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Sun in Gemini - Curiosity Peaked

Let’s all give a big welcome to the Sun moving into Gemini! ♊️ Our shining beacon of light, the Sun, will be officially crossing the threshold to meet the twins today, May 20th at 1:31pm PT. We will now be entering into an airy space where the intellect and communications will get a dose of solar juice! You can expect the world to be more lively and social at this time as we are all trying to get what's in our heads out there so we can share it with others.


If you would like to see more on what this Gemini transit has in store for you over the next 30 days, above is my recently released video on YouTube! I'll be discussing Gemini themes and keys dates to watch out for over the coming weeks, as well as, the horoscopes for each sign and the monthly tarot forecast. I sure hope you'll tune in! .. and perhaps tell a friend?

💜 Mel 💜


✨✨✨May the stars be with you! ✨✨✨


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