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Parkland Uprising - Astrology & Generational Influence

Parkland Uprising - photo by Nicole Raucheisen

*** Disclaimer: This is an opinion piece based on astrological insight regarding the generational influence of the Parkland seniors & why this particular incident is a potential catalyst to change.

While sitting down to lunch yesterday with my dear friend Simone Butler of Astro Alchemy, we began to talk about the Parkland incident while theorizing why this particular shooting was invoking a different response from those student's who fell victim to yet again another deadly school massacre. Happening on the eve of our Solar Eclipse in Aquarius on 2/15/18, it seemed like the timing was on point to act as a catalyst for societal change.

What makes these young adults different? And what makes this whole situation different from the previous, countless mass shootings? The first thing that came to mind was how the shooter is alive to live the tale... and face the consequences. The energy is able to keep its momentum while there is a figure awaiting societal justice. Where most of these tragic situations end with the perpetrator taking his own life or being comprised by law enforcement, his life and the impending judgement of his future keeps the conversation open regarding the necessity of societal restructuring in regards to individual rights vs the value of human life.

This in turn got me to thinking, what makes these kids speak up? What generational influences are calling these students into action? Why are they not willing to take it lying down? What is within them that calls for their voices to be heard... their beliefs to hold weight... their insistence on the reestablishment of our country based on the good of all? I immediately thought of the nodal structure and the outer planets - Saturn thru Pluto - as those are the underliers of generational motivation. Below is a chart of a "fictional" Parkland Teenager that illustrates loosely the outer planet's placements for the seniors at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School; the potential positions for such voices as Emma Gonzalez. So let's break down these influences and why this generation might be the catalyst for actual change.

Hypothetical Parkland Teenager - Born in 2001

Catalytic Factor - Solar Eclipse in Aquarius Activates Natal Uranus

"There has been such a dramatic shakeup in my life. I need to see what I can add to the human race, at this point." - Emma Gonzalez

What Emma says here couldn't speak more perfectly to how the Solar Eclipse at 27° Aquarius "shook up" her generation's Uranus in Aquarius. Although I practice traditional rulerships, there is no doubt that Uranus with its awakening, call to action energy is very at home in the sign of the water bearer. With this placement there is no question of whether to rebel or not, it's just when... and this was the perfect moment.

With Solar Eclipses there are usually outside events that happen in order to direct the course of our lives. The closer it is to a planet in our chart, the more we are going to be influenced by said events which call us into greater awareness and motivate us into new cycles of action based on what happens outside of us. With the eclipse hitting a generational planet, the call was heard not by one, but by many.

The first thing that came to mind about this placement and its activation via eclipses is the term "Agent of Change." These kids are willing to put themselves on the line in order to push back where ever society is missing the truth of a matter. They refuse to conform to the expectation that what occurred is just a normality of being an American in this day and age. Regardless of the potential of being ostracized for speaking ones mind, there is a progressive edge to this bunch that will spring into sudden action when necessary. They'll band together in loyalty to the truth of what needs to be done and remain stubborn in their position. It's no longer right to conform to a societal norm that is blatantly not working. The issue of personal rights and freedoms vs the greater whole seems to come to life here... which immediately got me to thinking about the sabian symbol for Feb 15th's eclipse:

Aquarius 28° - "A tree felled & sawed."

Keyword: Immediacy

Theme: Doing What Needs To Be Done

In Diana Roche's book "The Sabian Symbols: A Screen of Prophecy" she says the following regarding this symbol:

"This symbol speaks to foresight, preparation, and an ability to quickly grasp what needs to be done in a crisis and do it. The image of a tree felled and sawed symbolizes practicality and a sacrifice of the lesser for the good of the greater."

... and that seems to really speak to the message here. Our country currently holds more value in regards to the personal right of the individual to have access to weapons that can inflict mass casualties vs. the value of life itself. The all mighty dollar speaks from the position of privatized arms manufacturers and the NRA, leaving the country greatly divided on the matter. Many push for change, while others cling to their "right" and "freedom" to own weapons of a non-practical caliber.

Yet, ultimately the Solar Eclipse pushes us all into more progressive territory. The Leo / Aquarius nodal polarity (with Jupiter loosely squaring from Scorpio) speaks to the importance of change on a personal level in order for society to follow suit. Transformation begins within and trickles up, not down. This admirable gentleman below is a solid example of that - symbolically changing the sabian symbol to "A gun felled & sawed."

Yet this isn't the only factor driving this generation to speak up... there is a secondary motivation that is just as important, perfectly timed, and what propels these kids to speak their piece with blunt honesty regarding what it is they will and will not stand for.

Fired Up - Transiting Mars conjunct Pluto in Sagittarius

The next thing that immediately came to mind for me, is the fact that these kids are part of the Pluto in Sagittarius generation and Mars is currently transiting conjunct that placement. When Mars comes to town, one does not stand down. The same push to violence, disruption and devastation that the shooter was most likely influenced by, is also the drive that gives those speaking out the courage to call for change and to takeover the dialogue of the media to help direct the beliefs of the people and the vision of the future in the right direction. Below is a chart for the moment of the shooting and you can see that Mars is perfectly placed (as well as that Moon in Aquarius conjunct the South Node). There seems to be a destined quality to this incident.

Parkland School Shooting - Mundane Astrology Chart

Pluto energy provokes and enlivens in order to break open a situation from the ground up. It's the energy that makes us aware of who holds the power. This generation has the confidence to speak up regarding the big picture - aligning themselves with "natural law" vs man-made law. They have the power to inspire, share inner wisdom, and lead others to a more spiritual vision of the future.

While Mars continues to transit through fiery Sagittarius, it will cross this generation's Pluto and make it's way to conjunct their Chiron. The struggle is one based on a pain, a wounding, a necessary quest to heal oneself by fighting for the truth. Once Mars moves to the later degrees of Sag, it will make a sextile to the eclipse point and most likely show some action in relation to this developing story.

Neptune in Aquarius - Dissolving Society's Individual Rights

These kids also have another collective heavy hitter astrologically, and that's Neptune in Aquarius. The Total Lunar Eclipse in Leo on 1/31/18 was loosely contacting that point, however, I find that it's the week after the incident (and when this article is being written) that is tapping into this Neptune vibe.

Right after the Solar Eclipse, many planets moved into Pisces creating a stellium of personal planets moving through spiritually charged energy and headed right to the planet of dissolution, Neptune. So the following week, while the moon is waxing post eclipse, these kids are dedicating themselves to the cause, and sacrificing personal agenda to speak on compassion to the whole.

This in turn gets triggered back to their natal Neptune in Aquarius. To me this speaks of the spiritual quest to dissolve societal approval regarding certain "individual rights." The energy of Aquarius also speaks to that of trauma and being inspired to devote oneself to whatever it takes to help remove that trauma from the world. An idealistic view of what society can look like if we dissolve and resolve issues regarding government deception, dishonesty and the colluded diversion of thinking it's solely a mental health issue with the perpetrators of such attacks.

It's also no surprise that as we hit on this Neptune flavored week, that the top trending video on YouTube is trying to claim that these children are staged and the outrage is all a hoax. An illusion. A fraud. Another Neptune wool over the eyes. Yet, these kids are real and so is their message.

The Nodal Axis - Cancer / Capricorn

The last impactful detail I observed was the Cancer / Capricorn nodal axis of this age group born between mid 2000 - late 2001. This speaks to youths who are are fully immersed in world affairs and are more than willing to take on responsibility in whatever way is necessary.

These kids can ORGANIZE. They have natural authority. A natural talent to take center stage and rise to a position of power. People of recognition will engage in their plight and help them along the way. We can see that with the many celebrities that have already donated large sums of monetary funds to their cause. George Clooney, Steven Spielberg, Oprah Winfrey - all Hollywood heavy hitters - are dedicating $500k to the cause while many more people of influence are offering to match that to build on the momentum. You can see these themes, as well as the many nuances I listed above, within this Spielberg quote:

“The young students in Florida and now across the country are already demonstrating their leadership with a confidence and maturity that belies their ages. Kate and I applaud their efforts to take a stand for the benefit of this and future generations. They are an inspiration to us all, and we are joining in this movement with a donation of $500,000.”

Seems to line up ever so perfectly! Plus, if you believe in past life karma / talent via the South Node, this speaks to their former existence of actually making the laws in which people abide. Once again tapping into a natural authority that intends on being heard. I find it no coincidence that we currently have transiting Saturn & Pluto, both in Capricorn, lighting up these past talents and strengths; through hardship, these kids are rising to the call of one's authority to challenge and defy the current structure of our nation and the lies (oops, I meant to write "laws") by which it abides. Their Cancer North Node, lying on the opposite end of the spectrum, is inherently designed to nurture one's home (ie. our country) - and that is what these kids intend to do.

Up Next - The March For Life - March 24th, 2018

Currently all this momentum and monetary funds are moving towards an organized gathering in Washington, DC on March 24th 2018. Titled "The March For Life" these kids are aimed on taking a stand and influencing the legislation in whatever way they know how. It seems like the themes initiated above will be in full effect on that day. Take a look at the chart below for the proposed start of the march:

March for Life - Astrology Event Chart

We can see we have a perfectly dynamic Cardinal T-Square going on between the Sun in Aries, the Moon in Cancer, and Mars & Saturn in Capricorn. All in positions of dignity. It seems to speak so acutely to the energy of the day with the Sun / Moon / & Mars exactly at 3°. The number 3 has a tie to Jupiter and what we believe, while these Cardinal squares show powerful leadership - initiating action with the intent to cause intense, structural friction.

The Moon, representing the people, is clearly in opposition to Saturn (& Mars) and throughout the day will be moving ever closer to an exact opposition. Saturn currently traveling through Capricorn (until 2020) addresses the restructuring and limitation of authority and government. With the moon in opposition - and both planets in their strength - this may be quite the emotional stand-off. This dynamic moon placement is sensitive, instinctive, and protective. Subjectivities & judgements will be high. Emotion will outweigh reason and our wounds as a public will be more apparent than ever.

Where Mars started out in Sagittarius, emblazoned in it's Plutonic conjunction, the God of War is now in it's exaltation of Capricorn. A new cycle regarding the drive to power within authoritative structure is emerging and within that, a cut is asking to be made. A call to action is clearly illustrated here, yet there will most likely be a standstill in the whole matter. I find it interesting that the release point of this T-square lies at 3° Libra (and some change). As we round-up for sabian symbols, that would make the release point the following:

Libra 4° - "A group around a campfire."

Keyword: Amiability

Theme: Fellowship

This seems utterly poetic in regards to this search of justice. Diana Roche writes the following:

"This symbols speaks to a climactic experience in fellowship, or a sudden and deep feeling of unity and oneness with others. The image of a group around a campfire symbolizes illumination and the sharing of a common vision or purpose. Personal differences are forgotten as people turn their attention to more important issues and common concerns."

I hope that others will find the inspiration that can be found in joining together to keep the hearth and heart of a community headed in the right direction. It's not time to blame and criticize, but instead to make an honest attempt at coming up with a solution. The challenge lies in learning to cooperate and work together for achievement, rather than dramatically promoting a personal agenda. This, of course, speaks greatly to our current Leo / Aquarius nodal structure and finding the necessary balance there. I also love how the start of the march reflects the zenith lying conjunct the South Node in Aquarius. It all seems so astrologically perfect.

Generational Influence - Where's this all heading?

In conclusion, I think it's key to keep in mind that this is the first generation that was born post Columbine and into a world / educational system that had to live with the reality of a potential attack within what should be a safe, uplifting, and educational environment. From an early age, these children were taught to live in fear with this heavy burden on their backs. As they ripen into adulthood, they are rising up and refusing to carry that societal burden any longer. They want to nurture future generations to not have to experience a world in which the right to bare arms directly clashes with the quality (and value) of life. I support their plight and look forward to watching them blossom into the agent of change they were meant to be.

May the stars be with you,


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