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New Moon Solar Eclipse in Aquarius - The Synergy of Belonging

Solar Eclipse in Aquarius 2018 - Energetic Principles

Eclipse Season Part 2 Has Arrived!

As we stand at the precipice of the second event of our initial eclipse season of 2018, there is an air of future possibility that surrounds the energy. Exact on February 15th 2018 at 1:05pm PT / 4:05pm ET, this New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse will be taking place at 27° Aquarius. The sign of the water bearer is known for its innovative and catalytic qualities, and this eclipse will most likely resonate with those flavors. So let's dive deeper...

When A New Moon Meets An Eclipse...

As most of you may know, we have a New Moon every month. It is a crucial stage of our lunar cycle as it represents the moment that the Moon arrives to meet the Sun in a cosmic dance that has been lived out for as long as existence itself... or so it seems. This conjunction represents a fusion of energy that starts a new cycle within a particular sign, which then carries out a certain set of themes for an approximately 29.5 day period.

When the New Moon arrives each month, it is a time for us to go in and begin to focus on what it is we want to manifest within the cycle.... the particular seed we want to plant. Manifestations can take much longer than a month in many cases, however the planting that we do sets up the energy that we will continue to ride along the way, building upon it with each New Moon. So it can be a worthwhile (and potentially crucial) element to the "lightcasting" process to go within and have a bit of quiet time around this time of the moon cycle so that we can intuit and sense what particular direction or energy is calling to be worked on and expressed.

When a Solar Eclipse injects itself into the picture, the intensity super charges our New Moon and our manifestation capabilities increase by leaps and bounds. These are the few times a year where we end up making bigger moves than we normally do... where we turn certain corners... where we entertain new direction... where we make our move.

Still Reeling From The Total Lunar Eclipse in Leo...

Chances are we are still wrapped up in the transformative quality the Total Lunar Eclipse in Leo brought a few weeks ago back on January 31st. To find out more about that extremely important, heart expanding lunation you can read my full article here.

That Full Moon was not only important for its totality, it also relates greatly to the impact of this Solar Eclipse in Aquarius. Around the time of the Lunar Eclipse, we were feeling our hearts apex in many ways and becoming increasingly aware of where to attach ourselves emotionally to embrace more authentic self-expression. With that lunation being connected with the North Node in Leo, what we were feeling and aligning ourselves to is now more in tune with our future growth and soul direction. That awareness doesn't make the things that need to be done any easier, yet it did help us shift our feeling nature in order to sink down into a new emotional pact, where our souls can direct the future course of events.

And now comes the Solar Eclipse loosely conjunct the South Node in Aquarius; and this "looseness" is what determines its strength as an eclipse. Where the Full Moon was quite close to the North Node making it a "total" eclipse, this solar variety is farther away making it only "partial." So it's no surprise that the Full Moon in Leo would reign supreme - it's a Leo, duh! However, this follow up is just as important in its own way.

Now that we have attached ourselves to this new emotional awareness and we have been increasingly called into our own heart's attraction, this New Moon in Aquarius will help us implement the internal pondering that commenced into real life events. We can now let go of certain ideas, situations, and old areas of belonging and ego structures to get in alignment with the synergy that wants to put us on the right track for the future. The South Node represents a siphon of energy that like a spiritual vacuum, will gladly take away that which no longer serves. Give what you no longer want in your life, or that which weighs you down, to this vortex and embrace this new cycle of truth and belonging.

Aquarius Themes & The Players Involved...

Aquarius is the land of the future. It's the land that allows everyone to be themselves. The land of innovation. It is the law of attraction and the call of a tribe. It's a place where it's OK to be unique, it's OK to be different, and it's OK to be liberated. When Aquarian New Moon energy is involved there can be a pocket of opportunity to release past conditioning and whatever trauma we may still be holding onto... whatever makes us feel exiled or distant, or resistant to what is calling to be in flow. It is our duty to heed this call and embrace the synergy... because what resists persists.

To get in the flow, personal adjustments may be necessary. Personal innovation creates societal innovation, so although it takes a village, it starts with each individual within the village. This speaks greatly to the Leo / Aquarius polarity.

The Full Moon in Leo energy initiated the apex of the "I Love" consciousness so we could wind down and start fresh within the "I Know" consciousness. We all got in touch with what authentically lights our hearts up, and with that knowledge, it is our duty to incorporate what it is we now know. As they say, knowing is half the battle so we are at least half equipped to start fresh!

Solar Eclipse in Aquarius 2018

Above is a chart of the moment, when the New Moon Solar Eclipse is exact here in San Diego, CA. Let's take a look at the key players involved in this lunation:

Sun / Moon / Mercury / Juno / South Node in Aquarius - with this pile up in Aquatown our hearts, souls, minds, talents and connection energies are bound together. Even though we might not yet have the full mental picture as to the precise decisions that need to be made (most likely that will come a few days later when Mercury makes its exact conjunction to the Sun), most states of awareness are ready to partner up with this future oriented direction. With the eclipse at 27°, there is a decisive quality to the energy allowing us to sense how we feel in order to decide where we truly belong. Searching for objectivity in this moment will help guide us to where our individual belonging lies.

Uranus in Aries - with Uranus chiming into all of those aforementioned Aquarian planets, we can expect a bit of freshness to be injected into this Solar Eclipse. Innovation in an area of our own characters is being asked of us and the call to break free from outmoded existence into electric new beginnings seems to be the order of the day.

Jupiter in Scorpio - even though it's in a loose square, Jupiter has been challenging us with change for nearly 4 months now and it's having its own say in this eclipse. At the tested 22° we are in a period of breakdown / breakthrough energy that can lead us to immense healing potential if we dive the depths and transform any circular emotions that keep us stuck in rigid patterns.

Venus sextile Saturn - with Saturn as the traditional ruler of Aquarius, his presence can certainly be felt within this lunation. If you remember back to the Lunar Eclipse in Leo, Venus was still in Aquarius and influencing the first half of eclipse season, which this sextile lines up nicely to carry on the story. Both planets are happy in their positions with Saturn in his domicile in Capricorn and Venus exalted in Pisces. These two are carrying out the most "dignity" in this chart (Jupiter a close second). This allows us to really strengthen the bonds of relationship and to express the realizations of what is becoming more and more important to us with the people we share our lives with. The long term partnerships that are strong enough to bend with the curves of change. There seems to be an air of opening up and devoting ourselves to what is inspirational yet practical at the same time, making this a creative combination.

So What Does This Mean For Me? The Zodiac Signs...

Now eclipse energy affects us all in an axis of our charts, however, it will affect some signs and degrees more greatly. For this particular eclipse, if you have planets in the fixed signs - Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, or Aquarius - and in the later degrees around 25° - 29° you are most likely going to feel this lunation greatly and it will eventually manifest into a life changing quality. Yet, regardless of where your planets are located, we are all shifting in our own ways. Some experience more of that drama, others the subtly.

Below are some potential energies for each sign - be sure to read both your Sun & Rising Sign:

Aries: You are planting new seeds in the areas of friendships, groups, and alliances. With your ever changing personality, your old crowd may no longer fit with the new you of today. Releasing old values and outdated ways of relating is going to help you find that tribe your looking for, while also increasing your own ability to reach your big picture goals. These new networking avenues will help you gain more authority in the public and your career (which may also be shifting right now). It's all aligned to get you closer to what your heart truly desires and your authentic self-expression.

Taurus: You are planting new seeds in the areas of career, public life and legacy. It's time to really get you in the societal role that you truly belong. Your career might not have been as fulfilling as you would like or perhaps there were certain subconscious blocks to free yourself from first before being able to make the right career moves. It's time to open up to greater hope and an increased big picture vision of what is possible in this realm of your life, and devoting yourself to expanded horizons is key. Your goals count, Taurus! It's all aligned to get you closer to the home and family life you desire, as well as a stronger emotional foundation to work upon.

Gemini: You are planting new seeds in the areas of personal beliefs, life's philosophy, and expanding your horizons. Travel might be in the works for you Gemini, and you are ready to go where you haven't been before! Your goals have changed greatly over the last several years and most likely your friendships as well. By exploring this new territory and reinvigorating your ability to network and plan for the future, you'll be well on your way! By opening to new career opportunities and deciding to finally embrace certain changes that are long over due, you'll be able to move into this foreign landscape. It's all aligned to get you closer to the daily experience you actually desire and a mental state that is more aligned with your heart.

Cancer: You are planting new seeds in the areas of psychological and emotional transformation. It's time to put certain boundaries in place that are long over due, and perhaps open up a few boundaries that have been guarded too closely. This area of the chart can be a little tricky to maneuver within, yet if you traverse the murky depths, you'll find yourself rise again with a sense of purpose and clarity. There have been many twists in turns in the realm of career and your public persona and there is yet another breakthrough to be had! By adjusting these boundaries, you free yourself to be more innovative and pioneering within your career. Opening up to a new way of believing in yourself and what is possible is key... and by doing that you can now more fully devote yourself to a special relationship, the one with yourself. Strengthen that first, and your other relationships will follow suit accordingly. It's all aligned to bring you greater self-confidence, self-esteem, personal value, and productivity.

Leo: You are planting new seeds in the areas of partnerships and the most important relationship of all, the one to yourself. It's time to dissolve ego-related ways of relating, whether that comes from you or from those that you are in close relations with. Either way, birds of a feather flock together, and it's time to innovate that relationship to yourself and in turn the people you attract. By doing so you can refresh the way you connect with others. Belonging to the right partnerships is key and there could be an opportunity to move into foreign territory within those commitments. Transform what you believe a partnership can be and you'll be on the right track. Opening up to greater change within your relations will give you the opportunity to steer your day-to-day reality and relationship with your own energy drive into a healthier, more boundary conscious state. It's all aligned to help you shift into a more authentic personality that can prompt you into taking charge of your own life.

Virgo: You are planting new seeds in the areas of your day-to-day life, work routines, and the relationship with your own health. It's time to shift out of any old routines or habits that are no longer working for you and innovate your daily experience into one that is more suited for where the current energy lies. The past several years have brought much change with it and there is still an element of your psychological self that is waiting for transformation and a greater sense of intimate connection. Open yourself up in partnerships and strengthen that which you love most. Devote yourself to what your heart truly desires. It's all aligned to help you find greater hope in what you want in life and to clean out the spiritual closet and internal chatter that keeps you from your true authenticity.

Libra: You are planting new seeds in the areas of love, romance, children, and taking more of a risk regarding your heart's desire. It's time to innovate your love life - and your love OF life, Libra! Bring a little more fun and leisure into being, and make space for what the heart wants. That could be children, a new hobby, taking up a fun team sport... whatever calls to you! You also have an opportunity to freshen up your relations right now and innovate your partnerships into the direction that you would most like to see. By opening up to a new style of relating within your day-to-day (and the relationship to your own body) you'll find yourself strengthening your own emotional foundation. It's all aligned to help you realize your personal future goals and to direct you towards the proper networking channels that can help you achieve them.

Scorpio: You are planting new seeds in the areas of home, family and your own emotional foundation. Being a Scorpio is no easy task! The emotional landscape can be tense and the home and family situation may never have been "normal" in the sense of the word. Yet as adults, we have the ability to change that early conditioning and initial foundation... and now is the chance to do so. Day-to-day reality has changed greatly over the last few years and there is still room for innovation in that area. We now have the opportunity to break free from certain habits that inhibit us and pioneer a new daily regime that is more aligned with who we are today. By answering the call to invoke your imagination and reconnect with your personal expression, you can now devote yourself to new ways of thinking around your own creative process. It's time to get to work and plan what your days look like. Use your time wisely! It's all aligned to help advance your career, legacy and overall standing in the general public.

Sagittarius: You are planting new seeds in the areas of your thoughts, communications, and what you experience in day to day reality. How we think about ourselves, our lives and what surrounds us is crucial to the quality of life we live. Chances are this could be a busy month for you, yet be sure to take the time necessary to tune into how your mind is functioning and how that mental process helps or hinders your ability to communicate. You have an opportunity now to break free and reconnect your mind to your heart's desire and love of life. Unexpected opportunities for romance may pop up so be sure to take them if they do! By opening up and shifting the values of your own emotional foundation you'll be able to strengthen your own self-esteem in many areas of your life. Sometimes limitation can bring greater confidence and creativity if we have a framework to work within! It's all aligned to help expand your horizons and bring you into heart-centered territory... what an experience!

Capricorn: You are planting new seeds in the areas of self-esteem, confidence, productivity, and personal value. This could be the fresh start you need to bring more abundance into your life... and we know Cappies would love that! It's not all about the money though, although a nice nest egg will settle the security woes of any Earth sign. By shifting into this new area of personal value, you have the opportunity to freshen up your home life and emotional foundation. It's time to break free from any old emotional territory that keeps you from being the big cheese you were meant to be! By opening up to a more compassionate internal dialogue (and external conversation), you'll be able to strengthen your own personality and effectiveness. It's all aligned to help transform psychological barriers, open up to more intimacy, and transition your life into the creation you most desire!

Aquarius: You are planting new seeds in the area of you! This is big for you Aquarians... especially those born between Feb 12th - Feb 18th. It's time to reinvent yourself in many ways and to dissolve any ego patterns that need to go in order to shift into the strong, unique individual that you are! There is an opportunity to break free from old patterns of thinking and communicating that might come off as a little brash, or overly self-involved. There is also an opportunity to take that mind and pioneer new ideas around how you can innovate your daily experience and use the most of your time and energy. By opening up to more compassion in regards to what you are capable of, you will bolster your self-esteem and productivity while laying down new boundaries regarding certain internal, negative chatter that needs to go. Follow the hope, Aquarius! It's all aligned to help push your partnerships - and especially the relationship with yourself - into a more heart based alliance!

Pisces: You are planting new seeds in the areas of hope and spiritual direction... something a Pisces usually knows a great deal about! This is a darker area of your chart that is the nebulous land where our subconscious lives... a spiritual closet of sorts. It's time to clean out that closet, Pisces! It's time to spiff it all up, redirect the internal chatter and embrace the release of anything from your life that ultimately needs to go. By doing so you will have the opportunity to refresh your own sense of value and self-confidence. Open up to embracing your own fabulous, and extremely giving, personality and that will help to strengthening your overall goals in life and get you into the right circles you need to spread your personal message and shine! It's all aligned to help get your day-to-day reality and the relationship with your work and health to a new level of authenticity.

Eclipse Blessings For All!!! 💫

As we approach the end of our first 2018 eclipse season, I'm hoping that everyone is embracing their hearts and moving into fresh new territory that helps to expand those desires! Make the moves that are necessary to shift into the synergy of belonging that is guiding you to greater authenticity. Your future self will thank you!!!

May the stars be with you!!

💜 Mel

PS. If you want to hear more about this week's energy, take a listen to the Feminine Principle Podcast where Shawna McGrawth of Neo Feminine Astrology and I go into great detail, with tarot cards, quotes, reflection questions, and more! Listen here... 🌺

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