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Full Moon in Libra 2018 - Regaining Balance

Here we go again with our second Full Moon in March! This time we have our lunar lady illuminating the sign of Libra, a sign known for its resonation with balance, partnership, and justice. Exact on Saturday March 31st at 5:37am PDT, we are probably feeling this waxing moon more than most as the week leading up to this full lunation has been filled with dynamic transits that are asking for readjustment.

In the days preceding, we are fused with the electric energy of Uranus as Venus (the Full Moon's ruler) makes a conjunction to this liberating point in Aries. Our creative selves are getting a whole new lease on life and our relations, resources, and artistic endeavors are ready to rebirth into a freer dynamic that is more aligned with our naked truth - rather than the outdated ego that has unsuccessfully been trying to protect us. Aries season is here to break those structures down.

Speaking of structures, the Sun squared Saturn right after the Venus contact, and we were asked to re-examine priorities, commitments, and whether or not the right boundaries were being laid down in relation to what our true selves want.

And now we have this Full Moon in a sign that craves balance and equilibrium; a sign that fights for justice and peace. Fighting for peace might sound like a paradox, yet this is the world Libra lives in and speaks to the nature of the Aries / Libra polarity.

It seems to me that we are fighting for our own peace here, within the constructs of our egos. There is a leveling out that happens at this time of year, where we balance the drive to run the show that is our lives with the necessity of cooperating with others. This can be the ultimate shadow work transit as we learn from what is illuminated, and step into a greater sense of self-trust and objectivity. The challenge is to take off the mask and own who you are.

The Players: Who's Speaking For Truth 💋

Below is the chart for our Full Moon... where there are a plethora of players in this lunation's game. We have Mercury currently RX who is close to making its 2nd conjunction with the Sun, Mars who is nearly on top of Saturn and about to make its own conjunction, and Venus - the moon's ruler - who just squeaked into her night domicile of Taurus. Let's dive in deeper...

Full Moon in Libra 2018 - Astrology Chart

We'll start with Mercury RX who is retrograding back over the Sun. I speak in much detail regarding this contact in my previous retrograde article - read here - if you want to explore that further. With Mercury so close to the Sun, it is in a state known as "combust." That means we might be blinded by the Sun - or our own egos - and where our minds may trip or stumble in the moment, we are likely to gain greater clarity after the fact. The day after this lunation, the conjunction will be exact bringing with it the precise insight we need into the matter. As we lead up to that moment, I would watch for impulsive conclusions or being absolutely convinced about being right on a matter. As with all things retrograde, have a little patience with the process.

Next, and this is a biggie, we have Mars who is saddling up for a conjunction with Saturn - which will be exact April 2nd. On the grander scale of things, we are starting up a new cycle of pushing our own limits. We are setting active boundaries and cutting away that in our lives that we no longer have the energy for, and what we do have the time and energy for we will be ready to break new ground. First we must stabilize the ego and prioritize what is most important to act upon in our lives. A new cycle of devoted action will begin - one that will last until the next time these two meet - which will actually be this same day, March 31st, in 2020.

Now on the smaller scale of things, in this moment, we can experience frustration and irritating occurrences with this transit. We may feel as our actions are being thwarted in some way or other's may just piss you off, testing your own reaction to the limitations that are placed before you. Chances are (especially if it is an authority figure) you'll have to stifle that anger response in order to keep the peace... or keep your job! If that's the case, be sure to get some exercise and vent in a way that is healthy for you rather than keeping it all contained within. As this transit is great for highly concentrated efforts, it may behoove you to throw yourself into some work and transfer that energy into a productive and constructive outcome. These two are also making a patience inducing connection to Jupiter as well, so kinks or delays are likely and something may need to change within before we can take our actions to the next level. Quintessential growing pains.

Lastly, we have Venus who has just moved into her home of Taurus and is beginning to get situated in an energy that she has much more affinity with than when in Aries. Venus rules Taurus (night) and Libra (day) and both signs speak to the nature of beauty and creation. Since she is just getting settled, her energy will not be as strong and supportive with this lunation, yet what she will be helping us with is laying down some boundaries within our partnerships and creative efforts. She will strengthen in her stabilization of these energies as she progresses further into Taurus. Over the next 3 1/2 weeks we can expect these areas to root and flourish.

It is of note that all the major planets are currently in Earth, Fire, and Water signs and so there has been an "Air void" since the end of Aquarius season in February. So each time the moon lands in an Air sign - Gemini, Libra, or Aquarius - it is opening up the lines of communication to "air" things out. If you are in need of gaining some perspective, reach out to those in your life that you trust. Talking to a good friend may be just what's needed during this Full Moon!

The Symbol: Judgement & The Lens of Perception 👨🏻‍🏫

So let's take a look at the Sabian Symbol for this Full Moon in Libra. I find this particular symbol very intriguing! Here we have the following:

11° Libra - "A professor peering over his glasses."

Keyword: Specialization

Theme: Scholarship

To me this symbol speaks to peering down at something and possibly placing judgement. The professor, who is in a role of intellectual authority, is most likely gazing at his students. In fact, the symbol over time has actually been altered by a handful of authors to take on this added detail. When one is being peered at through observation, there is likely a conclusion made about that which is being witnessed. We come to these understandings based on our own knowledge and perception of what has come before. So it begs the question, what lens is the professor peering through?

I like the idea that maybe looking up from the glasses offers a softened glow of what he views in his students... maybe even pride for his own role in the shaping of their minds. Perhaps, he can see himself in them, knowing he went through the same process of scholarship on his way up the knowledge ladder? This can speak to an idealized / romanticized view of knowledge and the educational system - a hierarchy most commonly based on age and dedication.

On the theme of glasses, I like what Lynda Hill suggests in her book The Sabian Oracle: 360 Degrees of Wisdom. She says the following:

"Are you, or someone else, really looking at things with the right 'glasses'? Do you have 'old eyes' or 'new eyes' to see? Is there a projection of something, a thought or an attitude, onto others in this situation that isn't really appropriate or doesn't really belong to them?"

That is certainly some food for thought! The lens of our own perception colors our world so it's wise to take a look at what it is you are seeing through your own lens. Sometimes, like the professor, we can become jaded in what it is we know. Perhaps we can be more like the student and approach our lives with a new set of eyes.

This could also be the time where we need expert guidance from another who knows more than we do. With the advice you seek, be sure to look it over with a keen eye. Because of Mercury RX being combust to the Sun, we must be aware of the advice we give and get.... warranted or not. If you think you have all the answers for another person's life, chances are you don't... and if you find yourself being the recipient of some advice that doesn't speak to you, feel free to discard. Lastly, if you find that you have to be "right" in a matter - ask yourself why that is? Especially if there is criticism involved, you may need to look at your relationship with judgement - of others and especially yourself. It is a projection after all!

Leveling Out - The Horoscopes 💫

So let's take a look at where and how these energies may impact our lives! Because this lunation takes place in Cardinal signs, those who will feel its dynamic most will be the Aries, Cancer, Libra, & Capricorn folks, although we will all experience it in some way or another. Be sure to read both your Sun and Rising sign and combine the two for more detailed interpretation. Take what resonates and leave the rest, as only you know you best!

ARIES - For the Rams, the area of partnership and your own shadow will be illuminated. You are gaining greater clarity into your own personality and ego - and how that may affect the balance of relationship between you and others. There is a chance that you are ready to take on more commitment to others or to possibly release a partnership or two. Take any love advice with a grain of salt and ask your own heart before proceeding. If the drive of your career has taken you away from your nearest and dearest, perhaps take a moment off to reconnect with those you love.

TAURUS - For the Bulls, your daily life and health routines are being illuminated. It's time to gain more balance in relation to how much you give of yourself to your work and whether or not your day-to-day routine is serving you well. Take a look at your habitual behaviors and see if there is possibly something that needs to be surrendered in order to bring you into greater harmony. Allowing for release in the hopes that something more aligned with your well-being will present itself to you (most likely during your birthday season) will make room for your beliefs about life to expand and open you up to a new relationship to what's possible.

GEMINI - For the Twins, the area of romance, personal creativity, and self-love will be illuminated. It's time to balance out your life with a little leisure time and to engage with what it is that speaks to the heart. If you've been all work and no play as of late, it will be of benefit to reconnect with the inner child within. Or if you have children, they could be calling for your attention as well. By taking this personal time to connect to what brings you joy, you'll gain clarity around your future trajectory and the changes you will want to act on for a more peaceful, heart centered existence.

CANCER - For the Crabs, the area of home, family and emotional foundation will be brought to light. There may be a need to balance out your inner foundation so that you may approach life from a more peaceful perspective. You're gaining clarity around what you want to achieve in your career and the very basis of who you are may need a little evening out so you can tackle these goals. Partnerships play a big role in where you are breaking ground next, so clear out any clutter in that department. If a relationship is no longer serving itself - or a shadow aspect of yourself is holding you back - it may be time to release that tie to your planetary representative, our lovely lunar lady. Full Moons are very important for the Cancers, so use this energy to gain the equilibrium you've been searching for!

LEO - For the Lions, the areas of your mind and your immediate environment are being illuminated. You're gaining greater clarity on where you'd like to expand your life and in order to do so, you may have to take a look at the way you manage your time and the habitual day-to-day routines you have set for yourself. By releasing certain must-haves or must-dos, you can open up to a more holistic and productive daily reality that is aligned with balancing the mind, gaining greater independence, and taking control of your life.

VIRGO - For the Virgins, your relationship to your resources, productivity and self-esteem will be illuminated. It's time to get what you are worth, Virgo! Greater clarity is now arriving about what it is you'd like to change in your life and how old psychological reflexes may need to be released in order to bring greater abundance your way. You'll be pushing into new territory in relation to your creative self and what it is you have to offer the world from your heart. By joining forces with those who have the resources necessary, you'll take the gifts of your originality to the next level!

LIBRA - For the Scales, this Full Moon is all about YOU! The need to balance your own needs with those you are connected with will be illuminated. It could be a time to put an end to certain emotional tendencies in partnerships - whether they originate from you or another. Either way it is a projection of what is inside of you so pay attention to that which gets your goat. There may be a new cycle of boundaries that needs enforcing in the home or family in order for you to feel at peace within yourself. You'll be quite focused on what it is that you want at this time, just make sure that you give yourself the time to see the partnerships in your life as clearly as possible before cutting any ties for good.

SCORPIO - For the Scorpions, one of the darkest parts of the chart will be illuminated. This is the area of your soul garden, that which lies hidden in the unconscious mind. When a Full Moon hits this area, we have to be aware of how subconscious reactions towards relating with others may be causing disharmony in your life. Relationships are intense for the Scorpios, and this unconscious force that drives for justice is what is likely to give that silver tongue of yours a bad rap. Quell any internal chatter that may be keeping you from taking charge of your life and your daily reality. A new cycle of the mind is being initiated so drawing the line as to what you'll allow in your inner landscape is key. Have faith that a new way of life is right around the corner!

SAGITTARIUS - For the Archers, the area of your networking and group relations is being highlighted. It's time to push the boundaries on your level of self-confidence and ability to bring greater abundance into your life. By getting out into the world and sharing your innovative and creative voice, your value will clearly be set and others will be seeking the magic you hold within. You're more in tune at this time with what you want emotionally for the future, and especially in the realm of your heart-centered life - so why not take a calculated risk and confidently share with others the direction you see?

CAPRICORN - For the Seagoats, your career and public life is getting lit up and you are gaining greater clarity in regard to who you are within and how that is projected out into the world. There may be issues with working with others, as the very root of your being likes to do its own thing. Whether you are in a position of authority (which is usually the case), or having to abide by someone else's, it's all aligned for you to start a new relationship to your own personality and to cut away old ways of viewing the life around you and the person you are. Step into the new you with grace, and others will be sure to follow your lead!

AQUARIUS - For the Water Bearers, how you experience life and your own beliefs are being illuminated. You may be growing a little bored - perhaps in the area of partnership - and it's time to go beyond the limits you've set for yourself in relations. Your mind is gaining greater clarity in regard to the best way to communicate with those in your life. Share with others the expansive visions you have for yourself and what you want to see in your immediate environment. It's all aligned to help you start a new cycle that allows the cutting away of subconscious patterns or inner chatter that keeps you from moving into the next stage of your life. Share with others what you want to explore next and watch your world - inner and outer - begin to blossom like the flower you are!

PISCES - For the Fishies, the area of transformation will be illuminated for all to see! You are likely going through great changes right now and this Full Moon will be calling to you to open up to a greater sense of intimacy with others. It's time to embrace the confidence necessary to be a little vulnerable in areas of partnerships or those you share resources with. You are gaining greater clarity on your own self-worth and what you have to offer others, so opening up to change in those areas will bring to you the abundance you are looking for. Sharing your hopes and dreams is not necessarily an easy thing to do, yet it can be incredibly rewarding. All this is leading to a new cycle of pushing forward with your life plan, surrounded by those who support you and your vision.

Full Moon Blessings to All!!! 🙌

I have a feeling this will be a very fruitful Full Moon helping us get to the truth of who we are, what we are becoming, and how we can put outdated projections of ourselves to rest in order to find greater balance and harmony within and without. A new cycle awaits! Who do you want to be next?


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