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New Moon in Taurus - The Nature of Manifestation

Happy New Moon In Taurus everyone!! ♉️ The moon will make it’s conjunction at 5:16am PT and will be reinforcing the Taurus season of planting our seeds for #manifestation 🌱 There is a nugget of wisdom in this new moon that can be obtained as long as we let ourselves take a moment to go inside and listen 👂🏻 This is the perfect time to get in touch with Mother Nature and pay our respects in these quiet first moments of the new moon cycle. This moon 🌙 speaks to embracing new habits that reinforce our stability and growth throughout this next yearly cycle but also warns of slowing down, getting practical, attending to impulse and watching what we say. To find out more about what exactly a new moon is, the sabian symbol for this degree, the aspects and what the #tarot has to say, watch this full report on YouTube !!!

❤️ Mel ❤️

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