that lies beneath, as it's not always our choice to embark upon such a journey, but rather we are taken and in turn initiated into that realm. So before we get into some potential manifestations of that confrontation, along with the fresh start that is indicative of all New Moons, let's look into the Cancer / Capricorn polarity with a little more depth.

Both signs are known for their conservative nature, focusing on inner and outer security for the most part. However, it is "cardinal" energy so there is a quality to it that activates and generates conditions to help us get started. So I'm thinking that we are being initiated into some of the issues that these two signs, and Cancer in particular, resonate with.

How do you feel? That would be the first thing to assess when Cancer is predominant, and a crucial question to ask yourself during this New Moon period. It's quite likely that many of us will "be off" in some sort of way, with our feelings sensing a coming shift without quite being able to put our finger on it. There may be a vulnerability that floats through the air and the need for self-protection may feel extra high. It is the language of emotion that allows us to tap into our soul radar for further review, providing the sensory information needed to follow the hunches that may come to us at this time.

With Pluto in Capricorn chiming in rather loudly, our consciousness is being confronted with that which may still hold us back, asking that we dive deep into the rabbit hole in order to come out reinvigorated with the life force necessary to incorporate that shifting energy into everyday life. Like I said earlier, this is a preview into some of the major changes and transitions that we will be moving through over the next few years.

Pluto is not an easy force to contend with; the deeper instinctive emotional material it asks that we work with requires us actually going there... not stuffing it down or staying to the same old routine in the hopes that if we just ignore it, that looming feeling will go away on its own accord. Yet, it never does. First, we must be willing to dive into that underworld depth in order to confront the darkness that lies there, and once we have, we will be ushered into the regenerative process. The only way out is through with this planet!

So it's quite possible that this New Moon will be asking that we address this material for the renewal that is trying to come forth. If you find that this week, and even throughout the next 6 months, that issues around or memories of (Cancer is known for its phenomenal retention of remembrance) life's regrets, blame, guilt, resentment, vengeance, secrets, emotional hurt, grief - all that fun stuff - come back to haunt you, we now have the consciousness at our disposal to help bring those dark matters to light. We just have to go there first in order to mark the initiation into the healing. With Pluto in Capricorn, we are being asked to stay disciplined and practical as we walk this journey, knowing that we are leading to greater self-mastery and the vision of a renewed material and societal existence. Achieving greater security will be of utmost importance, and that will look different for everyone.

We also have those double grand trines going on in the Earth and Water elements. Earth and Water together help to make mud, and since trines are flowing, I have a feeling that there will be energy that is guiding us to a more stable foundation to stand upon. Water and Earth together help to make the clay necessary to have a solid start. We just have to make sure that we use it wisely as there is always the potential of a landslide... yet, sometimes that is necessary in order to rebuild on a stronger foundation. I'll leave this touching tune here as it seems really appropriate for the energy that is upon us; and who doesn't love a little Fleetwood Mac??

The Symbol: A Prima Donna 💃

I love the Sabian Symbol for this New Moon because it provides an added theme to incorporate in the opening of this eclipse vortex. As always we are going to take the degree of the lunation and round up, which gives us the following:

Cancer 21° - "A prima donna singing."

Keyword: Excellence

Theme: Encouragement to perfection

We've all heard the term "prima donna" before right? And if you haven't, the origin lies in the prima donna serving as the lead voice of the opera; which is a position of excellence, highlighting the mastery of the talent the singer possesses. The talent may be God given, yet it also has to be focused upon and developed to reach that level of perfection. The personal potential for that artistic skill has the ability to make a significant contribution to the greater whole by sharing one's own personal resource, which is nurtured by continual self-improvement. A theme that really stands out to me within this lunation.

However, within the prima donna's role, there can also be the tendency to become a bit inflated with the importance of what one has to offer. Where delusion may sink in or the self is displayed in a manner that is inappropriate or potentially demanding. Knowing when to stop is key, and especially with Pluto having a say and Mars being currently retrograde, there may be a tendency to go too far. So if you find yourself overreacting or throwing a tantrum - internally or externally - try to find that line of when enough is enough.

To end on a positive note, I feel that this bodes well for reminding us of our own personal potential and the ability to awaken ourselves to the value and increased security that cultivated talents can bring. Our duty is to rise to the call of that self-mastery.

Eclipse Horoscopes on Patreon 🔮

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Eclipse Blessings to All! 💫

So, in essence, it seems that we have a powerful start to this eclipse season with a New Moon upon us that asks us to deal with the darker matters of life in order to find greater self-mastery and personal fulfillment. Once confronted, the power is in your hands to set the course towards inner renewal, as it is wise to remember that what you resist persists. Grab your emotional safety blanket and then step into the proverbial rabbit hole... you may not know what lies on the other side, yet that is where the healing and the magic lives, leading us further into the emotional security we all desire.


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