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EP Podcast & Weekly Tarot Subscription ✨🔮✨

Energetic Principles Podcast

Happy Monday to everybody!! I’m so excited to “officially” release my new podcast (aptly titled) Energetic Principles and weekly tarot subscription on Soundcloud and Patreon! 🤗✨🔮🌈

The first half of the podcast is where I talk about the astro climate for the week, along with a few #tarot pulls and our weekly animal ambassador 🦊 then a rotating guest will join me for the second half for a discussion on the topic of the week. This episode features my dear friend, spiritual gal pal and energy worker Kiki Matoba 🙌- where we gab about the upcoming Taurus season and some tips & tricks to best settle into the energy! 🐃Find out more about here on IG @thehappinesshealer or at

Kiki Matoba - Energy Worker

I have also just released the first installment of my weekly custom tarot spread on Patreon! The spread is designed to help work with the astrological energy of the week, while getting to know how tarot and astrology work well together. I’ve been testing it on myself for weeks now and am delighted for this project to see the light of day! 🌞 The first spread / video is now live on my Patreon and you can give it a go this week for free! 💸

I’d love to hear any feedback you might have and look forward to embarking upon this new journey! This is definitely a hell of a week to start as there are BEAUCOUP amounts of transits and dynamic shifts over the next 7 days, so let’s travel the energy together! 👭 You can find access to both of these offerings on my Patreon page with you may find here.

Wishing everyone a fabulous start to the week! Feel free to message me direct if you have any questions, comments, overall musings, or just want to say 👋🏻!!

May the stars be with you! ✨✨✨

💜 Mel

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