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New Moon in Pisces - Karmic New Beginnings 🐬

New Moon in Pisces 2018 - Karmic New Beginnings

Ahhh here we are at our final New Moon in this year's go around of the Zodiac! Let's all welcome the Pisces New Moon - exact Saturday March 17th, 2018 at 6:12am PDT - in all its mystical glory! I'll be the first to admit that the start of Pisces season (Feb 18th) was a bit of a rough one emotionally... and I'm pretty positive that I was not alone in that thought, or feeling I should say. Pisces is the season of surrender; where we come to God in a sense (or whatever that looks like for you) and embark upon spiritual lessons and understanding.

I had to let a bit go myself and succumb to whatever emotions that were surfacing so that the inspiration that follows the end of resistance could be absorbed and merged into my higher self. Pisces, being a mutable energy, is one of going with the flow and is quite adept at immersing itself into the tides of change and transition. This transitory state that all mutable signs carry symbolize the shifting into different consciousness. As we are days away from the Sun entering its Spring ingress into Aries, this is the final push of new energy that allows us to embrace where we are shifting and the dynamic Cardinal energy that is on the horizon.

Transcending Our Wounds - New Moon Aspects 🌚

Below is the chart for our Sun / Moon conjunction in the sign of the fishies. The first thing that sticks out is the conjunction to Chiron - a planetoid commonly referred to as the "Wounded Healer." Also of note we have Jupiter, now retrograde, as the New Moon ruler and in a favorable aspect, trining in from Scorpio. Venus and Mercury are still riding conjunct in fiery Aries with Mercury days away from going retrograde (read more on that here). Last yet not least, Mars is on the critical 29° of Sagittarius and is within minutes of moving into Capricorn. So let's dive in further....

New Moon in Pisces 2018 - Astrology Chart

First let's address the centaur Chiron as I see this as the most important aspect of this lunation. Who is Chiron?... and what is a wounded healer? The myth around Chiron and the other centaurs (ie. Nessus, Pholus, etc) is that they are unruly characters who upset the status quo, yet by doing so they become symbols of awakening and breakthrough - necessary moments of discomfort that lead us to the next leg of our journey.

Chiron was the most civilized out this rowdy centaur bunch and was known for his great skills - such as archery, music, prophecy, medicine, mentorship, etc. He was a healer and a teacher until one day when he was hit by a poisoned arrow and was unable to heal himself. This seems to be a common theme in those that help heal others... you can give what is needed to help heal but have a hard time taking the medicine yourself. Eventually after dealing with the pain long enough, you learn how to manage it as it awakens you to new aspects of yourself. You can then shine that light to others.

So how does this all relate to our New Moon in Pisces?? With the Sun & Moon in close conjunction with Chiron, we have a new beginning around our own pain cycles. If you are familiar with Eckart Tolle's work you could even see this as the "pain body." I look at this union as a new level of awareness - that proverbial "a-ha" moment - where we can transcend our chronic wounds with the surrender and compassion that only Pisces can give. Chiron can represent the inner pain before transformation. So if we find ourselves in any sort of test around our own sensitivities, it is recommended that we remember the transitory nature of the feeling and be present with the hurt. Wounds come in many shapes and sizes and recognizing these triggers will allow the ability to transcend and move on from the old karmic pains.

As Chiron - especially in Pisces - links into music and prophecy, this particular New Moon cycle could really benefit from either listening to or making some music. Music is incredibly healing and can give the soul what it needs to feel at peace. There is a spiritually divine connection that transcends through sound and vibration so it's a no brainer that music could be very beneficial on the healing path. I'm a musician with a Pisces South Node so I may be bias, yet I know from experience that sound therapy works!

Also of note is to be sure that you are listening to your dreams. Chances are some strong dream imagery may come at this time to help you cross over into new awareness. Dreams come night and day - whether they be your classic night time dreamland adventure or the daydreams we imagine everyday with our own creative visualizations. I would recommend taking a pause this weekend to indulge in some relaxing music, a nice hot bath, and some time for a daydream as these therapies will help cleanse and reset your mind and energy before we head straight on in to the fiery realm of Aries on March 20th.

With the Sun & Moon at 26° and Chiron at 28° there seems to be an opportunity to decide to move away from the pain triggers that no longer serve us... taking action to heal ourselves and move on into our own personal transformations.

That being said, I really like how Jupiter in Scorpio - the traditional ruler of this New Moon - is forming a trine aspect. Jupiter just recently went retrograde so a lot of the expansion we are now experiencing is happening from within. We all know the adage "you have to heal from the inside out" so I find this fitting that the next frontier is an inside job. Scorpio is known for its healing and transformative energy so it seems ever so fitting for this lunation. We can flow in the direction of rebirth.

Mercury and Venus riding side-by-side in Aries, has our minds loving the idea of uncharted territory and beginning the next avenue of our character's personal expression. We are more apt to open up to new methods of reasoning and a lot of what we are currently attracted to will give us great fodder for review once Mercury goes RX on March 22nd. So most of this upcoming Moon cycle will be lived out in the Aries realm, which is ruled by Mars. Our warrior energy moves into its exalted sign of Capricorn within minutes of the New Moon so our engines will be on a steady rev. As most of this cycle will incorporate Mercury's backward motion, we probably won't begin our bold Aries movements until the ram's New Moon next month.

You Get Out What You Put In - The Sabian Symbol 🔦

So let's take a look at the Sabian Symbol we have for our late degree Pisces New Moon. As you may know from future symbol musings, you want to take the degree and minutes and round up. Here we have the following symbol:

27° Pisces - "A Harvest Moon"

Keyword: Benediction

Theme: Climax

In Diana Roche's The Sabian Symbols: A Screen of Prophecy she likens this symbol to have an accent of completion with events heading towards a climax. There seems to be a a karmic element to this degree with the suggestion that what one reaps is what is sown. We can only harvest that which we have put out into the ethers - in other words, you get out what you put in.

As we are in the creative realm of the fishies, this advice is key to building the next cycle. As we move forward into the astrological new year, this time is best spent looking towards the future and releasing the past. It does no good to dwell on what has been lost or any mistakes you have once made... instead, begin to imagine what you would like to harvest from here on out. If we envision where our spirit wants to go next and are willing to put hard work behind that direction (so perfect with Mars moving into Capricorn and about to conjunct Saturn!) then we are transcending into new levels of awareness. A harvest of the soul.

Use this time to review what has been learned over the past 12 months and count each of the blessings that brought you to this moment. Being grateful for what we do have will help bring future abundance our way! Based on the symbols, here are some of the themes I see for this lunar month cycle:

New Moon 3/17: Look creatively towards the future and then get to work!

First Quarter 3/24: Get your plan of action in place and gain the support of others

Full Moon 3/31: Develop what you are good at & let others handle the rest

Third Quarter 4/8: Ask the right questions before committing yourself - review responsibilities

Meditate On This - The Horoscopes 🧘🏼‍♀️

We all feel the major lunations in a strong way, however, there are some that are more affected than others. For this New Moon, the mutable signs from 22° - 29° will be most impacted - Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, & Pisces. For all signs, be sure to read your Sun & Rising for increased levels of interpretation. Take what resonates and leave the rest, as only you know you best!

As New Moons are perfect times for introspection and there is a decisive element to this New Moon degree, I've included an area for each sign to meditate upon. Meditate for 15 min (or more) on this area of your life to get clear upon what energies you want to "sow" next. Write down what it is that comes to you and contemplate on whatever visions come to mind. As creative visualization is very potent at this time, be sure to envision what you want once it presents itself! You can use the mantra, "I align my feelings to what it is I'm attracted to and make a decision regarding my next moves." If you need some meditation aid, I highly recommend the free app Insight Timer!

So where are you being reborn? Let's dive deeper...

ARIES - For the Rams, this can be an incredibly fruitful "alone time" moment to tap into your intuition. Your faith around your creative endeavors and your personal expression is increasing and it's time to visualize the change you want to make on the inside so by the Aries New Moon you'll be ready and raring to go! Meditate On: What subconscious triggers keep you from having faith? What needs to change?

TAURUS: For the Bulls, your social scene and networking web is being reborn. It's time to connect with new alliances that help further your big picture goals and visions. Your ability to release certain emotional triggers that were developed in early childhood will help bring you closer to building the partnerships you need to take your dreams to the next level. Meditate On: What are your next goals and who can help you get there?

GEMINI: For the Twins, it is time to do some creative visualization on how you can rebirth your career and personal legacy. Examine your attitude regarding your social status and the responsibilities you take on and how that may be helping or hindering your everyday reality. By surrendering to old emotions around the inability to bring personal fulfillment into your life, you'll be able to refresh your thinking and get to work on the legacy you truly desire. One day at a time, Gemini! Meditate On: Where do you see yourself in the world? What would you like to be known for? What can you do daily to get there?

CANCER: For the Crabs, it's time to get out of your comfort zone! Most of the Pisces season might have been spent surrendering to old emotionally related beliefs that no longer serve your growth. This New Moon is allowing you to stretch your legs a bit, and by doing so you'll gain greater self-worth and personal value. It's time to get in touch with your own creative resources and move into a more heart centered expression. A new area of study may be on the horizon! Meditate On: Where do I feel stuck? What can I do or where can I go to get me out of my shell?

LEO: For the Lions, this will be a New Moon in the area of beginnings and endings. Things in your life need to change and by doing so you are stepping into a new ripe form of your own personality. Who you are is now shifting and with those changing tides you are gaining a stronger emotional foundation to stand upon. You will be rebirthing more than most, Leo, so break out of that chrysalis! Meditate On: What in my life is now changing and shifting? Who do I want to become next?

VIRGO: For the Virgins, this New Moon will be giving you a new lease on partnerships. Relationships with others may have been challenging this Pisces season with subconscious triggers popping up here and there while you tried to keep the faith and use your intuitive hunches as your guide. Now you are slowly changing your attitude in relation to what partnership can be and how your own expectations color that process. Meditate On: What is it that I want from my partnerships? What are my expectations?

LIBRA: For the Scales, it is time for you to rebirth you daily routine and relationship to your own health. Our day-to-day lives set us up for the larger goals that we envision for ourselves and it's key that what you do on a regular basis lines up with the future you see for yourself. By searching within, you'll find a greater connection to your own self-worth and personal value - allowing you to take the reins of your life and lead it towards the direction you desire. Mediate On: Are my routines helping or hurting? Are there bad habits to break and healthy habits to embrace?

SCORPIO: For the Scorpions, it's time to rebirth your own relationship to your creativity and artistic pursuits. By embracing your own original creations, you'll see that you have a lot to offer the world from the fruits of your fertile imagination. Developing these talents will boost your career and help solidify the deep changes that are being made within your own personality. Who you are is getting an internal makeover - be sure that your inner child gets a say on who you become next! Meditate On: What is my inner child calling to create? How can I bring more spontaneous play into my life?

SAGITTARIUS: For the Archers, this New Moon will be focusing on home and family and what changes can be made to further your horizons in that realm. As this is also the area of your emotional foundation, it could be time to put an end to old subconscious patterns and inner chatter that keep you from living the peaceful home life you desire. Developing inner faith and following your own intuitive signals will help transform that area of your life. Meditate On: What does my ideal "home" (inner / outer) look like? How does my early upbringing affect that internal peace?

CAPRICORN: For the Seagoats, this is the time to rebirth your own attitude and the environment that you find yourself in on a daily basis. If you can change your mind, you can transform your life. By incorporating a more compassionate viewpoint along with reasoning that incorporates faith, you'll be well on your way to changing yourself and the way you relate to others you share goals with. Inner growth comes by taking a fresh eye to your big picture dreams and finding the right people that align with that vision. Meditate On: How can my attitude improve? What needs to be changed within my immediate environment?

AQUARIUS: For the Water Bearers, you are rebirthing your ability to increase your productivity and bring in the abundance you desire. By embracing a more compassionate view regarding your own talents, you will get a much needed boost to your self-esteem. This is also a great time to look at your own personal values and if that lines up within your partnerships. Your career and legacy are going through great change and by aligning with your heartfelt values on the inside, you do the work necessary to move forward towards your own personal fulfillment. Meditate On: What am I good at? How can I use these talents to bring more abundance into my life?

PISCES: For the Fishies, this is your annual renewal New Moon! You are being injected with a fresh breath of life right now and that is helping you change your day-to-day reality to be more aligned with your life's mission and personal beliefs. You are getting in touch with what you need to change in order to experience life more fully. A new relationship to your own body may be brewing and seeking out more healthful habits may be priority #1. It's time for the fish to stand on one's own... and look good while doing it! Meditate On: How independent am I? What is it about myself that I would like to make-over?

Wishing New Moon Blessings To All! 💫

Well it seems like we've got quite the spiritually aligned New Moon on our hands! All in all, this period looks to be an incredibly fruitful time for us to heal old wounds, look towards the future, and begin the creative visualization necessary to align ourselves with the work to be done. You can consider this next lunar month to be a little "behind the scenes" before we rocket out of retrograde and into the next New Moon in the dynamic sign of Aries! Then it will be go time!

✨May the stars be with you!!! ✨


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