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New Moon in Scorpio - Innovative Transformation

Let's all welcome the New Moon at 19° Scorpio that will be gracing us this Wednesday 11/11 at 9:47am PST! This New Moon is one that a lot of us have been waiting for whether we know it or not! This day will be a powerful day for manifestation as Scorpio is (along with its opposite Taurus) one of the most powerful manifestation times in the zodiac.

We've been waiting a long time for this New Moon... approximately 3 years. Why have we been waiting so long? Saturn is why. Saturn had been travelling through Scorpio since 2012 and each New Moon we have had in this area has been hampered by the touch of Saturn. Each time we tried to put in our manifestation order there may have been set backs and unforeseen consequences regarding our desire to create. Now that Saturn has moved into Sagittarius, we can now use those 3 years of rigorous testing to apply the lessons we have learned to this New Moon.

Aside from Saturn moving on, we also have a sextile to the benefic giant Jupiter in Virgo. Rather than restrictions and delays, we now get a big boost of expansive Jupiter energy to light up this New Moon in a big way! We may see the hard work we have put into projects over the last 3 years finally begin to manifest some delicious fruit. Although Jupiter doesn't feel very at home in Virgo, we will still be receiving that energy that carries us forward rather than pulling us back.

Another fantastic detail of this New Moon in Scorpio combined with Jupiter in Virgo is that it forms a "yod" with Uranus in Aries. Now the yod is a rare aspect that is known as the "Finger of God." The planets in sextile (Sun, Moon, & Jupiter) form inconjuncts to Uranus in Aries... where the finger points to the release of this aspect. Uranus in Aries will be directing our expansive manifestation into innovating our energy and approach in new and pioneering ways. What might not have worked over the past 3 years can now be totally reassessed from within... which will lead to surprising new directions that we might not have thought capable. Six months from now we will be able to see what we are currently manifesting; if honing in on this gargantuan opportunity is done right, this can lead to a huge change in our everyday lives!

Mercury is also conjunct the Sun and Moon in Scorpio and asks that you be totally honest with and loyal to yourself at this New Moon. Our thoughts will be on board to penetrate the issues at hand and really focus in on what we want to manifest and what we want to release. Scorpio is all about release so this is a fantastic time to let go of thoughts and ideas (possibly obsessive) that haven't been serving you. Once action is taken to release these outdated modes, you will find that the mind will transform itself in the process. With Chiron in Pisces trining the Sun, Moon, and Mercury in Scorpio we will be able to transform those old wounds that once hindered us so greatly... we can now deal with those areas of sensitivity with greater ease. The huge shadow we once saw on the wall will now reveal itself as the tiny mouse it actually is.

One thing to be aware of for this New Moon is that Mars, the traditional ruler of Scorpio, is now reaching the critical 29° of Virgo and is about to move into Libra. This critical degree usually marks a sense of urgency and haste as it's about to leave one energy into another. We might definitely be feeling the crisis or change that is at work (and has been for some time) in our daily routine and health habits... or where ever Virgo touches down in your chart. We must consciously apply our practical logic and discipline to our actions. As Mars moves into Libra, assertion will begin to take on a new roll that is a bit muddy and indecisive. Mars isn't very at home in the Libran scales so be aware over the next few days, while it's moving through 0° Libra, of where you are taking action. 0 means 0 after all and it may take a solid week to start embracing this new Martian energy.

Overall, with Saturn having moved on to Sagittarius and the New Moon being kissed by Jupiter, we can expect a very fruitful New Moon. All that we have worked so hard for will be on its way to set sail into the transformative Scorpio horizon.... and boy has it been a long time coming! Release and you shall prosper... and may the stars be with you!!!

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