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Rebirth Awaits: The Sun Moves Into Scorpio

Today the Sun moves into deeply intense Scorpio after it's yearly stay in the Libran scales. After all that balancing and compromise within one's self and partnerships, it is time to let our awareness dive deep into the watery depths of Scorpio's energy. Avoiding the dive into the deep is not recommended, as this can be one of the most fruitful times of the year to look below the surface and work on matters that are deeply rooted within that affect our daily lives, as well as, the people in them. This energy is a one way ticket to transformation... if you are willing to take the ride!

The thing, and possibly most important thing, about transformation is that you have to WANT to take that journey. When you dig as deep as Scorpio's influence will allow (and let me tell you it's quite the abyss) the messages received allow light to be shed on the shadowy patterns that hold us back, especially in intimate dealings with other people. Sometimes we don't always know why we do the things that we do, but once you get a glimpse of conscious understanding the only transformative choice you can make is to be more aware and accepting of those aspects when they arise from deep within. Most of these shadows will never fully go away... the trick is to integrate them into your personality so you have the ability to take control of the reaction to them. Scorpio loves control.

As a Scorpio rising, I'm quite familiar with this lens of personality. I feel like I have already shed so many different skins in my 36 years and with each shedding I have been rebirthed into one more aspect of my being. Growth can only begin once the old is released. Like the trees in Autumn, we must all die in some way to be reborn in the Spring.

Pluto, the co-ruler of Scorpio, will be making a harmonious aspect (sextile) to the Sun on Nov 5th. Let this contact ease you into the tranformative process so you can make the most out of this cycle. With the help of Jupiter in Virgo providing his own sextile, inner progress can be made in leaps and bounds.

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