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EP Podcast - Week of Dec 2nd w/ Christina Caudill 💫

December 2, 2019

New Moon in Sagittarius - Upgrading The Story Arc 🏹

November 25, 2019

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Crystal O.

I was looking for a true and authentic lifestyle but stuck at the crossroads of the myriad of choices life has to offer. I knew I needed guidance and an objective point of view. Mel’s presence was incredibly welcoming and genuine. Her reading opened my eyes to what my soul was desperately trying to convince me of doing for a long time. I tried to keep everything open ended only to find that exactly what my logic and heart needed was laid out on the table in front of me. The reading was honest, real and on point. I loved the uniqueness of her reading. Mel peppered in a bit of astrology and recorded the whole experience. Gives me comfort to know I can listen again to the reading as it is a lot of wonderful information. I highly recommend Mel’s “Tarot meets Astro” reading! 

Nellie K.

What fun I had during my hour with Mel last month for my first Tarot meets Astro reading. I felt like she had known me for years. The reading was so interesting and it resonated me in every way. Mel has an engaging and incredibly upbeat personality. Her communication skills are so clear – there is no ambiguity. She doesn’t sugar coat anything, yet remains very positive. My purpose in visiting Mel was to get some more insight into the next steps in my journey and to find a little more direction about honoring and fulfilling my life’s purpose. Check and check. I just re-listened to the reading – it has all begun to unfold just like Mel and the cards predicted. I can’t wait to check in again. Such a valuable experience!

Jessie L.

I’ve been feeling somewhat off-balance amidst all the turbulence of 2017 and day-to-day stresses, so I thought it would be interesting to see Mel for a broader perspective.  Mel was very passionate about giving me my most customized reading, not to mention so delightful and knowledgeable. She explained everything with clarity and visual references, thoroughly with dialogue.  I left Mel’s comfy home with a renewed sense of optimism and fascination after much introspection from tuning into the esoteric expansiveness of our galaxy with her. I look forward to my next session with Mel!

Elizabeth G.

I wanted to say thank you so much for the astro/tarot reading.  The experience was otherworldly, energetically recharging, and cosmically empowering in a way I have tried to find words for but can’t. Truly. I can not thank you enough. I really focused in on getting more connected to my intuition and the world I can perceive in my mind. It has been incredibly renewing! I feel like I finally have the power to start really dropping some of these destructive habits I’ve felt powerless against and start facing some of my bullshit so I can become the person I have known in my heart I am meant to be. None of this is really describing how much it has affected my life, but I’ve felt grounded, centered, connected to source, and truly inside of myself for the first time. So thank you. I will definitely be back in the hopefully near future!

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