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New Moon in Taurus - New Normal 🐃

New Moon in Taurus May 2018 - Energetic Principles

What a past few weeks it has been in lunar land! Ever since the New Moon in Aries that happened on April 15th, things have been go go go... at least around these parts! This has been a very significant lunar cycle in many ways, yet most importantly because so many of us have felt the newness of the Spring energy rush in as we followed our inspirational instincts and planted the seeds for the zodiacal new year. I feel like I have been saying "whew!" over my last few months of moon articles, so that should tell you how dynamic these particular times are in many respects.

As I moved through Aries season and the fast paced energy that is the ram's territory, I kept the glimmer of the Taurus New Moon in my mind, hoping that it would help to stabilize this somewhat frantic energy that has been circulating through the air. The New Moon in Aries was conjunct Uranus - the Great Awakener - shaking our worlds up in many ways... asking that we breathe fresh new life into stagnant situations by kicking off the lunar month with an electric start. This energetic signature paved the way for the weeks to come and is about to turn the page to chapter 2 of this Uranian 'shake 'em up' type journey.

The New Moon in Taurus - exact on Tues May 15th 2018 at 4:48am PDST - is here to help us manifest and stabilize a lot of what we were planting at the last new moon, yet there is still more uprooting that must be done before we can officially tend to our crops and provide the sustainability necessary to nurture our seeds - otherwise known as our intentions - into a full blown abundant reality.

The Aspects - Mars meets Uranus at 29° 🤺

Below is a chart of the New Moon at its exact conjunction. There are certainly a variety of things going on in this chart, yet the first that stood out like a sore thumb was that square from Mars to Uranus at the 29th degree of Capricorn and Aries respectively. We also have the Sun in a separating trine from Pluto and Mercury separating from its conjunction with Uranus.

New Moon in Taurus 2018 - Astrological Chart

So let's first discuss the most important piece to this puzzle imo and that is the Mars square to Uranus, both on the final degree of cardinal signs. First off, Mars has been on quite the journey itself as it has toured through its sign of exaltation, Capricorn. There have been no shortage of dynamic transits made by this warrior energy since his entry into the sign of the seagoat on March 17th - which happened to be the day of our New Moon in Pisces, a few lunar cycles ago. The first test was the conjunction to Saturn on 4/2 that called us into greater discipline while also throwing some roadblocks onto the path. Then Mercury rx squared Mars shortly after, creating conflict around communication and our own internal thought processes. Mars carried on to eventually conjunct 'lord of the underworld' Pluto, which was a destructive force in many people's lives. As an astrologer, this is when clients come out of the woodwork! Many were dealing with relationships going south, jobs being lost, and a whole slew of conditions that require honesty from us by acknowledging the fact that certain aspects of our lives had run its course and rebirth was on the horizon.

And now we are here on the final degree, with an exact square to Uranus. There is no turning back now and for that reason, I'm proposing that we create a "new normal" by making the changes necessary to find the peace many are looking for. Yet before the calm may arrive, we must move through yet another test - another challenge that asks us to renew our lives in some way. Neither of these are easy planets to deal with per se... with Mars representing our action energy, what motivates us, what calls us to anger... and Uranus serving as an explosive catalyst that can suddenly arrive on the scene to shake things up for creative change. Throw a square in the mix and we officially have challenge in these areas that require action for us to move through, while doing our best not to have our feathers completely ruffled along the way.

Below are some potential embodiments for this combo and how it may initiate the following energy into particular areas of our lives, depending on where those planets are currently falling in our charts (consider signing up for my Moon Horoscopes as I will get into more detail regarding such placements for each sign):

  • restlessness and impulsiveness

  • rebelling against restriction

  • wanting to be free of all restraints

  • a challenge to renew your life

  • acting on creative change (rather than waiting for it to come to you via explosion)

  • authority figures and close relationships from the past that may cause revolt

  • easily triggered anger that instigates a fight or flight response

  • explosions outside of you that signal the need to breakaway from a situation

  • disruptions that challenge us to take a good look at what we’ve been doing and why

  • upheaval that could lead to new opportunity

  • having to deal with challenges in a fresh way with innovative solutions

So if there have been any non-sustainable set-ups in your life, or you have felt the need to free yourself from a relationship, job, way of living, etc... you may find that now is the time to do so. Shortly after the New Moon conjunction, both Uranus and Mars will move into new signs, Taurus and Aquarius respectively (more detail to come on those shifts shortly). This is no light news, especially in regards to Uranus since it takes 7-8 years for the planet to move through one sign. So things be a shiftin'!... and there is no going back like I said earlier. We are certainly stepping into a new normal.

A few days prior to the New Moon, Mercury will have met Uranus on this point, while simultaneously squaring Mars. The weekend preceding the New Moon could provide much fodder for what this shift in direction will look like. Phone calls, texts, emails and in-person discussions may be lively - triggering us to hastily jump to conclusions - or - provide an innovative and challenging perspective that brings just the insight needed to act on that creative change. Either way, some nervous tension will likely be in the air and this will color our New Moon seeds considerably.

The New Moon also makes a trine to Pluto in Capricorn, an aspect that was also exact the weekend prior. Intensity of experience will be on the scene and we may suddenly find ourselves with the power necessary to make real and lasting changes in our lives. This is a flowing aspect, yet that doesn't necessarily make the process easy. It all depends on our own personal resistance to the process; and if we have been holding back in anyway, that Mars / Uranus square I just spoke of, will help shake that out of you. A bubble may burst, but it could be just what's necessary to fully embrace the change and transition that has infiltrated a majority of our lives.

Last, but certainly not least, we have our New Moon ruler Venus currently touring Gemini and in a conjunction with the asteroid Pallas. Pallas Athene also represents a martian type of warrior energy, yet one that is more feminine and bordering androgynous - which is perfect in Gemini. Pallas was known for her inventiveness, well-planned strategy and political / social awareness. I think a key part to her meeting with Venus is to help strategize and get creative with our ability to communicate, especially in relationships. When we move through significant, life changing transitions, knowing how to communicate these decisions and needs to the people that play roles in our lives is crucial. So getting clever around how all this is going to go down may be key. She works in the polarity of courage vs fear, so I'm hoping that by aligning with the New Moon ruler, she will provide the wisdom necessary to know when we must act with courage in a well-planned way.

The Symbol: Caring For Our Great Mother 🌎

So now let's take it out of the personal sphere a bit, because I think that this New Moon and the shift of Uranus into Taurus and Mars into Aquarius has a lot to do with a more worldly view and the preservation of our environment. Especially with Pallas' interest in political and social awareness - as I divulged above - this seems to be a dynamic New Moon on the World scene. So let's take a look at the sabian symbol:

25° Taurus - "A large well-kept public park."

Keyword: Recreation

Theme: Group Work

I find this to be a lovely symbol for this lunation, yet one that takes some work. For something to be "well-kept" means that it must be worked on. The fact that it is "large" and "public" means that it could certainly take many to care for its upkeep, with the reward in knowing that it is for all to share in its maintained glory. So there is a bit of an element of there being advantage in working as a group towards a particular goal, rather than focusing solely on one's personal projects. In fact, it may take a village to do what needs to be done, depending on how grand the effort is.

I like to look at this as the beginning of shaking up the comfortable patterns we have with regards to taking care of the environment. As Taurus is very tied to Mother Earth and preservation, it makes only sense that this could be a potential issue. It's been an issue for a very long time and as Uranus moves into Taurus, I have a feeling it will become more and more prevalent as the years pass. Sustainable urban planning and taking care of the planet will be on the forefront, with each of us needing to take a role in the process - whether through the direct work or through the preservation of the work that is done. Everyone must commit to doing their part otherwise our well-kept public park can fall to the wayside in a short amount of time.

On a lighter note, with all this dynamic action going on, it could be a sign that we just need a little recreation in our lives and by spending some time outdoors in our shared nature preserves, we can reconnect with an inner peace and gratitude for life's beauty that may get lost in all the shuffle.

Moon Horoscopes - EP on Patreon 🌙

So this New Moon will officially mark the first lunar cycle of my new Patreon endeavor! I'm having a great deal of fun creating the Energetic Principles Podcast each week, along with the corresponding Tarot Subscription. It's been a bit of a slow go to start, but I'm hoping that folks like yourself reading this will consider signing up! I moved my bi-monthly moon horoscopes to that space as much time and energy goes into their creation and with all this Taurus energy, it only seems right to value my work and offer it via a paid platform. For as little as $3 per month, you will receive two monthly moon horoscopes, as well as, early Sunday access to the podcast (and more perks as they arise)! So I'll leave this here with gratitude and faith!

New Moon Blessings To All! 💫

I welcome us all to embrace this new normal that is on the horizon, with a reminder that when things break down, we then have the creative freedom to rebuild and stabilize our lives in a way that is more inline with our current growth. We are all in it together! So let's do our best to get us all to where we need to go, while nurturing our fresh new crops with the resources necessary to cultivate a garden of love, peace and sustainability.

May the stars be with you! ✨✨✨


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