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Full Moon in Libra Pt 1 - Necessitating Balance ⚖️

Full Moon in Libra Pt 1 2019 - Energetic Principles

The Zodiacal New Year is about to be upon us and we have a two-part full moon that is leading us towards the search for balance and harmony within the self, as we embark upon this yearly renewal of the spirit. As we are at the beginning of all beginnings, there is a trust that is now needed as we emulate the seed seeking to break ground - blindfolded like our ladies above and not knowing what we are to encounter on the other side - yet we go forth in communion with a force that pushes none-the-less for that is the very nature of life. There is no longer room for vacillation for we now know we must push forward into the light.

The Aries / Libra polarity is an important one in relation to the four main aspects of existence here on Earth, for these two cardinal points highlight the self-incarnate and the "other" selves that we encounter or see in projection along the way. Here lies the opposing forces of me vs. them, conflict & confrontation vs. peace & diplomacy, the spontaneity of fire vs. the rational thought of air, and the focused individual drive vs. compromise & teamwork - with it likely that we may find these areas lit up and see-sawing back and forth as we try to find a balance. There may be pockets of indecision that can now benefit from a concentrated shot of fiery focus and enthusiasm, while we also get the chance to activate a combination of willpower and charm in order to make our way through these changes and gather the support we need along the way.

Exact on Wednesday, March 20th at 6:43pm PDT - not only will this be the 5th and final 0° full moon in a series that stretches back to last December, but it also takes place a few hours after the Sun makes its yearly ingress into Aries, a point that marks our Vernal Equinox here in the Northern Hemisphere and the first day of Spring. There is a lot to be said about the freshness of the Spring season and the influx of new energy it ushers in each year, signifying a point where we transition out of the old and rebirth ourselves in the initiatory fires of regeneration. Life begins anew, both in nature and within the ecospheres of our souls.

The Aspects - Battle of the Sexes 💃🕺🏻

Below is a chart of our Full Moon in Libra at the time of opposition here in San Diego, CA. The first things I noticed were the moon's ruler Venus in a square with her natural opposite Mars - who is also in a trine with transformer Pluto & taskmaster Saturn - the Sun now freshly ingressed into Aries and conjunct Chiron, and Mercury RX approaching its second conjunction to God of the Seas, Neptune. There is plenty to speak of, so let's not waste any time and dive right in...

Full Moon in Libra Pt 1 2019 - Astrology Chart - Energetic Principles

Let's start with our Full Moon ruler - Venus in Aquarius - who is so perfectly set-up in a square configuration with the current ruler of the Sun - Mars in Taurus. Here we have a classic battle of the sexes, as our feminine receptive selves encounter friction with our assertive male counterparts. Venus is also in a sextile - appropriately named - configuration with Jupiter in Sagittarius, which is helping to ramp up the Venusian glow and bring the fire to the air that is just waiting to fan the flames. Let it be known that this can be a tantalizing configuration, as there is sexual tension in the air that is waiting to be capitalized upon.

Yet that same tension can rise up within the internal parts of ourselves, where our masculine and feminine energies are activating and we find ourselves within the challenge of integrating both principles in a harmonious manner. Hence the title, "Necessitating Balance" for we are at the apex of new starts, where what once was now begins to give way for what is yet to be, and this Pt. 1 of back-to-back Libra Full Moons, is helping to highlight any imbalances (external and internal) so we are able to detach ourselves enough from any emotional conflict and make the proper decisions to begin to reform the area of our charts that Aquarius and Libra reside.

This is the beginning of a beginning, for once we have properly weighed the sides and found our course of action, we get the privilege of having another apex moment in this same polarity in a month's time - at 29° of Libra. So have patience with this shift, for by the end of March things will start to speed up and we will really feel the Aries season kick in with all its fiery glory.

So we have identified that there is a Jupiterian power behind Venus, with our receptive and peace loving gal looking to stretch her wings freely and find a bigger space to frolic upon... yet there is also Mars in Taurus separating from a flowing trine position with both astro heavyweights, Saturn & Pluto. Our action energy in the material world is morphing, and with Mars in its exile position in Taurus, there are shifts taking place that allow us to pull back from and redirect energy that may have been stuck for some time and allow it to transmute itself towards the updated goals and physical realities we are working for in each of our lives. There is a grounding energy that is raining down upon us, making it easier than most times to assert ourselves towards change in the material world, for we now desire new things and are willing to go the distance in order to make said goals a reality.

Each year this time is also marked by the annual Spring clean, and with Mars in the configuration he is in and our Full Moon taking place in beautifying Libra, we are going to want that refreshed energy within our physical spaces, for the update will help to spark the passions of inspiration and initiation that the Aries season brings. We also have Mercury RX in Pisces making its 2nd conjunction to Neptune, helping the mind to connect with the spiritual and the ability to let go of whatever is no longer serving us. As I type this, I am currently in the process of weeding out material belongings that I've been holding onto for years that no longer contribute to the balance and harmony of my space. For Cancerians like myself, it can be hard to let go, especially if there is still perceived use in an object... yet, the mind in its current reflective state, can make the sacrifice, for Mercury is also in a supportive sextile to Saturn, which will allow the ability to make cuts and help sever any detachment to the material. Garage sale here I come!

All this wraps up nicely with the Sun making a conjunction to a newly ingressed Chiron that is now in Aries, and as this full lunation opposes from the rational air of Libra, we can become the hero and maverick of our lives by stepping up to what the self needs most at this time, as we are likely to be illumined by that necessity for balance. We may be pitted against our own needs and concerned with how that may affect others, trying our best to find the right level of personal assertion vs. social charm, yet I think that if we go after what the self desires most at this time while also doing so with social grace and relational diplomacy, we will be on the road to a more wholley integrated and dynamic state of being.

Musical side note: As Mercury is still RX in Pisces, I thought I'd share the work of a young gentleman named Luke Faulkner who plays so beautifully through his muse the piano. Check out his songs "Springtime" and "New Beginning" to tap into the serene and peaceful Libra energy. Ps. If you click on the "Compositions" playlist at the end of the first song, you can hear his whole body of work. My favorite is "Ballade."

The Symbol - Metamorphosis on Display 🦋

If you are a previous reader of my astroblog, you know I like to look at the Sabian Symbol of the lunation as it adds another bit of depth to the story that we are telling. As always, we take the degree and minutes and round up. Here we have the following:

1° Libra - "A butterfly made perfect by a dart through it."

Keyword: Articulation

Theme: Emergence

I must say that this symbol made me stop a think for a bit!!! There is clearly the theme of metamorphosis whenever a butterfly is centered as the main symbol, yet the idea of being made perfect by having a dart through it didn't seem as clear cut to me. Diana Roche says in her book that the dart suggests a piercing of the consciousness that serves as an initiation, yet it is likely to come through some sort of sacrifice or pain that leads us to a higher level of understanding. Now that would certainly support the Chironic link to this full lunation, as well as Mercury RX in a conjunction to Neptune and the overall journey the messenger has been on since the retrograde station two weeks prior.

Yet, after some thought, my mind went to the idea of beauty and transformation on display, and the honoring of the changes we've all been through in the past 6 months - heck, even the entirety of our lifetime! Like the entomologists displaying their accomplishment of a well cultivated collection of immortalized beauty, we too are pinning a brooch on our sleeves that can be proudly worn to show what has died out, while honoring its past glory and the birthing potential that we now have to refine and shape this refreshed energy into new form.

Butterflies are fascinating creatures that are not only symmetrical in body but also have an infinity to their regenerative qualities. In fact, they are so amazing in their cyclical process that it takes three generations of butterflies to make one migration, with each morphed caterpillar having an ingrained sense of their leg on the collective journey... and now we too have that new sense of purpose and direction helping to guide the way.

New On Patreon - Moon Animal Monthly!!! 🌝

Moon Animal Monthly - PDF Magazine - Energetic Principles

I'm quite happy about my new offering on Patreon called Moon Animal Monthly!! Last month, I swapped this new creation in for my previous offering of the bi-monthly Moon Horoscopes and so far the feedback has been good! What it is is a PDF Magazine that comes out once a month right before the New Moon so that you may inform yourself of the lunar cycle ahead. I still provide your personal "moon animal" for both your Sun sign and Rising, yet do so for both the New Moon and the Full Moon lunations. So for example, for this full moon you would look at March's MAM which was uploaded on Patreon at the time of the New Moon in Pisces.

I also share two representatives that were born at that particular moon phase and sign to help understand this energy in human form. All the details for the quarter moon phases are shared, along with astrology charts for each quarter, and little blurbs on what the energy may look like so you can get a scope on the lunar month ahead. All in a colorful magazine format! This offering is the same rate of $3 per month, which also includes early access to my Energetic Principles Podcast and custom Patreon feed. If I can get enough people signed up, I plan on donating part of the proceeds to animal charities as the animals need all the help they can get!

And for a few dollars more, I provide a weekly Tarot Subscription that includes a custom spread that is aligned with the current astrological influence, so that you may connect with the cards to see how the general energy will interact with you personally. The Tarot Subscription includes access to all things mentioned - plus my undying gratitude! Want to find out more and show appreciation for my work? Click here!

Full Moon Blessings to All!! 💫

Now we will have to see how the illumination of this Full Moon in Libra Pt. 1 lights us up towards what is seeking to find final completion in one month's time when we have our second Full Moon at 29° Libra. Ask yourself what you want to begin and what you want to end at this point in time, for I believe we truly have some powerful energies that are seeking to help us in a transition that is the start of a whole new way of finding peace and harmony in our inner and outer worlds, now that the self and its needs are finally being balanced and integrated into the equation.

Wishing everyone an illuminating Full Moon!

May the stars be with you!!! ✨✨✨

💜 Mel

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