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Leo Season & 1st Leo New Moon - Time To Shine! 🌟

Let's all welcome the Sun into Leo!!! The official start of lion season is Sat July 22nd at 8:16am PT / 3:16pm UT / Sun 1:16am AET. With the Sun entering Leo, we will feel our hearts light up and our self-expression get a new shot of vitality... And with an immediate new moon, 1 of 2 (!!!) this season you can expect to feel this rush of fire enter our lives with a quickness!! 🔥🦁🔥

To find out more about this Leo Season, the 1st New Moon, it's sabian symbol, and what the tarot has to say, please watch this full video! I'll be launching individual horoscopes for your viewing pleasure shortly!

Wishing everyone New Moon Blessings and may your love light begin to shine!! 💫

May the stars be with you...

💜Mel 💜

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