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Full Moon In Scorpio - Release To Heal

Happy Full Moon in #Scorpio everyone! ♏️ The moon will make it’s exact opposition tomorrow 5/10 at 2:42pm PT so this next 24 hours will be the most potent time of energetic contact! This full moon gives us the 👊 personal power 👊 to be able to take the reins and facilitate our own healing and transformation by releasing what is no longer working with the “new you.” As much power as there is to heal, there is also energy that can cause you to wound 🔪 so be aware of what your communicating at this time as it may stick! Revenge may sound sweet, but I promise you it will only work against you at this time. Stay above board and use this energy for inner research regarding your own motivations and leave others out of it! That’s where the real #power in this full moon lies… 🌝

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