Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius 🌕

The much talked about Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius is on its way!!! Our lunar goddess will connect exactly on Mon Aug 7th at 11:11am PT / 6:11pm UT / Tue 4:11am AET. This is a golden, or should I say silver, opportunity to do some much needed releasing so we can properly embrace this Leo Season and prepare for the all important Total Solar Eclipse on the 21st! 🌑 This full moon eclipse is just another stepping stone moving us into the future... How Aquarian!

To find out more about this Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius, the sabian symbol, a proposed full moon meditation / action item, and what the tarot has to say, please watch this full video!

Wishing everyone Lunar Eclipse Blessings!! 💫

May the stars be with you...

💜Mel 💜

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