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Lunar Eclipse in Cancer - Riding The Wave 🌊

Full Moon in Gemini 2019 - Energetic Principles - Art by Tricia Scott

The Lunar Eclipse in Cancer is on approach!!! 🙌 Exact on Friday, January 10th at 11:21am PDT - we are challenged to find the discipline, maturity, and effort to ride the incoming waves that are crashing down in our lives! The intuitive self is speaking during this lunation and we are tasked with the ability to make great changes in our lives now that we are more aware of specific needs that are coming to the surface. It takes great skill to balance a changeable element like water, yet I think we will have the inherent talent and wherewithal to carry this board to the shore, even if we get splashed and wobble to and fro along the way.


The Aspects - Everything Saturn 🐘

Below is a chart of our Full Moon at the time of conjunction here in San Diego, CA. We see that our LE ruler Saturn is on his way to make the long awaited conjunction with Pluto! We also see that the Sun and Mercury are clustered around this point, as is Ceres. Jupiter sits on the South Node, adding to the Capricorn party, while the eclipsed moon sits in opposition in her watery domicile of Cancer. Follow along in the astrocast to watch the planets at work!

Lunar Eclipse in Cancer 2020 - Astrology Chart - Energetic Principles

Here are the tarot correspondences, as well, so you can get an abstract picture of the archetypal forces that are at play during this Full Moon! The top row illustrates all the cards for the Capricorn stellium placements and the bottom row taps into the Moon in Cancer and what is being highlighted in this eclipse energy.

Tarot Cards for the Lunar Eclipse in Cancer - January 10th 2020

Which one is resonating with you most right now? How can you mix all these elements at play to ride the wave effortlessly?

The Symbol - Displaying Talent 💃

If you are a previous reader of my astroblog, you know I like to look at the Sabian Symbol of the lunation as it adds another bit of depth to the story that we are telling. As always, we take the degree and minutes and round up. Here we have the following:

21° Cancer - "A prima donna singing."

Keyword: Excellence

Theme: Encouragement to Perfection

What is interesting to note is that this same degree / symbol was activated in a Solar Eclipse in Cancer back on July 12th 2018! So there may be repeat themes at play, or a completion of themes, that started at that point in time. Here is my article from that prior lunation if you want to go and revisit - it intrigues me to see that I used an image of Pluto and Persephone, especially as Ceres is very much tied up in this current lunar eclipse.

Where are you wanting to make lasting contributions in your world? What personal skills and talents are blossoming or in need of nurturance? What natural resource of yours is needing self-directed development and greater encouragement? Where is your soul striving for excellence?

Lunar Eclipse Blessings to All!! 💫

This time period is one that has been many months in the making! I hope you all can ride this wave with excellence and a sense of personal mastery! As we walk away from this portal we are likely to feel much different than we have in the months, and even years, prior... so take this time to sink deeply into the soul's wisdom that is bubbling up to carry you forth, and then commit your time and your effort to seeing that directive blossom! We are all maturing at this time and I just know the end results will be impressive.

Wishing everyone a fabulous Lunar Eclipse in Cancer!

May the stars be with you!!! ✨✨✨

💜 Mel

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