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New Moon in Gemini - The Inner Alchemist 👁

New Moon in Gemini 2019 - Energetic Principles

A time of magic is upon us, as we enter a New Moon lunation in the transitional space that is known as Gemini, with nearly half of 2019 having passed us by in what seems like a year on speed. Great shifts lurk on the horizon, as eclipse season - only weeks away - taunts us from beyond, yet we now experience an ambivalent point in time that aims at shifting our perceptions towards greater clarity of perception during this annual changing of the seasons.

Gemini, as a mutable air sign, is known for the cleverness of its mental acuity, and many of those born with signatures of this sign will be of curious mind and perceptive awareness. The image of Rodin's "The Thinker" comes to mind, for the nature of the ponderer is one that fits comfortably in the Gemini archetype. It's this mutable ability to weigh several sides of a topic as it goes back and forth between two sides of a coin, critically examining the concepts that are before it in such a way that can objectively come to terms with whatever is presented to it. Ideas of brilliance have originated from this space, for it is the magic of Gemini and the trickster energy of Mercury that can create something of substance from a space of nothingness.

Exact on Monday, June 3rd at 3:02am PST - this New Moon in Gemini is activating our inner alchemist, a state that only Mercury can invoke, for as both a God and an elemental configuration, Mercury was known to transcend dual realms of existence - the solid and the liquid states, the land of the living and the land of the dead, while also having the ability to access the heavenly spheres. For it's the admittance to this in-between state that true magic can be accessed - yet with this quicksilver like nature, conditions change quickly and we must use this time wisely, lest it pass before us before we even know it. Playing the role of the observer, while also being able to look at your life through a fresh lens, will help to bring new ideas to the plate, and shift our perceptions in a way that can embrace the transitions that are now taking place.

The Aspects - The Power of Thought 🤔

Below is a chart of our New Moon at the time of conjunction here in San Diego, CA. We have our New Moon ruler Mercury in Gemini helping to reinforce the magic of this time, while both luminaries activate 2019's Jupiter / Neptune square. Mars is also approaching a conjunction with the North Node and will saddle up to meet the heavy hitters in Capricorn, insinuating that after this lunar cycle completes and eclipse season begins to activate, significant directional changes will have been made in most of our lives. So let's not waste any time and dive right in...

New Moon in Gemini 2019 - Astrology Chart - Energetic Principles

Let's start with a quote from a mortal legend in the world of alchemy, the 16th century physician, alchemist, and astrologer Paracelsus. He says:

Man is a thinker.

He is what he thinks.

When he thinks fire

he is fire.

When he thinks war,

he will create war.

Everything depends

if his entire imagination

will be an entire Sun,

that is, that he will imagine himself completely

that what he wants.

- Paracelsus

This simple yet profound concept is so important to remember as we have our yearly New Moon in Gemini, particularly at a time in history where a lot is riding on big, definitive changes - not only to our personal sphere, but for the world in general. What world would we like to see? What are our hearts telling us? And are our thoughts and frame of mind aligning with that solar knowledge? If not, here we can make a mental transition towards a fresh start.

Right as I was staring out my desk window thinking about this article I was going to write around the theme of the inner alchemist, a juvenile hawk flew in front of me and perched majestically on a branch. Hawk medicine is a mercurial medicine, a magician's medicine. Calling in our focus, our concentration, our inner magic while also bringing a message for which can not be ignored and will require these particular skills. As I got up to take a picture, it flew off, barely grazing my neighbors roof top and out of sight before I knew it - reminding me that with mutable Gemini energy, those moments can be fleeting yet when they arrive, the transitionary nature of the moment comes alive and magical shifts can happen. So in essence we must be quick on our feet, and not miss the opportunity these alignments can bring. (Note to self: Keep a notebook handy this month!) Luckily, it came back to greet me once more, and where I was able to capture this gif below.

Hawk Sighting - Energetic Principles

"Mel, this is all well and good, but what does this have to do with our astrological configurations?" Well, I'm so glad you asked! What makes this a pivotal moment for 2019, is that it plays into the halfway point of the Jupiter / Neptune square that was first activated in the skies in mid-January, and which will activate for a second time on June 16th.

Now I must point out that a lot of this configuration has been helping to exacerbate much of the "belief divide" that we are seeing not only here in the United States, but in the world at large. There is a lot of hot air going around, as many test the limits of what is possible, and where we are seeing extreme ideals come to the forefront in a way that can be confusing as to where we as a species are headed. Many times these scenarios lack compassion for those that are culturally different than us, and have even created agendas and legislation that bring a sense of helplessness to those that are afflicted within that harsh judgement. Not everyone holds the same truth and we are wrestling with that as a global community.

Also it must be stated, that the Gemini / Sagittarius axis is an activation point for the United States, so we can expect this lunar cycle to kick up some dust here in America, all leading to a solar eclipse that is set to touch down on sensitive points of the country's chart right around Independence Day. I don't say this to scare, rather I bring it up for the sake of observation. And to remind us of this pocket of hot air we may be caught in. Take whatever is encountered with a grain of salt.

On another, and more personal note, Jupiter pushes us to grow and Neptune can access the spiritual and otherworldly aspects of existence, with many of us entertaining and being prompted to follow our own psychic breadcrumbs towards the path forward. These dreams we hold are likely to require change from us, to say yes to where we would normally doubt or say no, while also requiring significant sacrifice and disintegration of what we believed about ourselves previously, so we may follow the call of Spirit. Here's where our Gemini New Moon comes in to help our perceptions change, while also bringing more logic and reason into the topics that our minds are weighing.

Our NM ruler, Mercury in Gemini, is nearing the end of this sign, having made its last ptolemaic aspect to Jupiter via opposition - whatever came into our minds around Thurs, May 30th - and the few days surrounding - are likely to be where our heads are at as we lightcast our intentions into this new moon. The Sun will go on to repeat Mercury's steps, squaring Neptune and also opposing Jupiter, with our 1st Qtr Moon in Virgo (June 9th) also tying into this configuration. The light of awareness is just around the corner, yet for now we hold in stillness as we prepare for the alchemical process that lies ahead.

There may be some tougher times this lunar month, because let's be honest, Mars in Cancer approaching the North Node and saddling up to oppose the South Node, Saturn, and Pluto in Capricorn (June 12th - 19th), so we can guarantee that the malefics will be out to play. If we find that life gets a bit harder, walls redirect our paths, great change is asked of us, or we find that something is cut out that we once emotionally connected with, it will be wise to remember that:

"Our perception is our reality."

And that's where the real alchemy can begin....

The Symbol - Skills & Talents 🎹

If you are a previous reader of my astroblog, you know I like to look at the Sabian Symbol of the lunation as it adds another bit of depth to the story that we are telling. As always, we take the degree and minutes and round up. Here we have the following:

13° Gemini - "A great musician at his piano."

Keyword: Achievement

Theme: Creative Fulfillment

I found this to be an intriguing symbol for this New Moon degree, particularly as we are re-entering the creative energies that the Jupiter / Neptune square can offer. Despite all the aspects of this configuration I mentioned earlier, it can also ramp up great creative feats which our musician at the piano would more than love to have access to.

With any acclaimed artist, you can bet your bottom dollar that there is great practice and dedication that goes into that craft - sure a healthy dose of natural talent will be needed as well, but even when we have the talent, if we lack the ability to discipline ourselves to develop it further, it will never soar to the heights it could have had we spent the time and effort refining the gift. This also speaks to a possible message that the Mars / Saturn opposition holds for us, because here our actions will be confronted with our goals and our discipline, and if we are to achieve our greatest accomplishments, chances are we will need to set the bar higher.

To leave you with the wise words of my Capricorn Grandma - who she herself was a musician - "Practice makes perfect!" That phrase echoes through my head to this very day, as I remind myself that if I don't put the effort in, there can never be mastery. So if you are dabbling in new territory, remember that more often than not you just have to give things a go and keep developing your craft... for very few ever start from the point of greatness. Rather it takes the focus, the concentration, and the magic that I mentioned earlier to create the alchemical process that leads us to successfully arrive at our creative fulfillment.

New On Patreon - Moon Animal Monthly!!! 🌚

Moon Animal Monthly - PDF Magazine - Energetic Principles

This month I am delighted to be releasing the fifth installment of Moon Animal Monthly on my Patreon! What it is is a PDF Magazine that comes out once a month right before the New Moon so that you may inform yourself of the lunar cycle ahead. I still provide your personal "moon animal" for both your Sun sign and Rising, yet do so for both the New Moon and the Full Moon lunations. I also share two representatives that were born at that particular moon phase and sign to help understand this energy in human form. All the details for the quarter moon phases are shared, along with astrology charts for each quarter, and little blurbs on what the energy may look like so you can get a scope on the lunar month ahead. All in a colorful magazine format! This offering is $3 per month, which also includes early access to my Energetic Principles Podcast and Patreon feed. If I can get enough people signed up, I plan on donating part of the proceeds to animal charities as the animals need all the help they can get! And for a few dollars more, I provide a weekly Tarot Subscription that includes a custom spread that is aligned with the current astrological influence, so that you may connect with the cards to see how the general energy will interact with you personally. The Tarot Subscription includes access to all things mentioned - plus my undying gratitude! Want to find out more and show appreciation for my work? Click here!

New Moon Blessings to All!! 💫

So strap yourself in and buckle up for the ride! Gemini season always proves to be a busy time of year, and with the plethora of action going on in the skies, the energy that this New Moon will kick off is bound to be full of action as situations dart to and fro. Get rest where you can and cultivate flexibility of mind, for new ideas about life and what is possible await before us....

Wishing everyone a fantastic lunar month!

May the stars be with you!!! ✨✨✨

💜 Mel

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