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EP Podcast - Week of Mar 4th w/ Analisa Six 💫

Energetic Principles Podcast - w/ guest Analisa Six

Good Monday to all!!! 🌈 Energetic Principles Podcast - Episode 43 is now live for your listening pleasure on Soundcloud & iTunes !!!

This week - March 4th - we have a dreamy period ahead of us as the New Moon in Pisces arrives midweek and on the very same day that the Sun makes its annual conjunction to the Lord of the Seas, Neptune. We will likely be swimming through some spiritual pea soup while Mercury in Pisces stations retrograde and goes into his normal trickster mode X 100, making this an interesting week to tune into! If that wasn’t enough action around the new moon lunation, we also have Uranus officially moving into Taurus for a 7 year stay! Things are shifting this week and Spirit is trying to get our attention - do you best to keep your head above water, yet be willing to submerge and go with the flow when necessary! 🌊

I’m excited to welcome back Oakland based astrologer and tarot goddess, Analisa Six, for a discussion on “Mercury RX & New Moon in Pisces“ - where Analisa and I chat on what the first Mercury RX of 2019 will look like and how the switch to the water element will play out during the course of this year’s retrogrades. We also discuss the New Moon in Pisces that coincides with our yearly Sun / Neptune conjunction and how this week is likely to be dreamy af. Tune in as we share many stories and talk all things Piscean! 🔮

Tarot Tuesday with Cosmic Lady Six @ The Kon-Tiki Oakland

If you are in the Bay Area you have the fabulous opportunity of visiting Analisa during her weekly Tuesday residency at The Kon-Tiki in Oakland. You can also stay up to date with Analisa over at Cosmic Lady Six where she has weekly Moon write-ups, and a host of services on offer. Consider giving her a follow over on IG @cosmicladysix - where she has a plethora of beautiful content to feast your eyes upon, as well as, insights on a variety of intriguing topics.

As always, if you would like to show appreciation for my work, I encourage you to check out my Patreon - for a small nominal fee you can get early access, my brand spanking new offering Moon Animal Monthly, and/or the option of signing up for the weekly "custom spread" Tarot Subscription! And if you know of anyone who would be interested in such things, please spread the good word to keep this dream alive! 💫

Happy listening! May the stars be with you! ✨✨✨

💜 Mel

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