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The Full Moon is waxing ever closer - exact on March 1st, 2018 at 4:51 pm PT - and we can feel the rush of energy move us to the end of what has been a rather intense eclipse season. Since mid-January, we have been shifting as individuals and those internal alterations have also been reflected upon society and the World at large. The course our internal captain set at the beginning of 2018 might look quite different from where we find ourselves in this present moment.

As we've apexed up and down and up again, we are now bringing fully lit emotions to whatever has graced our doorstep over the last few weeks since the Solar Eclipse in Aquarius, and we may find ourselves coming back down to Earth in a reality check of what's the next concrete step in our personal stories.

The Full Moon is a time where our solar light and our lunar reflection come together in a dance of opposition. This eternal dance can create tension that needs to be released, and what normally would be kept within finds its way outside of us, in a public display that may or may not be anticipated. Conflict begins to arise as a polarity apexes, and we may feel like something or someone has prompted us into making a decision.

The Virgo / Pisces Axis

With each Full Moon a different zodiacal axis becomes highlighted which inflicts its influence into the story that we are currently living. With this lunation, the Virgo / Pisces axis is being lit up and we find ourselves at either end of a mutable spectrum, where Earth and Water alchemically combine.

With a Full Moon in mutable signs we are most likely feeling the tension around the shifting sands of our lives. Mutable energy flows with the current and more often than not represents transitory energy where we are closing down one area of life and being led into another. The fixity of the eclipses may have forced us to flow around what manifested and now is set in stone. There is no going back to where we've been, only movement forward with a surrender to what has come before.

Virgo is the sign of discrimination, of analytical thinking, self-mastery and practicality. Virgo energy can push itself hard, turning its discerning eye within and becoming overly critical of oneself. The virgin will "fix it until it's broke" with an innate sense of worldly perfectionism that must be obtained otherwise intense self-doubt will sneak in and the anxiety of something going wrong may take over. However, this very drive is what propels us towards mastery and the crucial skill of right discernment.

Pisces, on the other hand, is not as likely to focus on the nitty gritty. Although it lives in its own land of ideals (much like Virgo), there is a more intuitive and imaginative vibe that surfaces. The fish is guided by spiritual perfection more so than a practical discipline and so you may look at a Pisces and see that they are just floating through life with a naivety that is admirable... and perhaps they are! Reality is not necessarily their strong suit and the escape from it may be a common thing for the fish. Yet within that theme of worldly sacrifice we find Pisces' greatest gift of all... compassion.

So when these two come together for a Full Moon, we are looking at a combo where finding fault in others (and in oneself) may be brewing and it is our personal job to embrace compassion for ourselves and those around us. We may find that we have been escaping from an undeniable situation that we find ourselves in and it's time to decide to honor reality's call and get practical about the next steps of our journey. We can't dream forever in a "work-a-day world" - yet we must dream to create what is to next become real.

Full Moon Players & The Pisces Stellium

As you can see from the chart below, there seems to be a lot working against this Virgo lunar energy as we currently have a packed Pisces stellium in opposition to all that is apexing right now. Clearly our lunar lady is here to shed a practical, emotional light on what it is we have been experiencing so far during Pisces season, which is most likely a lot of sacrifice, dissolution and transition. Not the easiest of energies to work through, yet we are being set up to start fresh in Aries which will be here before you know it! So let's look at some of the players involved in this potent lunation.

Full Moon in Virgo - March 2018

We currently have the Sun, Neptune, Mercury, Venus & Chiron all in Pisces. That is quite the spiritual powerhouse going on! This Full Moon will make contact to each one of them, one by one, sending a chain of emotional discourse as we work through issues of ego awareness & compassionate sacrifice - finding a softer internal dialogue that allows us to bring into reality the visions that are now mentally forming - and getting creative with those feelings of practical focus and sharing it with others while allowing ourselves to move on from past hurts that keep us from fully living the lives we want to lead.

The Moon's ruler, Mercury, is what gives Virgo that hyper-aware lens of reality and with it currently touring the Piscean seas there may be less of a clear view of what "real-life" actual is. As the author Philip K. Dick wrote:

"Reality is just a point of view." - Philip K. Dick

... and that is precisely what we must keep in mind right now! This is a potent time to "imagineer" one's life in a practical direction in order to realize our internal fantasies. And if life currently doesn't reflect the ideals of our dreams, we may be feeling a bit inadequate or possibly guilty for some of the choices we have made. So the key here is to remember that "your perception is your reality" and you have the power within you to decide what your life can actually look like. The mind is a powerful tool and it's our own personal responsibility to master it's tendencies to work for us, not against us. A compassionate mind is our best resource.

Mercury is also conjunct Venus in Pisces and trine Jupiter in Scorpio. Our intellect and our ability to creatively express ourselves - and particularly within relations - is what will carry us down the river of change and deliver us to a future reality that is more aligned with our heart's spiritual intent. There is a breakdown element in relation to the mind during this Full Moon and if we ride the wave of spiritual insight, we can find the breakthrough we are looking for. With the Moon at 11ยฐ Virgo, this discovery will lead us to greater emotional integrity in regards to our own meaning and purpose in the World. And with Saturn chiming in with a harmonious aspect from Capricorn, we may find ourselves being called into a natural discipline that is asking for greater devotion to a cause that truly matters. Spiritual goals for the future seem to be a theme.

Lastly, we have the Sun approaching it's yearly conjunction with Neptune, the planet of dissolution, in what seems like utterly perfect timing. Sounds like Virgo to me! In the past few weeks we have all been feeling the Neptunian quicksand as parts of our lives - and mostly parts of our ego - are slowly being dissolved before our eyes. The idealization of others or a situation in our lives is currently under review and we are being forced to surrender to a higher voice that is now calling. Within this sacrifice, we have most likely been feeling a little lost or doubtful about what is next and maintaining faith and uplifting oneself spiritually has been the mode of the day. Spirit is speaking now and this Full Moon can help bring that divine voice down to Earth.

What's In It For Me? - The Horoscopes

The following are potential manifestations of this energy for each sign. Be sure to read both your Sun & Rising sign to integrate both stories together for ultimate insight! Some may feel it more than others - particularly those born between 7ยฐ - 15ยฐ of Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, or Pisces, yet we will all be feeling it some way or another! Take what resonates and leave the rest, as only you know you best!

Aries: This Full Moon is apexing around what your day-to-day reality looks like and how that may be affecting your health and well-being. You may feel like you are at a breaking point in your current work life and there are some practical changes that need to be made within your habitual routines. A moment of retreat may be needed (or forced due to ill health), where you can escape into your own safe haven to reconnect to your own spirit and sense of faith. For you especially, this is a time of letting go of all that spiritual clutter and unconscious material that may be holding you back, so that you can transition and make necessary adjustments in your life that will lead to a healthier internal psychology. By honoring the current limitations in your chosen field of work and devoting yourself to what you sense is next for your career and personal legacy, you will flow into the change you are looking for.

Taurus: For the bulls there is an apex of tension around romance, children or the relationship to your own self-expressive creativity. It's time to be less hard on yourself for what you creatively contribute and to be more (or possible less) practical about where you take risks in life. Spirit is directing you in relation to your goals and what you see for your future self. By releasing outdated social affiliations and opening yourself up to more spiritually aligned connection, you will be embracing a greater integrity within your personal relations - and most importantly - the relationship to yourself. By opening your mind a little more to where you have limited yourself in the realm of experience based on stagnant beliefs, you will flow into the next step of your spiritual journey.

Gemini: This Full Moon is having you take a practical lens to your own emotional foundation and how familial conditioning may be keeping you from living the life of full integrity that you desire. Tensions may arise at home or in your domestic life which stem from the sacrifices you have been asked to make for your career. Rather than breaking yourself down emotionally for some professional mishap, flow with the energy of compassion for what has transgressed. Your mind has been focused a lot on the meaning of your career as of late and it's now time to transition into a healthier day-to-day reality and work routine that supports the internal changes happening within. If you devote yourself to this brewing "new and improved" psychological and emotional foundation, the inner transitions will begin to display themselves in outer reality.

Cancer: For the Crabs there is an emotional apex around your own thoughts and the ability to express yourself in the World. There is tension around how your mind views something internally, which in turn reflects upon your own experience of what life is. Mental dialogue may have turned overly critical and in order for the tides to turn, a greater compassion of the mind is being called for. This is a faith inducing transit asking you to take a look at what egoic beliefs in your life may need to be sacrificed so that a new, more spiritually aligned philosophy may be born. The mind may be very fertile at this time and your current growth lies in your creative projects and the ability to express oneself from a uniquely personal platform... and the only way to do that is to compassionately quell the inner critic. By releasing the emotional confines of the "reality" you find yourself in, you will be able to devote yourself to a greater, more evolved relationship to yourself and others.

Leo: With this Full Moon you may be feeling hyper-aware of your ability to produce abundance and manifest your desires into this World. The Lions are being asked to release any self-esteem or worth issues that may be holding you back from making the changes your soul is so desperately trying to make. The current spiritual direction is one of a yearly, proverbial "death" we all make, and for you Leo, your time is near. By succumbing to the flow of where your life is looking to transition, you'll float into greater growth around your emotional foundation and work through any past trauma that may still hold you back. By getting practical around what you are truly worth, you can set up a day-to-day routine that is aligned with more health conscious rituals and a greater sense of wellbeing. A wise person once said, "Your value doesn't decrease based on someone's inability to see your worth." Don't let that someone be you, Leo!

Virgo: This Full Moon is all up in your business, Virgo! You are feeling the emotional wave of self -vs- partnership and a balance between what your personal needs are and the needs of others are coming to light. Where you've asserted your self-driven choices as of late may have you feeling the weight of reality in your partnerships and the relationship to yourself. Your own shadow is spotlit at this time, providing valuable spiritual insight into what you project and what is attracted via that projection. With this greater awareness of yourself, you can flow into a new mental understanding around how you express your needs and how that expression dictates how you appear to others. You may be learning at a rapid speed right now, formally and informally, and choosing to integrate those insights more deeply into your personality while devoting yourself to sharing that creative take with others.

Libra: This Full Moon is lighting up the need to retreat for a moment and escape from the ever pressing details of the day-to-day routine. A part of your everyday experience or work life may need to be sacrificed and released at this time so that you can move into a healthier, more spiritually aligned lifestyle. If you are feeling a little down in the dumps or under the weather at this time, just know there is a spiritual energy that is trying to wash over you at this time to help heal you in regards to your own self-esteem and self-worth. By surrendering to this moon you invite in a healing that will help you align with greater abundance and personal value. Have faith that life can certainly turn in your favor, and you will strengthen your home and family environment, as well as, your inner emotional foundation.

Scorpio: For the Scorpions, this lunation is lighting up your future goals and the affiliations you align yourselves with to help realize those intentions. You may be hyper-aware of your place in society at this time and whether or not the people who surround you help support your true heart's desire. Spirit is aligning itself for you to surrender certain ego tendencies in order to align to greater creativity. Expression means taking a personal risk once we unleash our original selves to the world and you might be feeling the heat right now in that regard. Scorpio is a very creative energy, and unconsciously destructive one, so it's crucial to recognize the flow of our thoughts and communications. By putting limits around what to express (and the amount of time you allow yourself to do so), you open up to a greater productivity within a confine that helps to flourish your visions, all the while expanding the "new & improved" personality that is rising to the surface.

Sagittarius: This Full Moon is lighting up the area of your career and legacy - who you are in the World, Sag. You may become hyper-aware of all the responsibilities you have on your plate and what it takes to run a smooth home & family life. An element of your emotional foundation is most likely asking for surrender so that you may rebuild from the ground up and into a more spiritually aligned infrastructure. Authority figures may feel like they are breathing down your neck or you may find yourself feeling vulnerable within your own responsibility to be an authority figure. It's time to strengthen your own ability to recognize your value in your profession and to flow into a new solid sense of self-respect within the role you represent. By doing so, you'll develop greater faith in your ability to change and quell the internal chatter that may be on overload right now.

Capricorn: For the Cappies, this lunation is highlighting your own personal philosophy and the need to expand yourself in this World. Where you are at right now might seem a bit boring and you may feel weighted down by your version of reality. Earth signs are not necessarily the fastest to move, remaining grounded in what is, yet this Full Moon is asking that you go beyond. It's time to gain a greater awareness into what your internal dialogue is saying and how that message is being conveyed to the world. How we think on the inside is in turn how we experience what is on the outside, and it's time to release certain beliefs that are keeping you from fully experiencing the life you desire. By devoting yourself to the cutting away of personality traits that no longer serve you, you move into greater integrity within the relationship to your goals and your ability to network with the right people that can help make those dreams a reality.

Aquarius: This Full Moon is invoking a hyper-reality of the changes that are happening in your life right now, Aquarius. There may have been a money source that has dissolved in the last few weeks and the weight of the world may be on your shoulders as you move through the current upheaval. It's all aligned with getting you into greater integrity around your own ability to manifest and be abundant in life. It's time to grow within the realm of your career and chosen profession and sometimes the well has to dry up in order to be pushed into a new direction. There may feel like there is an unconscious source limiting your every move right now, yet within those limitations you are being guided to the path that is right for you. Now it's your turn to recognize how valuable you actually are and to talk to yourself in a compassionate manner. By boosting your personal confidence and imagining what you truly want from the future, you will help communicate to the Universe what it is you value and where you'd like to transition next.

Pisces: Your own shadow is being illuminated at this time, Pisces, and the relationship to yourself and others may be under the microscope. This is the time of year when you step strongly into your own personality and become more assertive in relation to others. There may be an ideal that you hold for a partner that cannot be met, or perhaps that vision of perfection is one that you are holding for yourself. By living in this world of ideals, you can actually limit yourself to what can take place on the earthly plane, and we certainly wouldn't want that! There is now an opportunity to transform limiting emotional beliefs that keep you from being the best fishy you can be... and if you flow with the current into new emotional waters, you'll find a greater devotion to the goals you have for the future and your ability to network with those that can help turn those visions into a solid foundation.

Sending Full Moon Blessings To All! ๐Ÿ’ซ

By illuminating the internal critic and the illusion of perfection, this Full Moon gives us the ability to release any high ideals that keep us from living the life we want to live. Sometimes that involves crashing down to Earth... yet by doing so we find ourselves in an imperfectly perfect place, that supports our greatest health and aligns us with the meaningful work we are all here to do. Step into the integrity of who you are, release any anxiety regarding the future, and embrace your own version of self-mastery!


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