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New Moon in Gemini - Ideas Take Flight 🕊

New Moon in Gemini 2018 - Energetic Principles

Let me start off by saying that I am certainly ready for this New Moon in Gemini! The past few New Moons we've had in both Aries and Taurus were not only invigorating but also a bit tense in the changes that were being called into action. Many of us have felt like we've been on the go for some time now, as if our work and what it takes to be human in today's world never ends. I believe these moments have been had to get us closer to the right future action that coincides with what we truly value and want to pursue in life.

There have been tests along the way, destabilizing what no longer will work in order to move towards that which will. Yet this will be a long process, especially with Mars slowing down to retrograde here in a couple of weeks, initiating the review of our current direction and the trajectory we see for our future with this questioning continuing through the summer. More on that to come shortly!

So for this New Moon in Gemini - exact Wed June 13th, 2018 at 12:43pm PT - the mind is beginning to stir with the potential ideas that are to be mulled over and implemented in the coming 6 months. As this lunation is happening in a mutable, double bodied sign, there is an element of mental transition that is taking place; and the bright ideas that are now coming to us (or have been whirling around in our noggins since the beginning of 2018) will finally get their opportunity to take flight.

Opportunity For Innovation - The Aspects 🤔

Below is a chart of the moment for when the New Moon is exact here in my place of residence, sunny San Diego, CA. The first thing I notice right away is that our New Moon ruler Mercury, now in sensitive Cancer, is in a sextile aspect to Uranus in Taurus and in mutual reception to our New Moon in Gemini. We also have Venus, who is on the critical 29th degree of Cancer, about to make a square to Uranus as well. Our lunar lady is also in a wide separating square to Neptune in Pisces, which will not have the greatest of influence, however we know subtly is Neptune's M.O. to begin with! So let's dive in further...

New Moon in Gemini 2018 - Astrology Chart - Energetic Principles

Let's start with our New Moon ruler Mercury who will be making an opportunity aspect to Uranus. Mercury represents our back and forth energy of collecting, processing and distributing information in our lives and with others. Uranus is the planet that leads us to breakthrough and unexpected changes that awaken us to be more present in the moment. There is certainly an innovative quality to this alignment, allowing us to mentally tap into our future goals and that which highlights our greatest value going forward.

Mercury who last week made its superior conjunction to the Sun, gave us some moments of clarity within the Neptunian fog that was happening around the same time. Now that there is greater distance from that point, we are becoming clearer and more realistic with those insights, allowing the mind to have greater patience and consolidation before putting thoughts into motion.

There is also a more intuitive vibe with Mercury now in Cancer, so chances are the mind is more subjective to the information that comes in, making it a bit harder to use reason or objectivity within the communications or correspondence we encounter. However, if we have been looking for solutions to certain problems that have vexed us, this is the time that the answer may seemingly come out of the blue, in a cosmic download sort of way. So be open to the unconventional that may come your way as that could be a door leading you to the breakthrough you've been searching for. The moon will move on to conjunct Mercury the following day, so Thursday may provide a moment of mental and emotional clarity as well. The messenger will then oppose Saturn the following day, which can allow for certain decisions to be made after all the facts are in.

Now a slightly more challenging aspect underway is Venus moving from Cancer to Leo and making what could be a frustrating, yet action oriented square to Uranus. So once again that liberation inducing influence of Uranus can bring about some rather fast events that disrupt our relationships in some way. As Leo is a sign that is certainly concerned with its fixed position, there is likely to be some drama that arises. The drama can certainly happen within oneself as well, where Venus is luring you to what makes your heart sing, yet Uranus in Taurus says you have to break out of your comfortable (and possibly rigid) routine in order to do so. The bottom line here is that there may be a sudden storm that arises with the purpose of bringing you closer to your own joy, even if in this particular moment it doesn't quite feel that way. Do your best to embrace future potential rather than holding on to what only has the illusion of security.

Neptune did most of it's influencing last week with the Sun and Mercury making a square to a planet that can give us malaise even though there isn't necessarily a cause. Doubt or fear may have crept in, or circumstances went array without the ability to quite put our finger on how to fix it. Acting on faith was needed to get through it all, with spirit sending us gentle inspiration along the way. I feel that some of those spiritual conclusions that we came to last week will now be able to expand within this New Moon.

Elevating Higher - The Sabian Symbol 🐥

So, as always, you know I like to look at the sabian symbol for our lunation! We are going to take the degree and the minutes and round up, giving us 23° Gemini. Here we have the following:

23° Gemini - "Three fledglings in a nest high in a tree."

Keyword: Elevation

Theme: Give it a try

I love this symbol for our New Moon!! If we think about fledgling birds that are high up in the nest, we know that they are going to have to take that leap at some point to do what it is they are meant to do... fly. Hence where we get the theme of giving something a try. When we have an idea or an inclination that lives solely in our heads, the only logical next step is to entertain that idea into reality. In order to do that we may have to leap in some way, standing at the ledge with some uncertainty about how it is all going to turn out. Yet even the baby bird knows it must give this instinctual nudging a try because otherwise it won't be able to feed or take care of itself in the long run. It won't be able to achieve what is needed to truly live and thrive as who it was meant to be.

So there is an accent on aspiration, urging us that our advantage lies in giving something a try... because otherwise, we will never know if it would have worked! The ground may look far from reach, and having never flown before could certainly invoke some fear, yet we must expect the best in order to innovate our lives and fly as high as we can. Here's a sneak peak at the rest of the lunar month through the suggestion of the symbols:

New Moon: Elevate your high hopes and give them a try

1st Qtr: Concentrate on pressing problems and put first things first

Full Moon: Take stock - if you don't like where you are headed make some changes

Last Qtr: Put your talents to use in a way they can benefit others

As we move through this mutable lunar month, consider it a time to test out what works and what doesn't, knowing that this time of experimentation will help you get the clarity needed to really take action when the time is right.

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New Moon Blessings to All!!! 💫

I'm wishing everyone a thought provoking and innovative New Moon in Gemini! Entertain that which passes through your intellect and look for ways to free yourself into new awareness as this is a very fertile time for transition, particularly mentally. Sometimes that is all we need to set us on the path to our dreams' makings!

May the stars be with you!!! ✨✨✨


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