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Full Moon in Sagittarius - Moving Beyond ⛵️

Full Moon in Sagittarius 2018 - Moving Beyond - Energetic Principles

Who's ready to go beyond and stretch their legs into the expansive landscape known as Sagittarius? I'm going to guess that not everyone will be raising their hands to hop aboard the ship that is setting sail otherwise we wouldn't have a full moon lighting up the emotional need to do so!

There have been a lot of shifts and changes over the past few months, and particularly so since our recent New Moon in Taurus that initiated a fresh, new cycle of manifestation that coincided with some big astrological ingresses - Mars into Aquarius, and most importantly, Uranus into Taurus. This Full Moon in the sign of the archer will be apexing to reveal another clue in the materialization of the future oriented direction that we have been leaping - or possibly - tiptoeing towards.

Exact on Tues May 29th, 2018 at 7:19am PDST - this full moon will be exposing any hiccups in the emotional beliefs that we hold that may be keeping us from choosing our own adventures in life and allowing for the risk and spontaneity that is sometimes needed to move along our journey in a spiritually fulfilling way. I chose the "Choose Your Own Adventure" series as a pictorial representative because it not only was one of my favorite reads as a child, it also speaks to the spirit of Sagittarius and the need to keep searching for the truth of who we are and what we were brought here to experience on the material plane. This particular "adventure" is a spoof cover and purveyors of 1960's krautrock will be in on the joke. 🙃

So let's take a look at what the planets have to say for this visionary Full Moon... 🙌

The Aspects - Dignified Growth 🌿

Below is the chart of the moment for our exact Full Moon in Sagittarius from my particular position on the globe - San Diego, CA. Immediately I noticed that our Sun / Moon opposition is within less than 2° of the opposing royal stars, Aldebaran and Antares. There is also a lovely trine forming from Venus in Cancer who is whispering in the ear of our Full Moon ruler, Jupiter in Scorpio. There is a loose t-square on approach from Neptune in Pisces and an inconjunct to Saturn in Cap from the Sun in Gemini. The Sun is also moving away from a trine with Mars in Aquarius and Mercury sits on the 29th degree of Taurus, ready to move into Gemini later in the day. So let's break it down a bit...

Full Moon in Sagittarius 2018 - Astrological Chart - Energetic Principles

The first thing I noticed was how the Full Moon opposition was pretty darn close to the opposing fixed stars Aldebaran & Antares. These stars have been referenced for ages, with the ancients using them (along with Regulus and Fomalhaut) to guide them in their navigation. The fact that these fixed lights are part of this lunation makes the theme of adventure and being guided into new territory that much more prevalent.

These stars, especially Antares which is conjunct the Moon in Sag, were known as military stars - triggering the need for battle and strategy. With the unpredictable world we live in, this could certainly indicate there being some news in that department. Yet on a personal level, these two speak to the need to be willing to strategically face any drama that comes our way while gaining respect, success, and an elevated reputation by maintaining one's honor and integrity at all times. So keep that in mind as this Full Moon approaches, that the more upfront and honest you are in your dealings, the more likely you are to come out on top. Choosing the adventure of the less honorable route will certainly halt the progress of your own story.

One of the more lovely aspects of this lunation is the grand trine in water coming from Venus in Cancer who is on approach to a trine with Jupiter in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces. I find that with this strong dose of water within this air / fire polarity, that this Full Moon will be flowing with the subtle, intuitive wisdom necessary to cope with whatever emotional strain that comes our way - as this is usually inevitable when the Moon meets the Sun in opposition. There is a sympathetic and protective quality to Venus chiming in from Cancer, which flows towards Jupiter who is initiating us into the dignified growth that is necessary to expand our emotional horizons. As the Gemini / Sagittarius polarity plays on the idea of facts vs experience, this will certainly be a learning moon in many regards and this grand trine will help us intuit the direction we are to point next.

With the Sun and Moon in that loose t-square with Neptune there may be some worry around where we are setting course and if having faith in this directive is potentially foolish or irresponsible. We may find fault in what doesn't represent our particular ideals and/or beliefs and a dose of faith may be needed. In order to move into new experiences, we have to push past these limitations, knowing that uncertainty is not forever. The inconjunct to the Sun from Saturn in Capricorn asks us to adjust ourselves enough to release what is no longer of value and welcome the unknown truth that is right around the corner. If any fear comes up - false evidence appearing real - sit with it and get down to what belief or expectation of experience may be causing that anxiety. By doing so you'll gain the wisdom necessary to move past those feelings and take life one step at a time.

And last but not least, with Mercury sitting at the 29th degree of Taurus and being the representative of our Sun currently in Gemini, this is a reminder that there is a test to our intellect and ability to communicate during this Full Moon. The Gemini / Sagittarius axis highlights our beliefs with facts and the opinionated facts that make up our beliefs. Being able to adapt is key during this lunation, with the ability to see another (or another's) viewpoint as a crucial factor to the spiritual work being done. Mercury in Taurus can become rather fixed and stubborn in its position, and since this is a test on that final degree, there may be a need to break up any rigid mental patterns that keep you from taking the unfamiliar steps necessary to partake in the experience that is trying to lead you to a change in perspective that will benefit your journey in the long run.

The Symbol - Leading By Example 🐥

I love the sabian symbol for our Full Moon degree as it really speaks to the learning experience and wisdom that Sagittarius energy can provide. Here we have the following:

9° Sagittarius - "A mother with her children on stairs."

Keyword: Education

Theme: The teacher

Both Sagittarius and Gemini are known as educators as they deal with the assimilation of knowledge in our lives... whether that be factual (Gem) or more philosophical (Sag). This degree really speaks to nurturing and being patient with the learning process as we climb one step at a time up the stairway of life.

I feel that the mothering quality of this degree really speaks to our trine from Venus in Cancer to the moon's ruler - Jupiter in Scorpio. We can initiate and nurture the changes in our lives through the lens of new experience. There will be the emotional maturity necessary to do so and it is our very duty to protect the growth process and take one step at a time. We don't need to rush anywhere as the quest is ongoing; as they say, "it's about the journey not the destination."

There is some potential difficulty to this degree in the inability to grow up and take personal responsibility for our own expanded horizons. Immature or childish behavior will only delay the experience that is being called for so do not look to others to let you off the proverbial hook. Do not skip over the lessons that may be necessary to learn at this time, otherwise you'll be stunting your own spiritual growth.

En fin, the mother also represents the ability to lead by example, helping others to become self-sufficient and knowledgeable in situations that started out as foreign or unfamiliar. By having patience with yourself and others during this Full Moon, we will be able to find effective solutions to unique problems, learning more and more about ourselves and others along the way.

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Sending Full Moon Blessings... 💫

I'm wishing everyone a fabulous, adventurous, and expansive Full Moon in Sagittarius! I find it very fitting that I will be far away from home in Chicago at the largest, worldwide astrology conference known as UAC! I'll be doing extensive amounts of learning while expanding my wisdom in the area of the stars, and I can't wait to get back and share with you all the knowledge I've gained! As always... the universe is right on time. Huzzah! 😉

May the stars be with you! ✨✨✨


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