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Mercury RX in Aries - March / April 2018

Mercury Retrograde Is Back Yet Again! ๐Ÿ˜ณ

That's right folks! We've spent nearly all of 2018 with all planets in forward motion, and now it's time for our most frequent of retrograde-rs to "back that a** up!" I'm for certain being cheeky here (<-- can't help it) , but (<-- there it goes again) that's exactly what we do when Mercury does its backward motion dance in the sky every 3-4 months! Here are the dates for the upcoming cycle, so be sure to mark them in your calendar:

Mercury Retrograde in Aries 2018 - Dates & Degrees

When Mercury - who represents our ability to reason, communicate, express ourselves via some format, take in observations and then relay that info outside of us - goes RX, we find that a lot of those functions get turned inward. For re-evaluation... re-viewing... re-thinking... re-examining... all the re's! Therefore, the winged messenger's reverse momentum is not something to be feared; rather it is the few crucial times we are given each year to make sure we are on the right track mentally.

Mercury In Aries - Impulse & Instinct ๐Ÿ”ฅ

Each Mercury RX cycle usually highlights 1 - 2 signs for us to review - allowing us to take a look at certain areas of our lives - and this particular go around is featuring the "one and only" sign of the ram... the bold warrior Aries. Aries is a Cardinal Fire energy and is known for leading the story of the zodiac. The ram is an active temperament, assertive in its expression and may be known for acting first and thinking later.

With Mercury doing its retrograde tour in this lively sign, we can expect that as we move through the initial shadow period from 3/8 - 3/22, we will most likely be inhabiting minds that have become rather self-centered, a bit impulsive, overtly independent and concerned with racing ahead. The mind is acting as far ahead of the Sun as possible as it approaches the final degrees before retreating in backward motion to get in touch with our solar light again - something it first did a few days after the Solar Eclipse in Aquarius back in mid-February. The insights we had on that first conjunction will most likely be up for review again when Mercury joins the Sun once more on 4/1 at 11ยฐ Aries.

When retrograde, if we take the time to be as patient as possible while developing the new ego / character that is emerging from within us all, there will be an opportunity for inspiration and sudden insights to pop up. Going within for mental review can provide instinctual information that can help lead the way once Mercury is direct again. Planning where we want to assert ourselves and breaking new ground will be on the forefront of our minds - flashes of intuition will arise showing the path to greater independence.

The key here is to take these traits and apply them inward during the retrograde period. The initial shadow gives us fodder for contemplation through obstacles and challenges that prompt us to revisit certain areas of our lives; once those situations are reprocessed, we can take outer initiative from the follow-up shadow period on out. Mercury just wants us to take the time to think for a moment and not rush... not an easy thing for the ram to do!

A piece of advice for this period, especially since we may feel a hastened energy to communicate or act, is to slow your roll. Some traps to look out for from 3/22 - 4/15 is the propensity to want to be impulsive and act ahead of time. Decisions are meant to be thought out during this period (especially with the Saturn square which we will get to in a moment) so rushing ahead will most likely get you in a pickle further down the road. Also, be on the lookout for argumentative tendencies that may arise. We are more likely to be blinded by our own POVs and seeing the other side of the coin may be nearly impossible. Mental back and forth's may commence in order for you to work out necessary conflict internally. Regardless of these potential pitfalls, if we steer clear of our own egos, this will be a fruitful time to realign our "me" compass to set us on the course of our next big undertaking.

Transit-Story - The Cardinal Dance With Saturn ๐Ÿ’ƒ

There is always a greater story involved once we look at the planets, especially the outers, that Mercury will contact during its back and forth journey. The one that sticks out like a sore thumb is the messenger making a square with taskmaster Saturn in Capricorn on 3 occasions:

๐Ÿ‘‰ March 10th * April 6th * April 23rd ๐Ÿ‘ˆ

As both of these energies are initiating and active - Cardinal represents outward direction and leadership - the challenges and pressures that arise during this period will definitely get the blood pumping. Cardinal Fire has a single focused energy that moves towards new experiences and urges the self into action. Cardinal Earth is less personal and also wants to get things done, yet is able to do so with self-control and caution... reserving it's ambition for a well timed moment. You can see how these two can form a challenge, right?!

The first pass on 3/10 is likely to bring some sort of pause for thought, an obstacle in our way - whether that be our own selves, an outside authority figure, or key details that are missing in our attempt to zoom ahead. The days around this transit are likely to provide information into what our retrograde "food for thought" might represent. If feeling depressed or misunderstood, let whatever goes down be your clue regarding what to tune in to and master. If delays arise, know that it is for your own best good as this upcoming period will allow you to think again and develop a better relationship to your own ability to be disciplined and make the right decisions.

As Mercury dances backwards, it's current honorary ruler Mars will be in the sign of Capricorn and headed towards its own conjunction with boundary maker, Saturn. This is set up ever so beautifully with the timing (of course Cap & Saturn rules time!) and we can see a chain of events that is going to allow us to tap into a turning point in regards to this Cardinal square. First Mercury will trine the North Node on 3/29 tuning us into messages from spirit and setting up the right course to positive decision making. Next, Mars - who is exalted in Cap - makes his conjunction with Saturn on 4/1, the very same day we have the Sun / Mercury RX conjunction I spoke of earlier. We are downloading information in regards to our next step of action, while also starting a new cycle of devotion in regards to the pursuit of our ambitions and goals.

When Mercury RX makes it's second square to Saturn on 4/6, we will most likely find this to be the pressure needed to initiate a tightened up mode of decision making. I can hear my good friend Loda Shaw saying, "Pressure makes diamonds, baby!" Ain't that the truth?! We may learn that our standards or criticism of ourselves is too high or that our minds were not open enough to take the next step. We are most likely going to find out that reality is what you make it and if you change your thought patterns accordingly, you embrace a new realm of thinking that helps to eradicate these mental obstructions. Frustration is what will throw us over the edge into new awareness.

Once direct, Mercury will make it's final square to Saturn on 4/23, prompting us into the heavy mental work that may now be required as we initiate all that we processed during the retrograde. Shortly after the messenger will trine the North Node once again on 5/1, and we will be off towards a future of our own heart's making... and have all our ducks in a row! All of this is meant to align us with the right action necessary to organize our goals and ambitions for utmost success.

Mercury Station Points - The Symbols ๐Ÿ”ฆ

As station points are crucial to any retrograde cycle, I decided to take a look at the symbolism regarding the points we will be resting and re-configuring at. If you are a follower of my blog or have listened to The Feminine Principle podcast, you'll know that I am a Sabian Symbol enthusiast! The symbols never let me down and this time looks to be no different, so let's dive into the imagery for these two key points.

Our first station point is the one Mercury slows down and stops at initially, and what is most likely to give us the most information regarding the 3 1/2 week journey we are to embark upon. Here we have the following symbol:

17ยฐ Aries - "Two prim spinsters."

Keyword: Divorcement

Theme: Seclusion

Here we have an image of two formal women that most likely have the social privilege to isolate themselves or be in their own world. They do not necessarily need others and most likely find solace in themselves, playing the shadow to each other. There is a critical essence to these ladies that is able to judge and think in black & white terms.

In Diana Roche's fantastic book on the subject - The Sabian Symbols: A Screen of Prophecy - she likens this symbol to perhaps wanting to be left alone with your thoughts, especially if something does not go your way. At its highest we see the ability to think independently and be faithful to one's ideals; and at its lowest there are isolation tendencies and a superiority complex. I can definitely see some Mercury square Saturn action in this symbolism! Especially when Roche likens the greatest advantage of this degree to keeping an open mind and listening to all sides of an issue before making a decision.

So there seems to be some sort of issue that causes us to isolate ourselves to get in touch with our critical approach, especially in relation to working with others and the ability to achieve the goals we are setting course for. As the old African proverb goes:

"If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together."

Now let's take a look at our second station point, where we go direct once more. Here we have the following:

5ยฐ Aries - "A triangle with wings."

Keyword: Zeal

Theme: Enthusiasm

First off I love the image of the triangle taking us out of this retrograde... and a triangle with wings?? Seems like there is a divine essence that is now set into motion! The triangle and all things "3" represent a very spiritual and creative energy, and when wings are attached this speaks to a spiritual enlightenment that allows the self to transform into an energy that revitalizes our zest for life. Roche likens this with an attitude that refuses limitations, so it seems rather poetic that as we make it towards the breakthrough 3rd pass (<-- there's that 3 again) of Mercury square Saturn, that we are ready to dispel limitation and march forward with the confidence that is needed to maintain a high vision and a positive outlook on what is possible.

We all have our own personal unique qualities and appreciating those personal differences is what will help bring about the highest possible outcome. This would be the perfect time to watch whatever comes in 3's, as this will most certainly be spirit's directive regarding where to stay positive and move forward... even if the practical realities of life try to get in your way. Our fresh set of eyes will be our greatest asset moving forward!

Where Am I Re-Re-ing?? - The Horoscopes ๐Ÿ™Œ

Although retrogrades are impactful for all, this particular one will most likely be felt strongly by those with the Sun, Moon and/or Rising in the Cardinal signs - Aries, Cancer, Libra, & Capricorn. And of course, all Mercury RXs will significantly affect those with Gemini or Virgo Risings as well. So let's take a look at some potential energies regarding the signs; be sure to read both your Sun & Rising for increased levels of interpretation. Take what resonates and leave the rest, as only you know you best!

ARIES - Having Mercury RX in your sign will definitely put all the matters mentioned above into the spotlight for you! Your own personal will may be at odds within your career, what you are currently responsible for and the authority figures in your life. Stay true to yourself, yet don't bite the hand that feeds you. Bide your time, plan your next move, and ease into the new expression that is now trying to emerge into the world, Aries!

TAURUS - This Mercury cycle is likely to have you examining the limitations around your unconscious urges to act and how that may be tied into belief structures that are limiting the you of today. This is a fruitful period to get in touch with the mind's self-destructive chatter and the subconscious desire to only allow your way of thinking - which ends up being your detriment. Find the hope and courage needed to dispel old assumptions and decide to expand your life by stepping optimistically into the next leg of your journey.

GEMINI - Whenever Mercury retrogrades, it's definitely potent for you Gemini! This particular cycle has you reviewing the area of your associations and alliances. You may find yourself asserting your opinion among your group of friends and/or affiliates and this is likely to cause a boundary shift in regards to who supports your cause and who may not. It's time to get real about the changes that need to be made in your life in regards to your big picture plan. You more than most are going to be getting in touch with the African proverb listed above! Shift your alliances, stay true to yourself, and focus on cultivating the support needed for change.

CANCER - This Mercury RX has you taking a good look at your career goals and the legacy you want to leave on this planet. The responsibilities you take on and the commitments you make, especially in relation to partnerships, will most likely be under review now. There may be a few squabbles with others - and particularly with your own shadow - during this period so remain patient, open-minded and an active listener, as a partner may have a nugget of wisdom to share. All this back and forth will lead you to the careful planning of your next big career move so pay close attention to whatever intuitive flashes come your way!

LEO - For you Lions, there will be a review in regards to your own personal philosophies and belief structures. It's time to take a good look at whether the impulsive responses to experience are serving you well or not. Does life set you up for growth only to have your one-sided viewpoint keep you from moving on to the next leg of your journey? This may be a humbling retrograde where you challenge your self-limited boundaries and innovate your day-to-day life and health routines. Meaningful work and a better relationship to your body will take you to the next level. Nobody's perfect, Leo! Refresh your daily existence and your experience of life will change drastically.

VIRGO - Just like the Geminis, Mercury RX periods are just as important for you Virgo! A lot of changes are happening in your life right now regarding shared resources and your relationship boundaries. You may find yourself a little closed off to opening up in those regards, preferring to preserve your own independence. However, when this comes to romance and intimacy, you may be keeping others at arms length! It could also be a time to develop a more intimate relationship with your own creative projects and find the confidence needed to put some form around these ideas and inspirations. There may be changes in regards to children or your own inner child that cause frustration to come up. Work through any impulsive, psychological responses and you'll find yourself more in tune with your personal desires and ready to take a calculated risk.

LIBRA - For the Librans, this retrograde will be highlighting partnerships of all kinds and how your own emotional or familial limitations might be keeping those relationships from moving to the next level. Libra is known for its relationship capacity, yet the shadow of the scales is incredibly independent, and a bit impulsive. One minute they are committed, the next minute maybe not so much. By weeding out old emotional patterns that are leaving you with a disheartening view of relating, you'll have a fresh view of what partnership - and particular interdependence - can bring to your world. A new and improved home life, inner foundation, and relationship to self is on the horizon!

SCORPIO - The Scorpions will be taking a good look at their day-to-day life and routine habits during this period and getting in touch with the mind's self-limiting reactions to what is possible in everyday experience. Chances are you'll be reviewing issues such as the relationship to your health and body and whether you are carving out enough time in your schedule to facilitate the active lifestyle you need. Time management is key to fitting all that calls to be done in a day, so now is the time to get a good look at where you are putting that energy. Not all ideas may pan out, so discernment is key. Meaningful work, a better relationship to your own earthly vessel, and a sense of freedom and autonomy within your own work and service is what will be called to attention. Focus on planning a new reality that is more aligned with who you are and the meaningful contribution you have to offer this world!

SAGITTARIUS - For the Archers, this particular retrograde will focus on your romantic life, individual creativity, and personal desires. Chances are you will find yourself a little overly critical in these departments at the outset of Mercury's RX, as you are being challenged in regards to the limiting boundaries you put on your own self-esteem and self-worth. Children may be a source of frustration, particularly in the pocket book; or your own inner child may be feeling a little irked about its manifestation capabilities. Feeling confident enough to communicate your personal desires to those in your life is highlighted at this time and you will most likely find yourself taking a risk with your heart in mid-April when we go direct. Bring a little love into your life, Sag... what do you got to lose?

CAPRICORN - This Mercury RX has you taking a good look at the mental conditioning you received as a child and how that likely impacts the individual essence you represent today. Issues within the home life or the family may come up at this time and call for you to put your big girl/boy pants on and take action. Not impulsive action, but well calculated moves that are in alignment to where your self wants to go next. This can be a very fruitful time for you to rebuild your ability to communicate from your emotional core and represent a new and improved version of the person you are now becoming. Who you are and who you are not are increasingly being weeded out and moving on from your past identity and into the future will bring the fresh, breath of life you are looking for!

AQUARIUS - For the Aquarians, you'll be taking a good look at the impulsivity of your mind and how it may be your achilles heel at times. There are many incidences where it's good to have a quick, reactionary mind - yet when we find ourselves in petty quarrels (internally or externally) that seem to come from unconscious motivations, it's time to look at whether the mind is helping or hurting. By taking the time to get a good look at your own perceptions and communication style - as well as the critical chatter that happens within - you'll be well on your way to a fresh mental outlook. Sometimes we have to breakdown in order to break on through to the other side. I hope to see you on the other end of the rainbow, Aquarius!

PISCES - It's time to review your own earning potential and overall plan for life, Pisces! What goals do you have for your future? And if there are none, ask yourself at this time what you truly want to manifest. A current money source may take twists and turns as you find yourself frustrated in your old route to abundance. This retrograde helps you get in touch with what it is you truly value in life and whether or not those around you - friends, groups & affiliates - are helping support or facilitate those needs. To boost your own confidence, it may be time to realign your alliances and reach out to those that can offer greater support. Stay patient with the manifestation of your goals, and you'll find that luck is on your side fishy!

Retrograde Blessings To All! ๐Ÿ’ซ

If there is one thing to take away from this article, it is that Mercury RX is not to be feared! The messenger is here to help, and even if things get a little sticky from time to time and nothing seems to go as planned, know that on the other side we will be wiser, better informed, and ready to tackle the road that lies ahead! Wishing everyone an enlightening retrograde!!


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