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Free Webinar July 2nd! Shades of Expression: Discover Your Planetary Palette 🎨

Each of us is a work of celestial art.

The rulership scheme of the planets depicts the characters and scenes that make their way onto our canvas… along with the style of brushwork that creates our masterpieces.

Join me in this free webinar to peer into how our individual combinations of planets and signs make up the palette that paints our life’s experience.

In this free 1-hr webinar, you’ll:

  • Discover my creative take on rulership and essential dignities

  • Learn how rulership colors your unique shades of expression

  • Explore the hues of your planetary palette

  • Gain additional nuance to your astrological interpretations

Join me live on July 2nd (11 am PT / 2 pm ET) to learn all this and more, and have the chance to win some special giveaways! Plus, you'll get the scoop on my upcoming Rulership & Essential Dignity course, which is coming soon! Register today to save your free webinar seat! Can't make it live? The replay recording will be available for registrants for a limited time after airing.

Bob wants to know...

Are you ready to learn and have fun?

Hope to see you there!

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