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Full Moon in Taurus - Grounding Our Boundaries

We are getting the party started early in Scorpio with Monday night's / Tuesday morning's full moon in Taurus! Bounding and grounding is the name of the game this full moon cycle and it's time to gain awareness and heal areas of life where a line in the sand needs to be drawn. Where steady and persistent action needs to be taken. Where we need to find patience with the process and stabilize the course we have chosen.

As people, when it comes to boundaries, some of us are notorious for setting too many, and others, too little. In each person live both sides of the coin. We all have the tendency to hold on to some boundaries for too long... when it's due time for the wall to come down for our own growth and benefit. Or, perhaps a boundary should have been made a long time ago within ourselves or with others. For some, our sensualness gets in the way of our boundaries. We take things a little "too easy" or are a bit "too stubborn" to actively make a change (even when you know deep inside that you probably should).

Although full moons can be a bit rocky, there is a lot of support in the sky coming from the Jupiter, Venus, Mars stellium in Virgo along with Pluto in fellow earth sign Capricorn. Pluto's support is invaluable during a Taurus-Scorpio full moon as Pluto is the co-ruler of Scorpio. You definitely want the God of the Underworld on your side during these full lunar moments! Neptune also twinkles with its harmonious sextile in Pisces to help lighten the load.

The most challenging aspect the moon is making is an inconjunct to Saturn in Sagittarius, providing us with the lesson that there may have to be adjustments in our ideals and philosophies in order to ground our dream's message into reality. A dream is just that, a dream, until practical action steps in to make that passion a reality. A commitment may be necessary.

The Taurus moon might also suggest that it could be wise to ground and set boundaries with our emotions when speaking of belief systems and/or political agendas. With the Moon opposing the Sun in secretive Scorpio, there could be some dirty laundry coming out... A skeleton could pop out of the closet in the political arena. Taurus and Scorpio, being the finance axis, could unearth a financial secret regarding shared resources. It probably wouldn't be something we didn't already suspect though and could blow over rather easily.

The sabian symbol for this full moon is Taurus 4: The rainbow's pot of gold. You see the want... The reward at the end of the illusory rainbow. The shiny gold... all that material abundance. Now, the one thing we know about rainbows is that the closer you get to finding the end the more it seems to magically disappear. It's difficult to ever really find the end by hammering straight down it's prism path. We can, however, attract the abundance directly to ourselves in a more indirect manner. By stabilizing our energetic boundaries in a way that's healthful to ourselves and others, the crucial first step in reaping mutal prosperity will be underway!

All and all this full moon seems very supportive and is a great way to set off this 30-day Scorpio cycle! If you have your Sun, Moon, or ASC in the early degrees of any fixed sign - Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius - you will probably feel this lunar influence most. Just remember, with any opposition there is the chance to see the big picture and rise above it all... so may the stars be with you!

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