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Full Moon in Capricorn - Mastering the Self 🐐

Full Moon in Capricorn 2018 - Energetic Principles

This year has certainly been flying by, hasn't it?! We have now entered Cancer season and summer is officially here! Now if only I could have some time to enjoy it! I feel like I say this every time I start my bi-monthly moon column, and perhaps it is my own Capricorn moon talking as the sign is known for putting a lot of pressure on the self to perform in the public sphere... so this Full Moon I know more intimately than many others I write about.

I am a Cancer that was born with a Full Moon in Capricorn, so in essence I have partially lived this configuration my whole life. The Cancer / Capricorn polarity lights up the spectrum between the private life, one's family & home base and puts it up against the public life, the career, our social reputation and what we are held accountable for. Two completely separate aspects of life yet they go hand-in-hand. In an ideal sense we would think of the home and family providing a nurturing foundation where as out in the big, wide world we have to fend for ourselves and perhaps have a tougher outer exterior. This is the foundation of the idea that this polarity represents the concept of unconditional love vs conditional love, Cancer and Capricorn respectively.

This Full Moon - exact on Wed June 27th, 2018 at 9:53pm PT - will be lighting up these areas of life for us to do some real life examination on. We are most likely going to be feeling our place in the world and the achievements that we seek, and with Mars having gone RX the day before this is the perfect time to review what it is we are striving for and how we are going about the whole thing. Since Capricorn is known for being a practical Earth sign, this dose of reality can either work for us by highlighting what is currently within our limits to work with... or work against us, when we feel that somehow these limitations define our lives.

The Aspects - Saturn Up In The Mix

Below is the chart of the moment for when the Moon goes full and shines all her glory down upon us. The first and main thing I noticed is that not only is the Moon conjunct Saturn, but our yearly Sun / Saturn opposition is happening the same day!! So we are getting quite the Saturnian dose within this Full Moon. So let's dive in...

I'll start off by saying that Saturn is in a very strong place right now as far as the zodiac is concerned because it rules the sign of Capricorn. Yet our dear lunar lady is not in the best of places as Capricorn is considered the sign of her detriment - or her exile. This can certainly be a time where we feel weighted down in some way, where the pressure of our responsibilities and what we have committed ourselves to is on our shoulders. It can also be a reminder of the choices that we make and how those decisions affect our lives in the way that they do.

No need to get depressed though! Even if you feel a little lonely or out of sorts, which can happen when this configuration comes into place, you can think of this as an opportunity to connect with your life in a practical way. As Full Moons are known as a time of release or celebration, you can certainly pat yourself on the back to see how far you have come with your goals since the end of December last year, when the Sun and Saturn made their conjunction at 0° Capricorn. So in a way we are having two apexes, our monthly Full Moon plus the opposition of the Sun and Saturn. I like to look at this as a time of assessment in regard to the decisions we've made and how our personal authority has guided us to this precise moment. If you aren't happy with the progress that has been made you can always make changes, just keep in mind that Saturn tests us on the hard work we do and the continued commitment to the goal we embark upon.

As we lead up to this lunation, the moon will first trine Uranus giving us insight into our feelings and how we may want to liberate ourselves in some way from the conditions that we are currently facing. Then Luna goes on to make a square to the "wounded healer" Chiron, which can have us feeling a little sensitive with hurt feelings or old pains coming up to to trigger us in some way. With a little courage, we will be able to take those feelings and act on a new reality, saying no more to an old wound that is looking to be licked. Don't get me wrong, its very useful (a nice Capricorn word) and necessary to engage in our emotions and honor the way we feel, and this is where the awareness of the Sun currently in Cancer can really help. Yet it's another thing to let the same old emotions weigh us down with the same old stories. Let's change our narrative and in turn, our reality.

The Moon will then reach her conjunction with Saturn, allowing us to draw the line with an old habit (or feeling) and honor our inner authority to make new emotional rules for ourselves. The moon is known for her reactive qualities so examine your own responses at this time to what you encounter. What you focus on is always within your power so be sure you to take a lesson from our Cancer Sun and bring down a dose of unconditional love for yourself and what you have become in this world to date.

As the Full Moon is an excellent time for ritual, I have a feeling that this will be a very potent night to begin a new custom to embrace... one that is aligned with our own self-mastery. That is what we have control over, where we can focus our own power. Forget what you encounter on the outside, and get serious about what you can do personally to nurture yourself unconditionally and take the reigns of your life.

The Symbol - Power Unveiled 👁

So if you read my astroblogs, you know that I love me some Sabian Symbols! As always we are going to take the degree and round up, giving us the following:

7° Capricorn - "A veiled profit of power."

Keyword: Supremacy

Theme: Mastership

Sounds mysterious, doesn't it?! This symbol seems to suggest that there is something that is currently being concealed in some way; a skill or a talent that is a source of power that we may not be using or are only doing so behind the scenes. Is there some aspect of yourself that you have yet to get serious about that if cultivated could be a source of personal mastery?

There is also the idea of a person or organization being able to rally and motivate large groups of people into action. We are certainly seeing that right now with the efforts being made by many citizens to call out the atrocities happening to families caught up in the immigration debate. I'm hoping some powerful forces can continue to keep people focused on the issues at hand and to take responsibility into each of our hands to call out the improper use of power and lack of humanity.

The least desirable aspect regarding this symbol has to do with the potential for manipulation, exploitation, and that improper use of power I just referenced. We know these aspects of the human condition exist in our world, yet let's do our best not to take part in it. As the great Dionne Warwick sings, "What the world needs now, is love sweet love... it's the only thing, that there's just too little of." So let's claim that hidden power of mastery to show the world a more refined, and respectable example of what it means to be human.

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Full Moon Blessings to All!!! 💫

I'm wishing everyone a fabulous Full Moon in Capricorn while also suggesting to keep in mind that life is what you make of it! If an aspect of reality gets you down, know that the two things you have the most control over are your thoughts and your actions. By focusing your personal power and control on that which you can influence, you will certainly be on the path to mastering the self!

May the stars be with you!!! ✨✨✨


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