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Full Moon in Gemini - Learning To Listen 🗣

Full Moon in Taurus 2018 - Energetic Principles

Let me tell you a story... that's pretty Gemini of me. Having Mars in the sign of the messenger natally and spending a plethora of time around those with a Gemini persuasion, I have become increasingly aware of the skill of listening. It wasn't until I was able to detach enough from my own assertive dialogue, was I able to step back to see how many people I knew were in a constant pissing contest over the execution of their ideas. So much so, that I would find myself having to leave the room when such displays would commence. Even though the participants were deeply engaged, it gave me anxiety to watch... knowing that no-one was truly getting through to one another.

Whenever Gemini is involved communication plays a big factor, energy becomes restless, and life gets busy and fast paced. Throw Sag in the mix, and the search for truth becomes part of the conversation. In today's world, this has been an increasingly hot spot of a subject, and with our full moon taking place on America's Thanksgiving Holiday - where we usually gather with those who are bound to us in ways aside from shared viewpoints - the hot air meeting the flame can really get things fired up. With the majority of energetic factors chiming in from mutable signs, the transitory double-bodied energy asks that we be adaptable to changing circumstances - and that may certainly be our saving grace this holiday.

Exact on Thursday Nov 22nd, 2018 at 9:39pm - this Thanksgiving Full Moon will most likely call upon our tact in conversation and within sharing our thoughts and beliefs with friends, family, and those that we encounter. This is likely to be an active lunation where we are traveling to and fro, with lots of calls coming in, and a restless, high-anxiety in the air. For some it may feel quite invigorating, and for others, a bit too much. Either way we slice it, this holiday is likely to be rather thought-provoking... triggering our knee-jerk reactions and testing our ability to go with the flow.

The Aspects: Thanksgiving T-Square 🦃

Below is a chart of the moment for the Full Moon in Gemini at my location here in sunny San Diego, CA. Jupiter certainly has his hands in the game with an approaching conjunction to the Sun, and Mars is 90° away creating a T-square formation from Pisces to both of our luminaries. We also have our full moon ruler, Mercury, now in retrograde motion adding to the potential for even more hi-jinks in the air. So let's waste no time and dive right in...

Full Moon in Gemini 2018 - Astrology Chart - Energetic Principles

First let's discuss our luminaries as they are always the stars of the show... and with the Sun, I guess I mean that quite literally! We actually have an interesting set-up that will be taking place with all Full Moons until April 2019 - each time we have a full lunation it will be at 0° of the sign it occupies, signifying that the next 5 full moons will be taking place at 0° for both the Sun and Moon. If our full lunations are signifying an apex or a release of energy, it's quite fascinating that this will be happening at the very energetic start of each sign that is contacted.

Chistopher Witecki - an astrologer with a unique approach called "Step Astrology" - attributes the 0° of a sign to have a Scorpionic flavor and represents where we need to protect the energy and hold boundaries around this all or nothing space. So due to the rogue, ruff-n-ready vibration that sits in this cusp-y like zone, it may be in need of a little more taming than usual. Particularly while in Sag, as the wild nature of the half-man / half-beast centaur is already prevalent.

What also might need taming is the Mars influence that sits in a T-square with both luminaries and Jupiter. Whenever we have two planets in opposition with another planet chiming in from a 90° angle, this creates a pressure cooker like formation that points to the planet that is at the bending of the opposition. With Mars as our focal point in Pisces, we have the same planet that was representing the energy of what was started at the New Moon in Scorpio, now in an important position for this full moon.

Based on traditional rulerships, Mars in Pisces is represented by Jupiter in Sagittarius, and with Jupiter conjunct the Sun in our FM signature, a lot of the energy is pointing back to the growth oriented great benefic as the key to this lunation. Jupiter is currently in the rays of the Sun and headed to an exact conjunction a few days after the full moon perfects. Once these two conjunct there will be a moment of clarity around where our horizons are broadening and the optimistic outlook that will take us there. The Sun will send Jupiter a transmission, seeding in the solar awareness and cycle reset that will carry out our yearlong Jupiter in Sag story. Yet until the conjunction perfects, he is in the rays of the Sun and potentially blinded by the light.

Jupiter is known for its larger than life benevolence and is usually quite favored upon when we are talking about lucky conditions and feeling the generosity of the gifts that are disposed via his hands. There is no doubt that the Thanksgiving table is likely to be full of abundant offerings, yet there are other areas that may be "over the top" at this point in time... only to have us look back a few days later and see that we were probably exaggerating and potentially blowing a lot of hot steam. Jupiter is a gas giant after all, and can be all talk and no follow through.

Which can actually make for an interesting Thanksgiving Full Moon, as family, friends and loved ones gather at the table to break bread over conversation.... and there will certainly be no lack of that! When Gemini and Sagittarius meet, it is guaranteed that mouths will open and opinions, perceptions, beliefs, and positions can be stated with the utmost conviction. There is an intellectual competitiveness to Gemini that can challenge whatever topic arises for discussion. Especially with Jupiter in combustion and flying too close to the Sun, we can come to the conclusion that we may end up in a heated debate over emotionally charged subjects that can lead to a grandiose (and potentially arrogant) display if not handled wisely.

With Mercury as our FM ruler and now in retrograde motion in Sagittarius, we could very easily find our foot in our mouths from time to time this holiday. If we are bored in anyway, there can be an impatience that seemingly justifies the need to act out in order to get the party started. Talk for the sake of talk will be rampant and the largest challenge will lie in being able to listen and really hear what another is saying. Whenever we interrupt others, or spend the time we could be listening formulating our own comeback instead, we are not truly connecting.

Ultimately we have a mutable T-square formation that asks to go with the flow... even when we get stuck, or find ourselves in opposition to another's viewpoint or the hectic activity of a situation. We must adapt in a way that helps to protect and set boundaries around what could be potentially volatile - in other words, show a bit of tact. Operating from a place of compassion can be key, as will truly hearing another person in order to find a bit of empathy in the matter. The stabilizing influence around our Mars focal point is the approaching sextile to Saturn that asks we ground the energy in a practical way, and to think of the longterm. Words can have significant effect if not taken seriously, so tap into Saturn's influence to help ground all this emotionally tinged hot air that may try to take you for a ride. We all have to come back to Earth at some point, so look past this moment to incorporate any longterm ramifications around favoring the beast side of the centaur over the side of civilized humanity.

The Symbol: Seeing Below 🐠

So now let us take a look at the Sabian Symbol as it adds an extra dimension to this full moon! We are going to take the degree plus the minutes and round up, for which we get the following:

1° Gemini - "A glass bottom boat in still water."

Keyword: Curiosity

Theme: Window of Opportunity

I find this symbol rather interesting as it brought me back to my first and only glass bottom boat ride that I took in Catalina about 5 years ago. It was quite magical to see the wonders of the sea from the safety of my dry vessel. A magical window that gave me the opportunity to connect with that which is foreign to me; an environment that is uninhabitable for my mere mortal self.

We can assume that fishies will be what is on view through our windowed boat, which fits ever so nicely into our Mars in Pisces theme! Fish typically have a spiritual connotation, signifying that what we are viewing is of divine importance. Now when we touch on the piece about "still water" - this is the key to being able to see clearly at what is beneath. Yet, it also depends on how clear the water is and with the Sun freshly coming out of Scorpio - a sign known for its still waters that run deep - I'm hoping that the Sun has helped clear the potential murk that may have been obscuring our view.

Much like Gemini lunar energy, our still water can symbolize emotional poise and detachment - a quality that any moon in an air sign can offer. So if we are playing on our "window of opportunity" theme, in order to see clearly through our glass bottom boat, there will need to be an objective approach to the emotional realm. If we can detach enough to see through the waters of feeling, the opportunities that come our way will be seen with a clear impartiality - and once recognized, our whole perception can change around what is possible.

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Wishing Full Moon Blessings To All! 💫

With the signature of this full moon, it is bound to be an energetic one full of movement and chatter. If you find yourself in the heat of debate, know that sometimes there isn't an easy answer or a solution that fits like a skeleton key into many locks. Uncertainty may arise, and we likely do not have it all figured out as much as we think we do... yet that is ok. Do what you can to see both sides of whatever you encounter - for in that objectivity, you'll be ever closer to the truth.

May the stars be with you! ✨✨✨

💜 Mel

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