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New Moon in Sagittarius - Embarking on the Journey Ahead

This is the start. Right here, right now. Can you feel the anticipation? The urge to embody that feeling to begin anew on the journey of your dreams making? The optimism of what gifts are hiding right around the corner? Friday's early morning New Moon in Sagittarius (exact at 2:29am PST) is calling us to take the leap and step into the path that we know we are destined to follow... the path that has been in our heart of hearts since we incarnated on this magical planet! Sure there will be risk and sacrifice, but the most rewarding aspects of life are usually not without.

The past few days have been electric with the Sun making contact with Uranus in Aries earlier this week and Mars saddling up for it's opposition with the "Great Awakener" today. We have been reviewing how we are progressing as individuals and these aspects have been asking us how we want to pioneer our way of being in this ever changing astrological playing field. Jupiter in Virgo and Chiron in Pisces are also getting in on the game by forming a T square to this Sun/Moon conjunction in Sag.

Uranus wants us to start a fresh and break out into new beginnings and prospects. We are being encouraged to re-envision (Uranus retrograde) our beliefs regarding life direction (Sagittarius) as those beliefs may be causing illusions of pain (Chiron in Pisces) - consciously or unconsciously - which affects how we proceed and how much we can actually obtain. We are challenged to have a new outlook on our day-to-day realities (Jupiter in Virgo) since that is the first step on the path forward. The fulfillment of any large scoping plan is the process... all the details and step-by-step actions are the very essence that transforms grand ideas into tangible results. However, it's key to remember to not let perfectionism get in the way of progress. Visions are only perfect in our heads... don't get caught in the illusion that there is only one way to realize your dream.

Mars in Libra brings others into the picture. With the strong Aries / Uranus energy that embodies the individual and the Sag energy that puts out larger than life schemes, we must not forget to consider other people in our grand equations and to be of service whenever possible. One should never have to go it alone. It's crucial to have consideration for the people in our lives as we go about our own personal quest. Feelings could get a little hurt when confronted with the surprising needs to expand our horizons. Go forth in search of freedom by making sure others are part of that process. We can all be free together to realize our potentials.

The Moon will become void-of-course almost immediately after it's conjunction with the Sun so although the first day of the New Moon is incredibly powerful, this one is going to be better served by spending some time going within to better acquaint ourselves with our personal philosophies and big picture ideas before embarking on this journey ahead. The energy is there but there is no need to rush as the path is long and far reaching. Let yourself float along for a day entertaining the rich possibilities. Saturday will be the time to begin our course of action.

All in all, this New Moon in Sag is calling upon your inner visionary. We are all being asked to step into the roll of architect; to draw up the plans for our next big expansion. What will you draw? A shack or a mansion? The choice is yours! Sag energy says, "Think big... REAL BIG!!!" This is a potent time when we will be planting the seeds that align with our emotional needs and inner awareness, sending us on our next soul journey. In Spring we will see how life has flourished with renewed faith in our purpose as we have allowed ourselves to willingly go forward with the optimism and courage to trust our inner guidance. I wish you all the best as you start upon the road untraveled... and as always, may the stars be with you!

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