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Total Lunar Eclipse in Taurus: Required Experimentation 🧪✨

"The comfort zone is the great enemy to creativity; moving beyond it necessitates intuition, which in turn configures new perspectives and conquers fears." - Dan Stevens

We all love our comfort zones... For some, those are your typical comfort zones - such as watching your favorite program on a cozy couch, showing up daily for a reliable job that pays the bills, or celebrating taco Tuesday like a religious service. Others find comfort in constant travel, exploring unknown locations, or undertaking the grueling task of climbing Kilimanjaro. It's not so much the perspective of what's comfortable as it is the routine ways of being that anchor the pattern of our everyday reality.

With Uranus sending electric shocks through Taurus since 2018, we've been on a slow but steady course of building an entirely new existence. Were we ready for this back then? Probably not... Are we prepared for it today? Most likely still feeling that out... Have the drastically changing inner and outer conditions in the last few years backed us into a corner that's now forcing us to evolve? Absolutely.

Tuesday - November 8th, 2022 at 3:02 am PT - we have a total lunar eclipse in Taurus conjunct the "Great Awakener" Uranus. Mercury sits with the Scorpio sun in a superior cazimi and constricting Saturn forms a T-square from Aquarius as it tightens the vice grip of the inevitable. Comfort zones are closing in on us and the soul is calling for renewal and liberation.

Full moons, in general, are known for their blossoming quality that can bring celebration, completion, and lit-up turning points that reach an apex - particularly in relation to the world outside of ourselves. A total lunar eclipse accentuates that by 100,000 times. And conjunct the north node and Uranus to boot? You know destiny has a thing or two up its sleeve! This fall season (or spring if you are south) is likely to be the hinge in our journeys, where we will look back and realize that this was the precise moment that a call was being answered that changed everything.

Now, written drama aside, this is not likely to be anything completely new. Saturn (the stabilizer) and Uranus (the destabilizer) have been rocking the comfort zone boat since early 2021. Our conditioning is being unconditioned. The need for risk is challenging our fears. Complacency has shown us that even the things we never thought could change can absolutely flip the script. All that tension is culminating for release as this LE lights up this configuration for the last SA/UR hurrah! Hanging onto the old and outdated is like trying to get true nourishment from a cheap candy bar - it just ain't gonna happen. What feels like a limitation can actually be a point of opportunity. Choosing to dismantle the crumbling structures opens the door to future-sustaining forms.

"Hanging onto the old and outdated is like trying to get true nourishment from a cheap candy bar - it just ain't gonna happen."

All we have to do is walk peacefully through the fear, the judgments, the uncertainties, the what-ifs... you know... embody that little thing we call faith. Great things have been accomplished on the ground of faith and faith alone. Jupiter back in Pisces until the solstice wants to remind us that the universe has our back if we choose to believe it does. The proof is not always in the pudding. Sometimes we just have to make decisions based on what our intuition is telling us, especially when divine discontent has set in so deeply that there's no other way to go than to walk into the unknown and hope for the best. I mean, how bad could it be? At least it will be different, right?

It's time to branch out. Recently, I've been having so many conversations with people that are not happy where they are. Comfortable is now uncomfortable. They want more. Their values have changed. What's meaningful to them - especially in relation to work, money, possessions, creative outlets, and connection to nature - has turned the page yet they are still stuck in the old conditions. Some people are past that point and actually do have new opportunities that are popping up left and right, but that requires the old tried and true methods to be innovated and upgraded. The point is... none of us are staying where we are and changing it up is inevitable.

Even though the fixed signs of Taurus, Scorpio, and Aquarius are the main configurations of this eclipse, the biggest player in this cosmic lineup is Mars RX in Gemini in a square to Neptune in Pisces. Having the sun, Mercury, and Venus (the eclipse ruler in detriment) in Scorpio all looking to this heady and introverted Mars makes for an intriguing eclipse cocktail. Discomfort, questionable resources, and the need to pull away are part of this signature. Currently, there may be an overwhelming amount of info thrown at us, a battle with directional doubts, or so many ideas/potentialities that we just don't know where to start. It can make for a big jumble of anxious energy and the only thing we can do is go with the flow, get adequate rest, engage with intuitive dream states, and hope that it will all turn out all right.

The beauty of this configuration - and the title of this article that I'm finally getting to - is that making a better life for yourself requires experimentation. Fixity can equal rigidity. We need to experiment when we're looking to go beyond the status quo or want to better understand the "why" behind our lives and the things we choose to do. If we never stretched and flapped our wings, how would we know we could fly? Once we're up in the air, is it even what we wanted in the first place? Would we ever truly know unless we tried?

"Making a better life for yourself requires experimentation."

The power of the mutable signs - Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces - is that they are brilliant at adaptation. They say that's the sign of true intelligence! This is just the energy we need in times of transition and our action energy is getting a big dose of it. Double-bodied signs can hold two realities at once, especially Gemini. What are you curious about? What is it that you to learn about? To experience? Have you had a psychic nudge that has been poking at you? Dreams that have been conjuring up potent images? A soulful yearning that is just not going away? Listen intently, then heed the call.

Daydreaming and prophesying will only get you so far. Consider this Mars RX period (until Jan 12th) your time to experiment, learn more, and try on new things for size. You don't have to fully commit right away. Hold the duality of the life you have been living and the life you'd like to see in the future. This eclipse gives you the celestial nudge that is needed to shake things up in a new direction. You don't have to have it all figured out now! That's what experimentation is for. Consider this your time to be in the alchemical lab. Put a little bit of this there, and a little bit of that there. Pour out. Fill up. Combine. Separate. How does it feel each step of the way? Are you being led somewhere promising? Is it a hell no I'm not into that after all? Learning is the top priority. You're getting to know yourself on a deeper level.

The Moon moves right to left, passing through the penumbra and umbra, leaving in its wake an eclipse diagram with the times at various stages of the eclipse. Times are shown in Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). Credit: NASA Goddard Space Flight Center/Scientific Visualization Studio

Look at the magnificent beauty of a total lunar eclipse. We won't have another totality like this until Mar 14th, 2025! And especially not one that is 85 minutes long while Uranus is the closest to the Earth. This is MAJOR.

In the months to come, the Universe will catch you if you leap. Jupiter's first stint in Aries has already been prepping us for new beginnings and the next two eclipses in Spring 2023 will be back-to-back Mars-ruled. Nature abhors a vacuum so what we liberate and release ourselves from during this 6-month period will be filled back up in no time. Say goodbye to the stale and hello to exciting possibilities! Go forth with courage. Take the initiative. Experiment with the possibilities. You have the power to 2.0 a life upgrade in the name of personal peace, self-worth, and revised core values. The only caveat is you must be open to change!

Wishing everyone well under the blood-red moon!

💜 Mel


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