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EP Podcast - Week of Apr 15th w/ Kiki & Meagan Rae 💫

Energetic Principles Podcast - w/ guests Kiki Matoba & Meagan Rae Roberts - 1-Yr Anniversary Show

Good Monday to all!!! 🌈 Energetic Principles Podcast - Episode 48 is now live for your listening pleasure on Soundcloud & iTunes !!!

This week - April 15th - we are in for another week where energy is apexing towards full throttle as we have our 2nd full lunation in Libra, with a true sign-based “Blue” Moon at 29°! Shifts are taking place as sultry Venus squares Jupiter before moving into fiery Aries, with Mercury leading the way just days earlier. Intellectual energy is high this week, and Mercury’s conjunction to Chiron can bring up some mental triggers to work through. The Sun also shifts into grounded Taurus, leading us to next week’s Sun / Uranus conjunction, so expect the unexpected and get ready to shake off some energetic debris! ⚡️

I’m excited to welcome my spiritual gal pals and Grass Coven besties, Kiki Matoba & Meagan Rae Roberts to celebrate my “1-Yr Anniversary Show“ - where I bring on two guests for the first time, who happen to be some of my favorite people in the world, to help celebrate the one year anniversary of the podcast! We discuss everything from how we met and our Grass Coven adventure to passion parties and Amazon boxes. We also chat about Taurus season, the Full Moon in Libra part 2, and mental triggers as Mercury conjuncts Chiron this week. I hope you enjoy just how much we love being in each other’s presence, as I found it the perfect way to celebrate my milestone achievement! 🔮

The Grass Coven - Energetic Principles

Above is a photo of us ladies on the magical Reiki attunement day we discuss, and the day the Grass Coven began! I had a picture of the 4 deer we encountered, but my phone camera was not what it was today and they just looked like some beige colored blobs! Ha! To catch up with my dear friends, you can find Kiki and her reiki services over at Heart Kiki, along with her uplifting and magical IG page @heartkiki22. To catch up with Meagan Rae, you can find her at the fantabulous Bar Kindred or over at her feed on IG @meaganrae! Love these ladies with all of my heart and so glad they got to share in my celebration!

As always, if you would like to show appreciation for my work, I encourage you to check out my Patreon - for a small nominal fee you can get early access, my new offering Moon Animal Monthly, and/or the option of signing up for the weekly "custom spread" Tarot Subscription! And if you know of anyone who would be interested in such things, please spread the good word to keep this dream alive! 💫

Happy listening! May the stars be with you! ✨✨✨

💜 Mel

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