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Want to better understand yourself and others through the ancient art of Astrology?

Here is your chance to learn from the ground up! 🌱

meet your teacher: Mel lafara

Hi friends! Are you making the mistake I first made by wasting your precious time building astrological knowledge via the vast internet seas? By going down this rabbit hole you'll run the risk of encountering a lack of cohesion, only to have hit and miss accuracy and inconsistent results!


12 years and a Jupiter cycle later, thanks to the valuable experience of mentorship, I have created a solid foundation of celestial tools that will transform confusion and abstraction into clarity and specifics!


Get a headstart on your Astro-cation by downloading my FREE Astro Basics "Cheat Sheet" - and where you'll automatically be placed on the Priority Notification List for my upcoming 3-part Astrology Basics course!



What You'll Gain From This Course...


A Solid Understanding Of The Planets, Signs, and Houses


Proficiency In Planetary Aspects and Rulership


Ways To Practically Use Astrology For Future Forecasting

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