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New Moon at 27° Virgo - Hyper Focus 🌚

The New Moon in Virgo is on its way!!! Our lunar goddess will conjunct exactly on Tue Sept 19th at 10:30pm PT (Wed Sept 20th 5:30am UT & 3:30pm AET). We are having a super party in the sign of the virgin right now! with Venus joining the shindig as of today, we literally have every personal planet in Virgo during this New Moon. Reality is on hyperdrive and our awareness is rather keen... yet there is a polarity here - a fogginess in the air and a lack of drive due to this week's Neptune oppositions. You may be ultra focused on how tired you are! 😴

To find out more about this new moon lunation, it's sabian symbol, and what the tarot has to say, please watch this full video!

Wishing everyone Lunar Blessings!! 💫

May the stars be with you...

💜Mel 💜

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